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    now that i have a HR in Preview im going for a new Drizzt and Cattie, and maybe a few diff toons of Dragonlance and more Forgotten relms. if anyone has some Characters they would like to see leave me a message and ill try to see what i can do to create some. i love a bit of a challange thank you for letting me share my versions of some of my favorite characters with you all.
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    I like to see that not all people are making generic pretty boys/gals.
    I hate dancing with Lady Luck. She always steps on my toes.
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    GameOver :cool:

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    Raedrana Ba'Rizzqal, third daughter to Matron Quezcola Ba'Rizzqal of Eleventh House Basara Raerizzqal had always been strange. Rather than climbing the tedious ranks of the city Rae prefered the delights of adventure.

    Being a female afforded her much freedom in the matriarcal society, but Rae found more common ground with her male counter parts. Thankful that both her older sisters were high pristesses, and the family already had well acclaimed wizards, Rae was allowed to enter the school of fighters.

    Her height for a drow female was well above average, nearly meeting 6 feet. It had often been a matter of concern to those who favor stealth, but she used her increased reach and longer strides to every advantage.

    Rae had been a handful as a student. Although she enjoyed battle as much as any healthy drow, she prefered to fight head on, charging in without a thought to her own well being. To her family's disgrace, Rae often talked back to instructors, openly proclaiming that she'd rather the enemy see her blade coming than sneek around like a coward.

    With that, her family quickly, and quietly, set her up to join a scouting party tour for 10 years. Few females traveled outside the safety of the city, even warriors. Those who did were clerics of Lolth's highest favor.

    Matron Quezcola's hope, indeed her house's hope, was that Rea would either die in the wilds of the Underdark or that she'd learn the finer ways of her people, cowd by the vicious monsters who would take advantage of such a bold creature.

    Instead, Rae had been the deciding factor of many battles against drow enemies. Her boldness rather unexpected enhanced her innate abilities. She was unpredictable as they came to all who encoutnered her. Her deeds carried back to her family and her mother began to wonder if her odd daughter was indeed in Lolth's favor. In truth it was all simple luck. When offered to return home, Rae promptly refused. She cut her long white locks, until her hair was as short as a man's, and ventured forth into the Underdark, seeking adventure has eagerly as it would find her.

    Many years passed while Rae explored the tunnels. But the harsh environment proved much even for the hearty drow. She decided she must become stronger, and what better way to train than in the fearsome world above? The thought of going so far away from all she knew excited Rae and she promptly followed her senses to the cool and light air until she emerged on the southern most portion of the mountain range she'd later learn to be the Spine of the World far in the north. There Rae fell in with a group of barbarians. At first they attacked her on sight, the reward for all the atrocities her people committed throughout history. But Rae's fighting prowess, so much like their own, impressed the leader of the clan. They accepted her as an ally and Rae was glad for it.

    Several more years passed with Rae travelling with the nomadic tribe until word of trouble further to the south prompted her to take up her pack and continue her travels. She was still a young drow and expected to have many years ahead. Even so, Rae did not believe in wasting a moment of her long life. She traveled south to the city of Neverwinter, where the smell of death thickened and the skies darkened, and Rae's heart pounded with the thirst for adventure.
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    Blunder Thud - dwarf gf

    As you can imagine, growing up in a family named Thud - for the sound of their clubs hitting the back of their victims heads during their family business of muggings - should be a source of pride and joy to a young dwarf in the Northdark.
    But no.
    Through some curse or misfortune, instead of the intended proud name of 'Thunder', some drunken cleric with a grudge wrote 'Blunder' on his birth certificate.
    Now, some people might think, no problem, just 'fix' it. But this dwarven clan believed that once something is written, it *is* as written.
    Now, Blunder might have earned a new official nickname growing up, if he could have demonstrated some kind of talent or skill, but it seemed that his name was prophetic.
    He broke things.
    At times it seemed he could break something from the other side of the room just by looking at it for too long.
    Although that was never proven.
    The breaking point, as it were, came at the tender age of 13, when he was taken out for his first official family business 'initiation', where he was expected to be the one that conked the unsuspecting 'customer' on the back of the head with the special initiation club that had been handed down for seven generations.
    Somehow, he stumbled on the approach and jabbed the club on the ground to catch his balance.
    The club shattered against the ground into a dozen shards, and when he straightened back up, he had a shard of pointy wood in his fist that somehow went right up under the ribs and into the heart of the 'customer' that had turned around at the commotion.
    This was bad.
    You are not supposed to kill the customer or how can you rob him again next month/year?
    Not to mention breaking the special club.
    So it seemed he was not cut out for family business, but he remembered the feeling of, how to say it, *ecstasy* when he stabbed the victim.
    He stabbed him on purpose.
    He found out what he was good at.
    After the childhood he had, Blunder is now a crusty curmudgeon that prefers to solo.
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    Can I post an artists' rendition of my character from deviantart (with some obvious artistic liberties)?
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    Here, the mighty berzerker, Johganoht:


    And again, on his Juggernaut of Khorne battle-steed:


    This is my first and greatest, Brogan Dorn, wearing his heroic yellow scarf:


    Following a hard round of sparring with his brother-in-law, Hagar "The Horrible" Schneider:

    Warrior Nation. Always recruiting. Check us out.
    Like a snow plow, but for people.
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    Kestrells Wood elf family and village was killed when she was still very young by a small army or orcs and goblins. The High elf wizard of myth Dranoor; a once apprentice of Elmister him self and well over 1000 years old took the child as his own after the slaughter of her family and friends. He noticed her natural ability with magic and began training her to use its power properly. when she reached the age of 15 he set out on a long expedition deep into the under dark in search of ancient demonic lore.. a year latter she joined a caravan bound for Lusken where she would board a boat heading to Neverwinter so she could join the national wizards tournament. where young mages and wizards below the age of 19 would compete for a grand prize of "Feruns Arcanium of Spells", a very useful tool for any magic user. As the boat approached the city black smoke and fire roared up from grate city of Neverwinter and a defining screech shot out across the skies. she looked up and wept as a undead dragon descended down onto the small merchant boat... A Dracolich !
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    Kali...she's alive and celebrating, watching the blood of enemies slayed by something or someone they can't even see...night is her sister, moon is her friend...she's death from the shadows.

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    My albino drow; Ste'kol.
    Born to be a sacrifice to the spider queen Lloth, he was kidnapped by an unlikely source; his father, to be sold to a visiting group of brave, or foolish, humans as a slave just to spite the house he was forced to serve.

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    My amazing elf: A Bread

    He smells.

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    I present to you, my Drow Great Weapon Fighter - Alustrial Faerydae (apparently the forums don't like alt coded symbols)

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    My Hero of NeverWinter,protector of his fellow men and his city he is back in his home town of NeverWinter after the attack by the sexy Valindra to right the wrongs and bring the perpretators to justice...
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    This is my main The Impregnable Tank


    Hanging out with Sgt. Knox and @ Forward Camp.
    Here is one of my tank with the graphics turned up.
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    um dont quite understand how to post pictures here.
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    Here are mine. A couple of my rogue Phaun Varkthos and one of my newest character.
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    This is my Level 60 Control Wizard - "MagicStar" ...


    And here is my guy's Level 60 Control Wizard (Oberon NightSeer),
    and my Level 60 Devoted Cleric (MindStar) ...


    There's definitely a story behind how they came to be in Neverwinter, and as a writer, I'm hoping I have time to write the tale that starts with MindStar 9+ yrs ago in another universe.
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    I have a white horse to match. X3 going for the holy look. lol :D

    A very quick summary of his backstory...
    His mother died when he was a young adult(teen adn he loved her VERY much). His step father tried to take advantage of his knowledge of the dead and forced him to study necromancy which he would then use to revive her. Chance, being a Kelemvorite, was completely against this. When the big day came to ultimately test his skills he struck his step father and escaped. Now he roams the world helping whenever he can. And even though he is still taunted by memories of how close he was to reviving his mother, he will never use those powers again.(This is all in my char's history in-game^_^) So yeah! He likes helping people! (Well, I do)
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    Blending in background :D
    and again :D
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    Luna Eclipse and her companion "Phoenix" [yeah, "Phoenix"...obvious name, lol!]. I'm having a ball with my [now lvl 60] Control Wizard. LunaEclipseLvl60ControlWizard_zpsf0382867.jpg
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    This Is Robyn the Hood my HR.
    And here she is with her new bow from the Coins of Waukeen event.

    And here's another pic of my GF The Impregnable Tank in front of Berrick's Ice Forge in the third expansion.

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    My CW, Morthos standing at the gates of the Xoralin Outpost with his trusted war dog, Chimera.

    My DC, Quewaun looking rather drowesque in her Lolth armour. Just wish we could disable visuals with the under shirt and trousers.
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    How do I post a picture?
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    Attachment not found. Here is a picture of my HR's head!
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    How do I post a picture?

    I use Prnt Scrn, save it to paint, and upload it to Photobucket. There are other image programmes, but I only know of this one. Once it is uploaded then you can click on it to enlarge, there will be an IMG code you click to copy and then paste it to the forum. :)
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    Thank you!
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    This is my GF and her companion!