[PC] Unbind Tokens Drop Chance

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Greetings Adventurers,

Starting today on PC*, unbind tokens have a chance to drop in premium rewards - we hope to have these tokens available for purchase in the Zen Market soon! Chances to drop will remain after the release of the Zen Store item and we will be releasing more detailed information on how these tokens work.

In the meantime, let us know other items you'd like to see be able to be unbound in the future!

*The patch where these tokens have a chance to drop will be available next week on Console.


  • sekosek#5740
    sekosek#5740 Member Posts: 111 Arc User
    Transmutes from old zen packs, like Bahamut's Champion Booster Pack transmutes and old class packs like Barbarian Booster Pack. So people who had no chance to buy these packs in the past, can buy those from other players who had purhased before, with unbinding.

    You recently added companions from these old class packs back in the game, it would be really cool if you could bring these kinds of transmutes in the game aswell, either through adding them back, or making them unbindable so we can buy/trade with other players.
  • than0z#0812
    than0z#0812 Member Posts: 16 Arc User
    Please add VOS HC Rings

    I have Band of Air but it is BoC. I cannot transfer it to my main stopped playing since I am exhausted. I have already opened ticket and forum discussion.

  • erevel09
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    I'd like to propose the following:

    - Event food
    - Hilt of the Fallen and Lost Scrolls of the Void
    - Stronghold Vouchers, Influence and Shards of Power (all types)
    - Overloads from Hell Pit
    - Stones of Health, Scrolls of Life, Scrolls of Mass Life
    - Companion Equipment

    And all the things others mentioned. Thank you for this tokens!

    Forgot about those too!

    - Reroll tokens
    - Stuff from "Other Currency" section in the inventory's wealth tab
  • kaksika88#1477
    kaksika88#1477 Member Posts: 32 Arc User
    Please add the old transmutes from the adventuring quests and also the old Bahamut Champion Booster packs, Barbarian Booster Pack, the old T1-T2-T3 item sets.
  • polysatyr81
    polysatyr81 Member Posts: 149 Arc User
    Refined Equipment (Neck and Waist) and Artifacts. At the very least make it where we can turn it from character bound to account bound. I have like all the Undermountain Artifacts on my Main at Mythic and would love to give them to my alts as well as I refined the Fey set but then I got the Demogorgom Set on my main so would love to give the Fey set to an alt as well.
  • mparcher#3106
    mparcher#3106 Member Posts: 140 Arc User
    This suggestion wouldn't fix the problem, but it would help. The broken drop rate of the Hound of the Forge (epic mount) from the Ornate Box of Vallenhas has been reported in these forums multiple times, created numerous help desk tickets, and has been acknowledged in the Reddit AMA. Can you make an unequipped (still in inventory but bound to account) usable with unbind tokens?
  • admiralwarlord#3792
    admiralwarlord#3792 Member Posts: 545 Arc User
    I wish that at some point weapon and weapon enchantments were also released. My Light is bound by a mistake I made after a long day where I put the Bilethorn on top and it was returned bound to char, which wasn't bad at all, but I ran out of enchant to help my tank complete quests and campaigns.
  • desp1noza#1956
    desp1noza#1956 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited October 2021
    Vanity pets (we need more of those on AH :D )
    Old transmute gear :)
  • organius#4038
    organius#4038 Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    Hi @nitocris83 .
    What I like to see be able to be unbound in the future:
    1. Artifact sets ( necklaces and belts ).
    2. Avernus hunt gear.
    3. Shirts and pants.
    4. HC VoS gear from mini-bosses.
    5. VoS rings.
    6. Weapon and armor enchantments.
    7. Companions gear.
    8. Gear from the new adventuring quests. Because it's have the old transmute.
    In the future, it would be nice to have this feature from the beginning.
  • anna#4890
    anna#4890 Member Posts: 80 Arc User
    I personally don't think trial weapons should have been added to this at all. Everything should be unbind-able from bound to character to bound to account for very little cost. It should be exorbitant to unbind completely some hard to get items, if not impossible. This system should be for transmutes, components, reagents etc. Not for grind end game great itself, and not for currencies either. Those should be bound to account always.
  • maverick809
    maverick809 Member Posts: 20 Arc User
    Would like to see regular vos rings be able to be unbound, but not ring or air or darkness since they were a pain to get! Also would love to get my hands on a battle horn from call to arms event, the horn that gives a ton of ap! So maybe unbind these or bring back the item!
  • redchillismoke#2115
    redchillismoke#2115 Member Posts: 51 Arc User
    If you want to fix the market, unbind everything. There's legit no point to bound items.
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  • plasticbat
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    edited October 2021

    If you want to fix the market, unbind everything. There's legit no point to bound items.

    Why do they want to fix the market? They don't. At least, not the prime directive or secondary directive or ....
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  • ttvsaintlucifer#3049
    ttvsaintlucifer#3049 Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    the transmutes from vallanhas would be nice. ive gotten so many swords on my wizard and transmute for other toons. and the Nvos rings. band of air i think should be acc bound so there is some sort of chase to it but normal vos rings should be more readily available in my opinion.
  • depamina
    depamina Member Posts: 32 Arc User
    Should unbinding the weapons work that way with the enchantments or is it a bug?

    You can now put bound to character and bound to account enchantments into the lionheart weapon, unbind it and sell it with the enchantments inside.
  • hainegen#3999
    hainegen#3999 Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    I would like to suggest adding the following:
    1. Old character resurrection (armor for the body, arms, legs). Most of them are needed to customize the appearance. For example, the set of the clan of gray wolves.
    2. Strengthening potions (at least unbind the character and link to the account). For example, diamond shards.
    3. War Horn of the Alliance (this item is already impossible to get, but it is still very relevant).

    I suggest fixing:
    1. Ability to remove the binding from weapons of legendary quality only.
    2. The ability to remove the binding of artifacts only of mythical quality
    3. For items that have been untied with tokens, re-bind after using them on other characters.

    Do not categorically add the ability to untie the following items:
    1. Rings, jewelry companions, if they are linked to the account.
    2. Resources for crafting certain rings (for example, from Vos)
    These items can only change the type of binding from a character to an account.
  • hainegen#3999
    hainegen#3999 Member Posts: 6 Arc User

    Hi @nitocris83 .
    What I like to see be able to be unbound in the future:

    1. Artifact sets ( necklaces and belts ).
    2. Avernus hunt gear.
    3. Shirts and pants.
    4. HC VoS gear from mini-bosses.
    5. VoS rings.
    6. Weapon and armor enchantments.
    7. Companions gear.
    8. Gear from the new adventuring quests. Because it's have the old transmute.
    In the future, it would be nice to have this feature from the beginning.
    Offer to immediately unbind the account in order to sell it through the auction as well. After the implementation of your proposal, I think many will want to sell their account))) Since the game will lose all meaning.

  • vladislavdracul#5037
    vladislavdracul#5037 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    -Latest companion gear
    -Hunts Gear
    -HC VoS Ring reagents, not the ring itself beacuse at least the player needs to prove that he can survive the dungeon (you can have 1 dps being carried with no issues in there). Why? Because this is the first time I've seen, in a game, such a bad rng tied to an item. Also can we get the reagent cap removed? Makes no sense to have only 1 of each at any given time, feels arbitrary and counter intuitive, specially because you have 2 rings to be crafted and as you already know the grind is tough enough to have a message popup saying ERROR: You can't have more than one of this item in your inventory or whatever xD
    -HC VoS Legendary Rings (not the craftable ones).

    As a side note if you are reading this Julia, can we please get back the Tutor Companion in the zen market or as a part of a pack or something? Pretty please!
  • finwe29
    finwe29 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
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    I would like to see unbinding for VoS rings and HC VoS gear
  • minnt#0794
    minnt#0794 Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    Band of Air!
  • aesculaepius
    aesculaepius Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 63 Arc User
    I would prefer tiers of unbinding cost. For example, it should cost 10% of a total unbind to change from "bound to character" to "bound to account." The problem with Neverwinter, well, the biggest, is that you make things cost so much money and/or time. I have to play my most-powerful character to run end content even though it's not the one I want to play. But I'm not going to grind for months and I'm not going to pay even more for the ability to unbind something from one character only to rebind it to another.

    Back when masterworks was a real thing, I bound my Hammer of Gond on my then-primary. Now I don't like playing that class much, but I'm not going to spend the money or hours making another mythic one because I will eventually want a different character to be my primary. So while others can chime in on what should be unbound from account, I'd like to say that pretty much anything should be able to be changed to account-bound for a modest number of tokens.

    Another crazy idea - give us like an hour of play with something before it binds. Or allow us to equip without binding things in the training "plane" where we can test things with PVP and some kind of PVE. But ideally, we'd be able to try enchants and what not to see if it works the way we think it will without having to commit to binding. Just reuse your code for making all those coupons disappear or something because I don't want to play 80 or 100 hours of the game to get my bard up to 50K only to find out I hate how he can't heal enough to keep a party alive with the set I had on another character, or whatever it is.
  • trgluestickz
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    Items I Want To Be Able To Unbind:

    Bound vorpal enchantments, I have an r14 vorpal enchantment (original look) that is currently bound, and I'd prefer to sell it instead of keep.

    While I realize this probably isn't an item that is likely to ever be added to the list, would be nice if butterfly bilethorn enchantments were also unbindable, being able to sell that rare skin would be really useful.

    Bound R15 Enchantments, I have 5X bound Tactical Enchantments and 4X bound Dark Enchantments that aren't BIS for me and I can't sell them.

    The normal VOS rings, including the legendries. Those things have an atrocious drop chance to get the one you actually want, I know someone who did 250 runs just to get the one that was BIS for them. I am still missing 1 of the rings that is BIS for me as well and I have very little motivation to keep trying at this point, I got better things to do.
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  • autumnwitch
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    Are these on PS4/5 yet? I have not seen them drop or in the Zen store?
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