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Mod 23 Broken/Unachievable Achievements/Trophies

As of mod 23, there are now 3 unobtainable trophies/achievements on both PS4 and Xbox:

1.) Master of Demogorgon
2.) Tamer of Demogorgon

These are both for completing the Demogorgon encounter and have been unobtainable since the encounter was updated. I completed the encounter when it was playable in the trial queue and private queue and the trophy did not unlock. Both of these trophies/achievements will need to be specifically fixed for the drop of the new updated encounter.

3.) Four Dead Dragons!

Since the update of the dragonflight encounter, this is no longer achievable. I killed all 4 dragons with alliance-mates multiple times since the update and it did not unlock.

I would really appreciate your attention on these trophy/achievement issues. I know that the team has successfully fixed other trophy/achievements after content was removed or altered and am hopefully that trend continues. Thank you for your time and attention!


  • xedachi#2834 xedachi Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    I second this, I've ran Dragonflight multiple times with my alliance, killed all 4 dragons every single time and the achievement hasn't unlocked, you'd think for an achievement that provides 150G that they'd fix this pretty quickly, but from what I've seen, these developers are truly slacking when it comes to fixing achievements, small achievements that provide only 5G and 10G I'd understand, but not achievements that provide 75G and 150G, c'mon Cryptic.

    The Dragonflight changes have been released for a while now and I know for a fact that Cryptic are aware of this, there's no way that they're unaware of this issue with thousands of people running Dragonflight every single day.
  • smiththedude#5237 smiththedude Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    I third all of these, as well, the Madness variant of Prophecy of Madness is also buggy. The skirmish does not allow you to get enough score to get a gold. Phase 1, the demons don't count properly towards the medal ranking, and in phase 2, the phase ends when you're half way to gold, regardless of how much time is left. Getting gold as it is on that variant is impossible.
    Finally, the achievement Mark of Devotion for getting 60k guild marks is broken. I've amassed well over 80k guild marks on my one character and have not gotten the achievement.
  • yodaxiii#5790 yodaxiii Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    Brilliant achievement (earn 50k AD) doesn't seem to be unlocking for me at all either, and TA shows no has unlocked it since September.
  • azraeldjerunazraeldjerun Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    > @"yodaxiii#5790" said:
    > Brilliant achievement (earn 50k AD) doesn't seem to be unlocking for me at all either, and TA shows no has unlocked it since September.

    Same for me.
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