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  • > @bruce55 said: > after all the time and effort and you screw us again. Do you enjoy doing things to make people decide to leave the game and not support it. everyother week you do something stupid. geez when will it stop. I can guareentee you will neve get another penny from me and never support this craptic bs anymore.…
  • I believe the main purpose of all the nerfs was to fix this issue ( to make tanks and healers needed for all content, lol) but it's still the same if not worst. It's the same with healers, you feel useless yes. Now it's all TOMM, Zariel and fairly Ic. I got bored quickly and not playing as much as I used to bc of what you…
  • > @djnasty93 said: > dcheal got a similar issue > not like that but similar Had this happened last Boss @ IC I kept trying to heal the tank while chained and he received 0 heals. He died everytime!!! Never before had a tank died on that phase, That got me really confused as it never happened with the first 2 Bosses 🤷‍♀️
  • >..... alot of end game player spent week to lern mechanic, spent alot of AD for potion ,stone.....so is no point to nerf it, A lot of us spend many resources including $$$ to build our Toons and they don't care they still nerf us. Lol
  • > @durugudesu said: >if they cant change how they used to heal, which is overhealing by spamming and healing everytime someone's hp is not full. > A healer is a healer no matter what. It's now just ridiculous casting heals and not getting ppl to full like it used to. Why? Bc of the OH nerf
  • > @joe7777 said: > I stumbled upon the spot where the blue screen incident keeps occuring when heading toward Mog'dorath from Ascension. Here is a screenshot of that spot: (Image url won't work for some reason so had to post link) > https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EexTPY2XkAAZ1Qv?format=jpg&name=large Exactly that area !
  • The area where Ascention Heroic is located, the route to go get Mog, everytime I go there I get blue screened. It doesn't matter for how long I'm on an instance, as soon as I reach that location I get blue screened.
  • I'd love to be able to save my Outfits selection as Favorites in the Appearence outfit's tab so that i can always reload the one i want without having to go one by one to change it. (At least have 3 slots to save your most favorite outfits look for easier appearance change)
  • You're right. I have an alt Warlock and her shoulders looks shrunk like that. You can try the custom appearance and try changing the wideness of your shoulders. It might help. But that posture theres no way to change it. And i also hate the way they look while walking or running lol
  • Let"s hope they don't nerf our vorpals now too! Bc everytime someone asksfor something we get a nerf big time.
  • Maxed Out Cleric but it doesn't properly heal to full. That OH % we have now is way too low.
  • I have been adapting with the changes. still playing the same way. Still using the same encounter powers. The only problem im facing is the Mark. It targets the wrong person no matter how hard you try tagging while in active combat it just doesn't work well for me. And when trying to target the tank or the person with the…
  • and also the outgoing healing seems to be too low. Would be nicer to have a lil bit higher than 24.3%. I want to be able to use a major healing encounter and have the satisfation of seeing them getting healed to full and not just half way or 3/4th of their Hit Points.
  • Please try changing how the tab for Clerics works. It's bad trying to tag the right person when melee class are all together doing their killing. And not to mention how bad it is with a 10 man run. I agree on Silver's idea about If* being able to quickly hit tab and having it rotate until its on the right person. Thanks
  • > @"lordnagy#1603" said: > The demons are winning because people are hunting Garyx for the early quest. When the devils win, Mog will spawn and the devils were actually winning a lot on PS4 because of all the dock quests This is what i still don't understand. Does Garyx and Mog spawns at different locations?
  • Make all items we slot on the belt swap-able even if its on cooldown just like you guys did with the bell of the companion. Sometimes you need to change loadouts but can't bc you have to wait for up to 10 mins for its cool down to expire.
  • I got the mythic rod drop from Bel but not the legendary one from Alyssa on a Paladin while it's been the opposite on my Cleric, i got the legendary from the chest but Bel wont drop the Mythic...so i gave up.
  • A separate tab like the Fashion and Vanity Pets but for mounts insignias only~
  • The look of this wings on a Cleric looks droopy now. Sad wings if u look at them from the back. Thanks to whoever comes up with the ideas of giving us something and then removing it. Happens all the time, mod after mod. Everything gets nerfed in this game guys! But gotta love NW 💖
  • > @"froger#9967" said: > I main a cleric and I miss my flappy wings. I'd be fine if they only flapped when out of combat. Right? But i guess it was hurting others seeing Clerics with those that much so they had to remove it. No flappy wings for anybody now!
  • > @"vaultingfrog#2497" said: > Unplayable for you maybe. Your lack of enjoyment doesn't mean others didn't enjoy it. > > Please speak for yourself. I played with plenty of people who used flappy wings and things were just fine. So from my perspective it was a non issue. If it was for you then sorry, and you got what you…
  • > @plasticbat said: > I play 6 characters and none of them got the rod except the one who has the least offensive power and the least times I played him in insurgency. It was my Paladin and I don't know how he got it. I said that many times, this game can read your mind. If you want it, it won't give it to you. Omg exactly…
  • > @pitshade said: > (Quote) > All I can say is that the tooltip is inaccurate and I have about half of my characters with 2 figurines and half with 3, after the second day of the event. It's... cryptic. I got stuck on 2
  • Crashed the game with all 'em chickens lol
  • > @"eclipseblood#1326" said: > Imo while paladins do stand out against both of the other healers, both dc and warlocks need to be able to stand out against one another. Imo ALL classes should be made to be equally desired and not bc this class performs better than another one. so that no matter which class u choose you…
  • > @blackwolftundra said: > i see players out in dread ring always cleaning up there lazy messes the same way i do because we have no way to get any red wizards cause they eat up are time for no reason cause i have alot of toons i would like to work on but cant because people do this none stop <font…
  • Wings should have been sold in Zen market. And then that top would have been a good idea > @blackwolftundra said: > (Quote) > kind of wanted this top as a fashion item since they could of left the top out while doing just the wings (Image) Wings should have been sold separately in Zen market. And then that top would have…