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  • How about the task cancelling when the box is full but doesn't resume when emptied before set number of attempts are done.
  • Crate of astral diamonds is in gathering under all tab and for some reason uses a crossbow. Maybe our artisan is out robbing people for the astral diamonds? You'd think the pick would be the tool of choice for gathering diamonds. On a different note they need to make a use for legendary gathering tools since they become…
  • And here I thought it was just me miscounting the number of times a task has completed. I have only recently, as in about when CTA event started, noticed this happening. My task wasn't a creation task but was crate of astral diamonds that kept cancelling.
  • The hot fixes today have worked for my characters in one way or another. Still had one character I ran 2 diff days 15+ runs with a lot of error messages that was only at one and didn't get raised at all, but got 2nd after 4 runs so hopefully can get the third tomorrow on that one. It's been suggested a few times about just…
  • The only faith I have anymore is that they will put out broken content and avoid the forums to hear about it.
  • Yea their fix is try again for 2 more days and hope you get lucky..... Enough is enough I know I've ground out enough for a token each day so far on each character and am still short with one character still only having one token. Give us what we earned already and stop falsely advertising these events. I know bugs happen…
  • So what's the purpose of extending this event if you can't get tokens? 3 days 11+ runs per day and still have characters with no token some with 1 and the rare with 2. Why extend something that's broken? Since obviously nobody is working on a fix over the weekend extending does nothing. I've already ran enough times per…
  • Or as someone else posted in another thread just make it a quest and token the reward.
  • I like the ideas but they could use some tweaking. Ardent has the higher limit and therefore would need more things to spend them on. I would kind of flip flop your items and put companion stuff into ardent since there is more of it. Say companion token bound to character(would prevent alt armies from speed upgrading) 10…
  • Still nothing on the MW bug where you have way less than minimum required focus for 1% but still get +1 results?
  • "Correction, most people want better RNG rates for themselves on items to resell in the AH. most people also want the price of pres wards to plummet so they can upgrade all their enchants on the cheap :-)" I'd say most want the rng for the bound items, you get what like 20 unbound total but ppl are opening over 200 bags…
  • How about making portal plots say in the 4 corners and the little village type spots. Would make traveling all around easier. Could add a maintenance cost each week to keep operational after building. Would give a way to constantly require certain resources and if guilds want they can let them go dormant to save on…
  • Anyone else note the fact that you created a "newly minted gold coin+1" but it's only worth 50 cp? It's things like this that have made most of the crafting HAMSTER when your lvling. How do you make a gold coin which is like 10k cp but it only is worth 50cp? Kind of like the platinum "junk" items only being worth silver.…
  • Just a viewpoint from a common sense gamer. Simple basics if something costs X to make but only sells for Y and Y is less than X. You won't be in business long. Unless your making MW or top end items which when sold more than make up the cost of crafting you won't keep dumping funds of any type, gold or ad into the…