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  • Hah, I've been binging on Hogan's Heroes reruns.
  • Misspelling in quest text for Cure for the Corrupt: "soldires".
  • The quest text for Cure for the Corrupt has spelling errors ("soldires", "torrment"). When you complete it, it says "brethern". After you speak with Emrae Firesky, the popup text says, "Speak with Emare complete".
  • I was about to point that out...is she a human or a half-elf? The in-game model suggests human but the opening cutscene when you start a new character, the concept art, and the Neverwinter Wiki suggest half-elf.
  • @"cwhitesidedev#9752" @nitocris83 Please, please bring back Day of the Dungeon Master this year. That's a fun event!
  • It could be worse, you know. I switched most of my alts back to Drowned weapons. Now imagine grinding for 100 motes on alts who don't already have them.
  • Are you suggesting that Devout was never intended to be viable for solo play?
  • I use a Vicious Dire Wolf to try to get breathing room.
  • Knockback - knockback - knockdown - stun - stacked knockback. It never ends. I'm sick of this. I stopped playing tonight at 9pm, which is something I never do. I'm just too frustrated and angry to play anymore tonight.
  • @nitocris83 Changing a companion is not cool. If the powrie companion changed I'd be spitting acid and hot nails. It's also a missed sales opportunity. They should sell the new quickling as a separate companion the way they did with the 5e erinyes.
  • The gnomish type of redcap could conceivably be found anywhere (such as in Avernus) as they're a true species, but you'd never find the "true" 5e Feywild ones there as Avernus doesn't adjoin the Feywild. So changing the one in the pic to non-gnomish type would make no sense whatsoever. There's no reason why we couldn't…
  • @nitocris83 @"cwhitesidedev#9752" @"noworries#8859" Yup. Three unbound artifacts that I have and had earned through gameplay are now suddenly bound. How does one even *cause* a breakage like this? It would take a script that cycled through every player in the system database to change the bind status of a single item. What…
  • Something I just realized: you could just leave the original campaign in and call it by its original Mod 1 name: "Fury of the Feywild". No idea why I didn't simply think of that before; I really spaced on that one. Knock it way down to a campaign that players could start at level 20 or something.
  • The troll model in Rothe has changed. I checked while it was on Preview. I don't think the ice trolls changed, though, thank goodness. At least, they hadn't the last time I checked Preview. They haven't changed the pet. If they had, I'd be in the process of turning my guild over to someone else and leaving the game for…
  • @nitocris83 @"cwhitesidedev#9752" I hate insomnia. I especially hate it when I feel lousy (long story short, my prescription provider is on my you-know-what list). Nevertheless, I've had an epiphany. A Tale of Two Redcaps: Real and Fake Anyone who tried the mod today surely noticed a jarring change when it comes to…
  • I was able to equip it on 19 alts and unable to equip it on two. The only two data points that I can supply to help are: - one is my only Menzoberazzan Renegade - one is dressed head-to-toe like a Powrie (and is otherwise half-dwarf).
  • Someone decided that we should no longer be allowed to access it. Fill in the blank for a reasonable reason behind it, because I can't come up with one. Perhaps it will go from a 52-week-available skirmish to a 2-week-available one the way that the Tales of Old dungeons have: because a 96% reduction in content's…
  • When you talk to Emrae Firesky, the dialog window that shows up incorrectly shows her name as Emare Firesky.
  • It sure would be nice if I could exchange all those Seals of the Brave that I'm sitting on.
  • Next on the list should be the lizardfolk shaman. I really want to use it but someone needs to stick a pineapple down its gob.
  • One day after I recommend it to a new player: *walks away cursing in Orcish*
  • Removing gear lowers your HP and base damage, but in many cases this is being offset by a corresponding increase in the percentage effectiveness of your stats. To me it says that the effect of TIL on HP and base damage is way too shallow. For example, when you create a fresh character at level 1, you start out with 100k…
  • Marauders has been impossible for us to complete for a few weeks now, between the crashes and the increase in difficulty. We'll have to field 20 players before we'll be able to complete it. Insane.
  • A lot of us are convinced that the Foundry could be made profitable and several people have proposed ideas to Cryptic to make it profitable. From my standpoint, it all comes down to money -- will the money people at Cryptic give them the development resources to build it right this time, i.e. in such a way that it could…
  • I write and test software for a living. The kind that, if it fails, real people die. We control the actuators that maintain controlled flight based on pilot inputs, monitor safety-critical systems, and provide critical flight information to the pilots, including WCAs (warnings, cautions, advisories). Since our software is…
  • They aren't listening to the mere mortals who are still leveling up or who are fresh to level 80. They're cozying up to the streamers who run dungeons. Those streamers get eyeballs which means money in Cryptic's pocket. Because the leveling process isn't sexy for streaming they stream dungeons, which means they run lots of…
  • Here's another example of why juicing the aggro radius was ill-advised at best (and, to be blunt, has me pretty infuriated). Quickling Den Go there and see what happens. Once you break into the large cavern, aggro just ONE quickling. Aggro only the nearest one. The entire cave empties out and rushes you. It happened to me…
  • @nitocris83 Feel free to pass this on to whomever you like. They can take their massive aggro radius increase and stick it. When the current Sharandar goes poof I plan on playing something else. I've had it.