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    > @pelgrax said:
    > to get the quest from Stryker Bronzepin you first have to speak to the artisan then to the master of coin who then directs you to Stryker who is in Sharandar

    Nothing...Doesnt seem to be working for some of us...
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    Stryker Bronzepin has no quest for me.

    same here :(
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    I don't have any new quests for MW 6-7. Tried in Sharandar, tried with Master of Coins and Artisan in Stronghold. I didn't have any of MW unlocked earlier, just bought the completions from Artisan and it seems not to trigger the MW 6-7 quests.
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    Regarding gear stat distribution :

    Armor :
    Like @viraaal stated, the stat distribution we see on the Feywood gear currently on preview makes this gear "useless" even before implementation. Changing from rating to % values and increasing the value to 10% would atleast make the masterwork gear worth considering. The only armor piece I would change stat distribution on is the Feywood Gaiters. Accuracy/Movement Speed should be changed to Combat Advantage/Awareness for this to be a worthy alternative to current gear.

    The Dawn's Light Ward ring has Crit Avoid/Deflection. If this was changed to Defense, this ring would be a nice alternative to The Grove's Gentle Breeze from VoS. The equip bonus is excellent.

    Weapons :

    Neck/Belt :
    The accuracy/movement speed on encounter cast bonus has always been horrible. Like the weapon set, the neck/belt set should have a bonus that is viable for all roles. I know you can to a lot better than this @cryptic39#8917 :)

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    pelgrax said:

    to get the quest from Stryker Bronzepin you first have to speak to the artisan then to the master of coin who then directs you to Stryker who is in Sharandar

    Yeah I have nothing still
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    So we get to make a decent weapon set with masterwork and then a lot of gear no one will ever use thats just not worth making? Even the old TOM rings are better and I bet cheaper. Please put better bonus on this gear.
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    tamtoucan said:

    "For folks wondering about deprecated Explorer’s Charts: An exchange will be available at The Traveling Merchant for players to exchange materials earned from deprecated Explorer’s Charts."

    But the charts themselves are useless? I suggested trading the charts back for the Guild Marks (or even a reduced amount if you are worried that they bought them during a SH event). I don't understand the problem with doing that. Guild Marks are bound to character and don't really affect the economy, so why punish people by obsoleting something they have earned?

    The exchange is for the *materials* from the Charts, not the charts themselves (which is a *Good* thing (ex. voucher system from mod 15).
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    Having looked at the Sharandar Masterwork items

    The Good; i can see Masterwork weapons as the main thing to focus on here. The look of some of the items such as feywood blades will make some good transmutes.

    Issues that need addressing - much of the Chultan masterwork items were redundent - nobody used them. The Sharandar Masterwork continues this trend - so the single thing to change would be to address this issue.

    Better Set Bonus on the MW sash waist/neck - the bonus is rather non descript -could it be improved as this doesn't compete with the artifact sets.

    Armour / leg / arms and head sets - again the bonuses will mean these will be redundent apart from transmutes. Again can we improved the bonus power?

    Alternatives - can we swap some of the bonuses for snipers perk, swordsman's perk and the encounter/at will damage bonus?

    Some interesting alternatives on armour would be Butcher's Focus or Maximised Opportunity, or the 3% action point gain. These may all have some place in builds and make the armour or rings viable.

    Unique MW Bonuses - If we could get a couple of unique bonuses that made MW items stand out but not be too overpowered (similar to the MW weapons stand out as distinct and useful) that would make MW still relevent.

    Essences - see these are back as needed in the alchemy recipes but need to add them back to Alchemy 1.



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    I want to echo what several others have hinted at or briefly mentioned. Due to the time, effort, and complexity of Mastercrafting; the bonuses should reflect and respect that effort. These bonuses should be unique and not found outside of crafting, but also competitive with other gear found in dungeons and hunts that may be considered useful/BiS. These masterworks should be able to not be easily outdated in a few modules, as we know it does take a lot more time and effort to develop each level of crafting. Masterwork weapons are a perfect example and are in a great spot.
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    Regarding the Glowing Restoration Ring
    (I have attempted to include an image)

    Not sure if this is a bug, an oversight or a deliberate thing but Accuracy and Combat Advantage are pointless for healers
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    I'd like to echo everything @sephiz#1200 said about sanity-checking boss drop items in recipes. He's done a perfect job identifying those issues. There is simply no way supply can keep up with the demands of these recipes. Even Questionable Leather and Corpse Flower Thorns can be somewhat difficult to come by, but they're mostly needed in limited quantities, or only for specific professions. Strongly consider reusing SH materials or mixing in more Salt-Marsh Crystal in early recipes. This is my #1 concern at the moment, because it makes many of the recipes outlandishly expensive.

    I'd also like to repeat his note about the pricing of SH structure trade-in recipes being unreasonably high (likely not accounting for some recipes producing multiple items in the result), and echo the general sentiment that armor bonuses should be % stats rather than ratings, at minimum

    Beyond that, I have some other feedback.

    Rewards for Small Craft Advisory doesn't seem worthwhile. It doesn't unlock recipes, just the shiny Barkshield and enough favors for the Fey tools, which aren't useful.
    - Fey tools are 475 proficiency/focus with 10% recycle. Consider raising to 550 just to match old Legendary tools, if we're going to go through the hassle of fulfilling the very expensive commissions to earn them. 125 less proficiency/focus than Forgehammer means ~10% more chance to fail, so that Recycle doesn't pay off as is.
    - Sharandar MW crafted tools are 525/550 proficiency/focus with 5% Virtuoso. Consider increasing to 575/600 and/or switching to a better bonus (Dab Hand, Recycle?), so they're at least better than Cobalt +1. You don't necessarily have to power-creep Forgehammer, but at some point, a specialized, expensive, profession-specific tool should be actually useful.

    Distilled Hermit's are a strict copy-paste of Distilled Philosopher's in terms of effects. Consider a tiny buff (10-20) to the granted Proficiency/Focus, to match the 25 point increase of Incense/Medicinal Tea?

    It would be really nice if the Preview store allowed buying materials in stacks, though the pain of doing so is really good at emphasizing how ridiculous the number of Shard of Dawning Light, Displacer Beast's Whiskers, and Shattered Snowflakes needed are.

    Feywood/Glowing/Thorned/Dawn's Light/Silvervine sets seem uninspired, and are substantially lower IL than newer offerings like the Demogorgon set or Echoes of Prophecy rewards.
    Consider offering distinct stat boosts, more diverse specializations, and higher set bonus effects. I'd suggest at a minimum 2% of a combat-relevant stat for a role per stack, and diversifying what roles each set tries to handle (i.e. give Awareness for a tank set, Combat Advantage for a DPS set, Crit or Outgoing Healing for healers, maybe Forte for a generic set)

    Along with changing the armor bonuses to %increase, consider making slightly more diverse Boot effects depending on role, or making the existing effect more generic. 5% Forte would be much more useful for tanks/healers than 5000 accuracy. The entire "offensive bonus at high health, defensive bonus at low health" pattern is fine, depending on the magnitude, but these are mostly much less exciting than the good Antiquities of Sharandar.

    Some Chultan Masterwork items that have unattainable materials, since Sephiz caught all the Sharandar MW recipe oversights I could find:

    Lion Fur requires Alum
    Wootz Alembic requires Wootz Steel Plate, rather than Chultan Wootz Ingot
    Workman's Incense requires Red Alder Bark
    Distilled Philosopher's X require Effervescent Water.

    Wootz Hatchet/Wootz Round Knife require Shark Oil, though you can technically still get that from the Travelling Merchant, but it's otherwise unused

    Finally, though this is quite unlikely, just as a general point of feedback about MW crafting, I'd really love crafted pants/shirts, or companion gear. It doesn't have to be better than the rare chase rewards in Bounties/VoS (though I wouldn't say no to that either), but even 1250 2-slot companion gear, or 1400 shirts would be really useful.
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    pelgrax said:

    to get the quest from Stryker Bronzepin you first have to speak to the artisan then to the master of coin who then directs you to Stryker who is in Sharandar

    Artisan has nothing to say to me, neither does Master of Coin (other than a couple of irrelevant quests), and Stryker thinks it's nice that I have a confident appoach and a sure hand. But other than that, nothing...

    Also the Chultan Armorsmithing 1 recipe book is still bugged. It doesn't register that you have purchased it, and doesn't bring up Chultan Armorsmithing 2 for purchasing.

    I crossed over another toon to check it on that one, and used up the remaining AD I had on preview


    Can this please be looked at?

    Lia 15 and Lia 16, if you need to check.
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    Artisan has nothing to say to me, neither does Master of Coin (other than a couple of irrelevant quests), and Stryker thinks it's nice that I have a confident appoach and a sure hand. But other than that, nothing...

    Same here, started a character with no masterworking done at all, and cannot proceed beyond purchasing Jewelcrafting I and II masterwork recopies!
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    I would assume that in order to get the latest masterworks quests that you would need to have completed all the previous masterworks . Otherwise its like counting 1,2 missing 3,4,5 and going straight to 6 . very illogical .
    A dev would have to confirm or can someone else without current full masterworks try the artisan to see if they get the latest quest links ?
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    It's very rare that I crawl out from under my rock and comment but this has pissed me off.

    You're seriously still locking this stuff behind Guild Levels?

    Cos your guild level SUCH an indicator of how hard you have worked and struggled to build up your Professions as a character. But you don;t want anything to be hard work any more.
    And joining a Guild is about as hard a task as you seem to want a new player to struggle with.

    Thanks for nothing.

    Now any new player who just joins a L20 Guild will step straight over my years of patient time and effort, and massive expenditure to get there.
    Now, I don't mind cheap and easy catch up on stuff that keeps moving the goal posts, there has needed to be a shortcut on MW for years. I'm not one of those irritating tossers who insists that an aspect of the game "...was hard for me therefore I will howl at the moon if it is NOT just as hard for anyone else!!!"
    But guys...
    I can't even BUY the maps for Sharandar... no one in my Alliance can, because the highest Guild in there is "only" Rank 15, and we lack a Rank 8 Marketplace...
    But screw us, eh?
    We've only been around since the game started.

    Again, thanks for nothing.

    I would love for someone in development to explain WHY the new professions are still locked behind Guild level, and have higher requirements.
    Please someone explain... and not in a corporate excuse, PR way. (I used to write those things for a living so have learned to see straight through them...)
    Please, in plain simple language explain WHY I'm not allowed to have nice things, because a few years ago I chose to leave the childish politics, tantrums, and bitchiness of a L20 Guild and go set up something smaller and more friendly instead... yet the mope who just wandered through the door and hopped on the back of the hard work done years ago by others... HE gets that New Masterwork ticket!

    The ONLY people this impacts is those of us who stick with our little old guilds.
    No one EARNS access to these new scrolls and professions recipes, if ALL they did to attain them was accept an invitation in Protectors Enclave. It is NOT a reward, or pat on the head unless you genuinely consider "Joining a Guild" to be a major achievement.

    I had hoped the Workshop, way back in M16, was you lot giving yourselves a clue as to how to move ALL levels of Professions forward...
    Sort of a "Hey... we have a PROFESSIONS WORKSHOP now... with it's own quest tree and everything... maybe we could... run ALL PROFESSIONS quests through THAT instead of Guilds... That way ANYONE who wants to do them CAN DO if they put the work in!!!" type clue...

    But again... thanks for nothing.

    I just spent 10 minutes editing out all the genuine profanity in the original version of this post... (stupid stuff like HAMSTER and screwed will probably still get Hamstered)

    While I usually swear like an Irish Docker with a sore toe, I understand and appreciate that a lot of people don't like that.
    Unlike the people who came up with this HAMSTER-backwards method of gaining the new Master Work, I want to take as many peoples' feelings as possible into account... and behave accordingly when I interact with them.

    Tommy, happy to let you join our guild if you need to buy some stuff, then leave. Message me
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    pelgrax said:

    I would assume that in order to get the latest masterworks quests that you would need to have completed all the previous masterworks . Otherwise its like counting 1,2 missing 3,4,5 and going straight to 6 . very illogical .
    A dev would have to confirm or can someone else without current full masterworks try the artisan to see if they get the latest quest links ?

    There is no quest lead. On a totally new character with just jewelcrafting on max level 20, can buy mastercrafting 1 and 2, and then no quest from any NPC to follow
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    > @"chrisb#7185" said:
    > Tommy, happy to let you join our guild if you need to buy some stuff, then leave. Message me

    That's really very kind of you, but my main play is on XBox, and I'm guessing you are on PC.

    The only thing I use my (not very good) PC for with NWO these days is to check Preview.

    If you are on XB then that's great and I'd be happy to take you up on it.

    Though that won't stop me considering such a workaround to be the exact reason why it shouldn't be needed... if that rather circular logic actually makes any sense... and don't see it as a "Fix" from Cryptic's perspective.

    Thank you.
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    Equipment pieces from different classes should have the same requirements.

    If they have different requirements as it has been in previous Masterwork editions, then some classes will be able to obtain the equipment for a fair price while other will have to pay an outrageous one.

    We have already lived this situation where some weapon materials were quite easy and fast to get (fair price) while some other classes had to go with bad random in a hard to kill dungeon (hard by that time).

    If for some reason equipment for different classes must have different requirements, then the different material should not be one that is get at random or by killing something hard to beat. The difference should always be either a fair easy to get material from drops, or something everyone can buy from a shop, and each class just buys its item.

    Do not punish some classes again just to get the same equipment that other classes get fairly.
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    The Map cases should be included in the exchange mechanism, not just the resources they lead to. Many of my guild and alliance members recently stocked up on these during the SH week, not just those who do MW but also those who farm the mats to trade to those who do. It will be a great waste and significant negative impact on community morale if they disappear with no form of compensation at all
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    ill start with a bug report. sharandar masterwork armorsmithing is buyable for multiple times, then "fey fibers" you named it plural and it requires 12 dryad hairs and and 6 weeping willows tear, however when you craft it you get only "1" , it needs too much materials to craft only 1. then we will need a lot of vault of star material but drop rates are realy rare. Such as to craft woven whiskers requiring 15 "displacer beast's whiskers" its too much and too costy, probably the cost of the new mw weapons will be more than 7 million, i can craft it but if you dont give us weapon damage back no one buy that.

    last and the most important thing for me is according to preview we dont need stronghold materials anymore (tincal, red rogue, salt-marsh crystal, tanner's liquor and coke) to craft a anything useful.

    and what about the exchanges of old materials and charts, sure we can use charts to get old materials then exchange them to something new but what about to crafted old materials like aqua regia, or scillant glass, gold nugget) no one will use them anymore if there wont be any quest line.
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    I have seen this mentioned a few times, but never with the red text requested. I purchased the Chultan MW recipes (except the bugged one that you can repeatedly purchase MW 1), on a toon that was started on preview and never started MW. I cannot get a quest with the Artisan to show up, so I also cannot get the first MW quest from the guy in Sharandar. Thinking it might be tied to the fact that the new way of getting the Chultan MW recipes bypasses the old way of getting MW 4/5?
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    It is rare for me to comment but here I have to. First impression: What the hell are you thinking?
    Do you actually think this is a good change to the game?
    First, MW was meant to be a challenge. Most of the players who reached level 5 of MW lost a lot of AD and only a few were able to do actual benefits. Now I see that paying only AD will allow any player without any challenge to reach maximum level of MW. We are losing all the challenge. What message do you have for all the players who spent many hours of game play and lost so many AD to reach that level? What a huge lack of respect for the work done. Seeing this topic, I personnaly lost all motivation to continue MW where I reached MW5 alone

    Speaking now about the content itself:
    Potions giving stats and not percentage are of very limited use
    Ring are useless
    Armor pieces are useless
    Neck and belt have a very limited interest and only for PvP
    Weapons are the same as the previous version with a little bit more of GS

    For weapons, recipe are very basic and have a huge lack of diversity as the main requirement for each set is limited to one main item: Shard of Dawn’s Light which has a very limited drop rate in VoS only.
    Each set requires 12+ of those and a high risk item has to be crafted: Crystalline Ornament. This craft requires 12 Shards... with a max of 80% rate to succeed, can you imagine the impact of failing that one?

    For me all those changes are like watching an headless running chicken. So I repeat: What the hell are you thinking?

    As I'm posting, I'll continue on respect for players. Which I think you don't have but happy to speak with you about it:
    - Pets got nerfed (player impression) or fixed (dev impression). Even if this is actually a fix, the bug is a development mistake! Players used tokens to improve those pets and from one day to the other, all those were used on useless pets. I have a feeling of being robbed. What would you think if you save money to buy a ferrari, buy it and a few months later you open you garage and find it empty or it replaced by a low value car? I'm doing project management work IRL and to be honest development with so many bugs would lead for me to fire the developer and/or the testing team

    Drop rating in chests is a big frustration for me as I'm not lucky and so while other players are dropping valuable items, it is not my case. Is it normal to have to run 100+ HC VoS to be able to drop component while others are dropping it in less than 10? Is there any equity in this game?

    You create a new event over 3 months... players finished the first months after a few days by doing what I feel are stupid quests with no interest. Loots are great but no real challenge and not much of an actual content

    I have a feeling of oversimplification of the game to be able to reach a maximum of players and lack of challenge

    As I already said, if anybody from Crypic want to discuss, happy to chat about it
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    A lot of people have already commented on the the crazy number of VoS drops needed, the less than amazing gear pieces and the bugged recipes, so I will focus on what I see as the missed potential in this update. I don't think any of this stuff is absurd and most is consistent with recipes already in the game. Some could fall under normal crafting and some masterwork.

    Crafting Wish List:

    - New armor reinforcement kits and jewels with higher ratings and % based stats.
    - More stronghold donations like crates of food, crates of fey supplies etc.
    - More potions. Getting rid of the level cap for phials is a good start, but add movement speed, awareness etc.
    - Crafting of gold bars and other treasure items.
    - Crafting of scrolls of life and health stones. Make the commission in astral diamonds like kits and use as an AD sink.
    - Ability to use morale to rush gathering.
    - Ability to fully replenish morale for 36,000 AD. Similar to the morale refresh on preview.

    Nothing revolutionary really, just some new stuff and quality of life improvements.
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    New build on preview and I still can't get access to new MW recipes. There isn't any new quest from Artisan, Coin Master neither from Stryker. Assuming that this build is the one we going to get on live server today, I guess, I should start to write a ticket..
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    Can you please clarify why the Sharandar charts are going to be temporarily unavailable?
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    All through the chart update process, the Explorer's Guild NPC store has been overlooked. Not only does he still sell Chult Charts at the old (3k marks/chart) price, the 7 now removed charts are in fact still available on him as well. He should probably receive an update.