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New Channel "First_time_dungeoneer"



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    jinadujinadu Member Posts: 65
    edited December 2013
    I don't ever see anyone talking in this channel and most of the time its only about 5 ppl online, maybe im missing something...
    But I have almost 13k gs (TR) and have still not done quite a few dungeons.
    If you are interested in helping me out then add me in-game Deji@jinadu
    Also, if there are any good guilds out there that would be willing to take me on to help me get experienced I would appreciate it.
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    devilshark5devilshark5 Member Posts: 26 Arc User
    edited December 2013
    Hey all!

    Myself and my guild are active in the NW_Legit_Community channel, and I will encourage them to join the channel tonight.
    California Sunshine
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    ordensmarschallordensmarschall Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Neverwinter Guardian Users Posts: 1,060 Bounty Hunter
    edited January 2014
    Skarlspeed are you still active? Actually had a discussion in this channel for the first time ever the other night. Interest was expressed in keeping the channel alive. If you are still active let me know. If you are not I will ask if I can get ownership of the channel transferred.
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