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Summer Festival Artisan



  • cherryman1cherryman1 Member Posts: 347 Arc User
    I can confirm the artisan isn't showing for any of my toons so far and I'm 10 toons in without getting one.
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  • inyawayupdeepinyawayupdeep Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 205 Arc User
    same exact problem
  • froger#9967 froger Member Posts: 579 Arc User
    Piling on. No artisan for me either.
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  • kingdarien#5736 kingdarien Member Posts: 31 Arc User
    2nd year in a row , with this same bug, to start this event.
  • demenoss#9306 demenoss Member Posts: 188 Arc User
    atwa#2521 said:

    Please fix the related hidden artisan bug at the same time.

    Suggestion to fix both bugs at once: don't hide any artisans. Let us keep the Summer Artisan all year. Just hide the Summer Provisioning profession itself, like the Gond profession gets hidden.

    Yep... this happened last year too on PC. TRIED to suggest keeping the artisan..
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  • demenoss#9306 demenoss Member Posts: 188 Arc User
    This happened last year too... Would probably be solved by keeping the artisan and just hide the summer prov stuff.

    So far, none of my toons can claim the missing artisan. :(
    Guild: Noble Misfits
    Silky Pan'teeze: Drow Wizard --- Madres de Nasae: Half-elf Rouge
    Kepler: Human Paladin --- Demenoss: Dragonborn Barbarian
    Divine Pan'teeze: Drow Cleric --- Nikki Sharparrow: Human Ranger
  • murphystoutmurphystout Member Posts: 68 Arc User
    My previous 9 existing characters at level 10 summer crafting do not have a summer artisan so unable to do any summer crafting. My new bard at level 1 summer crafting did get a summer artisan. /boggle
  • murphystoutmurphystout Member Posts: 68 Arc User
    9 existing characters at level 10 summer crafting the artisan is missing! 1 new bard level 1 crafting got the artisan.
  • aesculaepiusaesculaepius Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 63 Arc User
    7 pre-existing characters without artisan, new character got one upon entering workshop.
  • jamiefors#0606 jamiefors Member Posts: 38 Arc User
    edited July 2021
    Popped on 2 out of 4 toons for me, both done summer fest before, both level 10, no artisan on my main though
  • rainbow#6026 rainbow Member Posts: 21 Arc User
    Time passes, but mistakes remain with us... AGAIN like last year! There is no artisan to make balls. Entering and re-entering to the workshop does not fix it.
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  • darthsicarius#8215 darthsicarius Member Posts: 27 Arc User
    edited July 2021
    @nitocris83 Come on... Work with us here. We are your playerbase. Don't leave it like last year where it was fixed only three days before event finished. Whatever you did to fix it last year you can do it again this year.

    Pull the shard down for emergency maintenance, work with PlayStation and xbox, and sort it out. And next time this event happens leave the artisan locked in our professions rather than clear it out. That way us players on main toons can properly enjoy the event the way it was intended without having to wait and waste away 80% of the event because devs couldn't work smarter to fix it for us all.

    It's OK for new players and new characters. Us veterans are getting punished to hell on our mains we've had for years.

    If you have to pull the plug to fix the issue, pull the plug I don't care. I'd rather you pull shard down for 2 hours to fix it now rather than wait until 3 days before the event ends for it to be fixed in a BS delayed patch.

    So come on guys, work with us. We're the only reason your game exists on today. Without the player base, Neverwinter would be jack so start listening to us properly and give us appropriate updates on every channel and get this BS fixed.
  • brizza#9211 brizza Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Huge disadvantage could be crafting petals Saha balls etc from day 1 but unable to until you patch it very disappointing start. These events and new content are what players wait for. Keep disappointing players like this and they leave the game.
    Needs sorting straight away pls ty
  • willert#9150 willert Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    a statement from the devs or anyone else from cryptic would be nice
  • lindesslindess Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    I have the same problem, there is no artisan for summer festival to make balls...
  • nardeth#0770 nardeth Member Posts: 1 New User
    edited July 2021
    Im having the same issue as well on xbox.
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  • boltan#5136 boltan Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    edited July 2021
    Let me be clear this happened last year. WHY HAVE YOU NOT FIXED IT? And are you going give vouchers out for the sahha balls and petals I cannot make?

    I have 3 tickets open on this:



    Would you like another 6 ???
  • robtnrobtn Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 78 Arc User
    Need to add, not getting my sahha ball voucher yesterday and today on my main toon. Long time player
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  • seekey#7769 seekey Member Posts: 125 Arc User
    Well, i don't have to this issue but last year i've heard that the artisian showing up after you play your first sahha match. I'm not sure of this information since i've finished all of the related quests on the first day and got the artisian.
    I hope this helps somehow ...
  • greyangel13greyangel13 Member Posts: 27 Arc User
    Same issue here, checked the 5 I actually play but none of the rest. None of the ones I checked have an Artisan for Summer Festival things.
  • tiltawhirling#1261 tiltawhirling Member Posts: 73 Arc User
    Seems to be a bug based on a) having a workshop already up and functioning (I started one on my latest alt and I have the workshop, but no matter how many times I leave and re-enter, there's no artisan to accept) and b) going into the workshop and accepting on the first character that goes into summer fest.

    So I now have two toons with no artisan.

    Please fix this -- it's gone beyond annoying to not be able to craft my saha balls, let alone anything else.
  • nativerock9015#2463 nativerock9015 Member Posts: 99 Arc User
    edited July 2021
    @nitocris83 Not only do I have missing artisans I now have an issue where the few artisans I do have are not continuing collecting the petals. You leave them working expecting to have a full workbox when you log in but you only have 3 or 4 petals in the workbox. I've enjoyed the summer festival for years but this year is definitely the worst when it comes to bugs.
  • wolfseso#1009 wolfseso Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    24hours have past. Still no artisan.. will we get 2 free sahaa ball, free stacks of capress, feast and watermelon sorbet? That is what I am missing so far out of this event.
  • cracklepants#2252 cracklepants Member Posts: 60 Arc User
    oof, not good to have the same issue again. I am also experiencing it.
  • darthsicarius#8215 darthsicarius Member Posts: 27 Arc User
    edited July 2021
    @nitocris83 @snuts74 As you can see from previous comment there are even more issues with professions not being collected properly. We've heard absolute Jack from you since release of the event on any media channel. You've kept us all in silence yet again with no appropriate updates.

    Last year we players found out you knew the bug was there before the event went live and you did nothing to stop it from happening. Yes we've been in a pandemic and yes things get complicated working from home like your team have been during isolation periods, but that doesn't stop you from literally giving it your all to have fixed this bug before event was released again.

    Every player with a main character is suffering this issue and now we have other problems on top of last years chaos making the event even more disappointing since people have prepared for it in advance as with most events.

    We need to hear from you guys and give us an update and tell us your working on this and not leave us all in the dark until you've announced some BS patch to fix it 3 days before the event ends.

    The longer you leave it for us, the more difficult it becomes for us to gain the rewards from vendors, the mounts, the comps, including the new zealot kobold.

    People have got to miss out on sahaa ball creating, and blossom collections. If.people have to wait like last year, they won't get enough favor of Sune to turn in for the things they need.

    The only update on social media we've seen is you guys push a stupid crossword puzzle trying to get 8 names for a Bard class because yes all you've pushed is Bard Bard Bard you've left yourselves with little time to fix the real issues at hand.

    Get your behinds out of your chairs, come together, listen to us and sort this mess!

    Forget the blooming Bard. Focus on the game and its events and mechanics.
  • lordjox#6864 lordjox Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    Same problem :angry:
  • azanikazanik Member Posts: 14 Arc User
    Same issue here. Was able to get Artisan on maybe half of my alts.
  • obsiddiaobsiddia Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,022 Arc User
    edited July 2021
    Yep. Second day and still no artisan.

    DEVs: Please explain why this is a problem each year

    Also: Why no hot fix? Am hoping we’re not looking at Monday or Tuesday
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  • juniperwuf#9831 juniperwuf Member Posts: 128 Arc User
    edited July 2021
    I got the artisan on all of my toons but 1. It is my archer that is missing it. I have tried going to the crafting shop several times-- nothing. I am on Xbox. I know this is PC but I did not see anything on Xbox when I searched.

    I signed out, turned off xbox and unplugged it, etc. Logged back in... still nothing. I have been to the festival and did the intro quests plus the daily quest again on day 2. But still no artisan for the archer.
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