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  • Name: Drac
    Title(s): Of The House of Vrockwing (formerly)

    Aliases: None

    Race: Tiefling

    Hair: Long, dark black matted

    Eyes: hetrochromatic (odd-eyed), pale gold (right eye) and crimson red (left eye)

    Skin: red

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: ~ 285 lb

    Age: late 20s - early 30s

    Class: Great Weapon Fighter (Iron Vanguard)

    Attribute Scores: STR 18 (+7) CON 15 (+6) DEX:13 (+3) INT:10 (+2) WIS:8 (+2) CHA:12 (+2)

    Birthplace: Luskan

    Relatives/family life: Unnamed parents, Unnamed younger sister (aka The viper)
    Drac was born to the prestigious House of Vrockwing He was the firstborn son to two tiefling archmages. His younger sister was always stronger than him and she knew it. She never let Drac forget it either, whether it was yanking his tail, or using her warlock powers to ignite his papers, Drac was always being tormented, earning her the alias The Viper.

    After being exiled from The New Arcane Brotherhood Academy, Drac was disowned by his family being labeled as a disgrace and embarrassment to the family name.

    Description: Drac is an overweight tiefling with a rather timid demeanor. He has a long spiked tail with an arrow at it's tip. His horns were broken in an accident in his youth. He also has a large scar on the right side of his face. Interestingly, his eyes are completely hetrochromatic (odd-eyed) his right eye is pale gold and his left eye is crimson red. Perhaps the only thing he likes more than tinkering with machines is eating. He has a strong aversion to anything alcoholic instead preferring warm goat's milk with his meals.

    He may not be the best looking or charismatic, but he has heart of gold and is fiercely loyal to those who he considers his friends. He will fiercely defend his allies with steadfast resolve.

    Background/Biography: Picked on since youth, Drac is incapable of and arcane spells that don't result in uncontrolled explosions.

    He was exiled from the New Arcane Brotherhood Academy in his hometown of Luskan after accidentally blowing up an entire wing of the academy injuring himself and several others in the process. He has never used arcane powers since.

    Constant shunning, teasing, and name calling drove him to become a bit of a recluse more fascinated by gadgets, gears, and other mechanical things than the outside world. After a chance encounter, he acquired a small workshop in Protector's Enclave.

    He turned to adventuring as a way to fund his workshop and discover other gadgets and artifacts along the way.

    Personality: Drac is good hearted and would do anything for his friends perhaps even at the cost of his own life. He is shy and dislikes huge crowds.

    Drac is very smart and can repair pretty much anything even without a manual or instruction. He is also fascinated by ruins and relics. He can find practical ways to use otherwise useless things and do things in unconventional ways.

    He also loves to eat and will eat pretty much anything and everything. He finishes all his meals with his favorite drink, warm goat's milk.

    Noteworthy Quotes:
    "Impossible is not a word in my vocabulary."

    "You think dracoliches are bad? you haven't met The Viper..."

    Notes: © This is a work of fiction please do not copy or redistribute without permission. ©

    *The House of Vrockwing has no connection to the tiefling in the driftwood tavern of the core game. It came from my own imagination.

    **The New Arcane Brotherhood Academy is a school of my own creation connected to The new Acrane Brotherhood mentioned in Icewind Dale.

    content subject to change
    April 7