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  • It's very quiet on the dev's side on this subject. Plague Fire weapon enchantment doesnt proc fire of the gods for quite some time now, on all platforms. Can we expect a fix for this?
  • Druid would be nice to see, else maybe a monk. A class that can do the tank/healer/dps role would be a big plus imo. Adding 2 new classes would be even better, with a new zone to play in!
  • Playing a DC since the start on PS4. Always reading tooltips carefully and not just blindly taking a spec from somewhere on the internet. Have a AC and DO spec i play on and doing end game dugeons. This is the rotation i use: -AC (full healing / buff healing): blessing of battle, 3x divinity DG, emp BTS, BoH & DG -DO (DPS…
  • I had to buy the legendary pack, my account doesn't seem to have the luck to get a legendary pack. Took the Black Ice Warhorse for the +4000 power, i'd recommend this one for every powersharing AC DC. If you have the money left or the luck, take the Tenser's disk for the mount power, then with the mount bonus that gives…
  • Weapon enchantment depends on your goal. I've searched internet aswell finding what to be the best weapon enchantment but there are many different answers. -if you have a high crit dps build, go for dread or vorpal -if you want buffing/debuffing, go for terror, frost or plague fire -in a lower crit build feytouched or…
  • Correct, not a DPS class, i meant DO is supposed to be the build that does the most DPS (more then AC). Nothing compared to a real DPS class. Maybe nice if they can add more personal damage for the DO build. With just 1 cleric in a group, in high end dungeons you'll only see AC builds anyway. I only use DO for solo play…
  • I agree with the post. The DO cleric is supposed to be the DPS class, they could adjust TI to add a bit of 'personal' damage and have the shared damage based on the clerics power. Maybe they can do something like this: TI Power: Gives the DC 2,5%, 5%, 7,5%, 10% extra damage buff (personal) also shares 4,5%, 9%, 13,5%, 18%…