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  • Same for me. And the "Brilliant" Achievement is bugged as well. Now have the scrying stones in at least 15 areas (the ingame achievement unlocked for me as well) and more than 200.000 Astral Diamonds and neither achievement unlocked. Please fix this.
  • > @"yodaxiii#5790" said: > Brilliant achievement (earn 50k AD) doesn't seem to be unlocking for me at all either, and TA shows no has unlocked it since September. Same for me.
  • Hi, I don't know if this is an issue of the latest update or a long term problem, but the "Brilliant" achievement for obtaining a total of 50.000 A.D. is not unlocking. I currently own more than 100.000 and probably had more than 400.000 A.D. in total. Can anyone help me?