The new reward system is not player friendly



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    good to see more people talking about this thats what we need
  • taikaias#9396
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    They'll never change anything, if people do not give feedback.
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    I just did a couple of Zariel Challenge Master the other night and you guys added HAMSTER companion equipment in it. So now there are less chances for a good reward because these trash items took a place in % base. @cwhitesidedev#9752 it is not a fair thing sir. This is ultimate challenge and we don`t see the purpose of having this here as long as you can get them from normal version. The tiering of rewards should be done properly not because "we are rich and we can get richer by that" but to give people incentive to progress their toons and also to continue to do the content even if they completed it once. Because I am telling you that I have only 4 runs left to get my offhand and complete my Celestial weapon set and after that I will never go in Master again just to waste time and AD on scrolls/stones of health just for the "challenge". My atitude when I wrote these statements are not made to cut in flash but to make you realise this game can be more enjoyable just by doing things right. Also on the rewarding subject I have to adress the hunts rng problem where you have to get the tier 1 reagents, convert and hope you will get a tier 2 reagent from boss, get two of them and make a tier 2 boss hunt and pray for a piece of gear. Now let me tell you how long it will actually take to you to ensure you have a minimum chance to drop one.

    40 reagents to make > 20 tier 1 lure in hope you will get 2 reagent drops out of these 20 lures to make a tier 2 lure. Take in cosideration the chances of the new tier 2 items so you can see for youself how many reagents we will need to farm in the first place. If we want to get all 3 items from t2 we will have to farm 120 base reagents just to have a chance for each one. But it won`t drop for most of us from the first try right? Also I m doing this with my friends they will probably will have less time to play than me and they will also want to get these pieces. This process of gathering the reagents will be tedious not enjoyable. Think about we fail and after all this grind we won`t get the gear will be a total disappointment. So please if you understand us and feel our pain discuss with the team and at least make t2/r3 reagents to have a 100% chance to drop from bosses. I would not remove the farming process for tier 1 bosses but we all know that we are kinda locked behind the Reedem Citadel system where we don`t have acces to tier 3 reagents from tier 2 hunt lures so all we can do is wait or attempt and fail/waste our lures/time and so on trying to get a piece of equipment having to repeat the process once tier 3 lures will unlock.
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    Sorry for that. English is not my base language. I will do my best to improve it.
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    your english is fine :-) for the most part all are turned away by these drops i can only imagine there has to be something in the works
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    Still waiting for the first mount or companion since the changes and i am doing many runs every day. The droprate is very bad compared to the previous system. I would prefer the bound mounts and companions with higher chances to the current one.

    It won`t happen mate. The purpose of the system is to sync AD from the game. That means with the new "premium rewards" other drop chances has been lowered in order to give % to these new items. And guess with drop rates has been lowered.

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    He means "sink the AD"; remove it from the game.
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    Also, why would they make the mount upgrades cheaper than companion upgrades. It is 1 million to upgrade epic companion to legendary.
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    This game never cared about the players only money and that's ok but then make the drop rate higher... If they test they do it in god mode so they never experience what we have.... playing on a test server is not the same... and that's what they do and ofc in god mode... They only listen half to their players give them something so they think it's solved, oh and their will be mounts in those chests but that's like farming core chains in Avernus and with even more horrible drops... Who ever saw a dev in the game talking and playing, without god mode in this game, it only happened once with Tiamat they couldn't even survive... but still they do this over and over again..... it's sad because the game is nice but the people behind it has only dollar signes in their eyes.....
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    Is ok to have big prizes like the legendary mount or the runic bag, good feeling if you get them. But the "normal" rewards are more important, here is my feedback:

    - Increase the ammount of tokens / tarmalunes / preserv and reduce the chance of getting them
    - Increase the chance to get a bound companion / mount
    - Implement an option to "salvage" companions and mounts for companion tokens / mount tokens depending on the rarity of the companion / mount

    Edit: Typos

    The first is a "same difference" scenario.
    Sure, people might feel happier if they get 10 trade bars than if they only got 1 trade bar, but if they get trade bars only 10% as often then they don't feel good at all the other 90% of the time.

    If I am only 1 or 2 bars short of being able to buy something I really want, I would rather have a greater chance at getting any quantity of trade bars.

    The second could work, especially if it was all white/green companions and mounts, however the third point makes it harder to justify.

    Giving people more mounts and companions, especially at a lower quality, increases the likelihood that those players might decide to buy/use upgrade tokens on those mounts and companions, but when they can use those increased drops themselves and turn them into upgrade tokens of the appropriate type then it takes away from Cryptic's ability to sell those tokens, which was part of what made dropping more white/green mounts/companions seem like a real possibility in the first place.

    I do not think that you can have both 2 and 3.

    I would settle for a simple coin value for companions and mounts, or even just a refinement value if it came to that, or possibly even a downgrade trade where I could trade a companion of a higher grade for one of a lower grade.

    Maybe lose two grades for a non-random choice? I could trade my purple companion in for a green companion of my choice?
    There would have to be a list, of course. This wouldn't apply to any companion ever to have existed, just those mounts/companions that appear on the dungeon drop list, give or take a few.

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    People have been trying to get these kind of changes for years. Here my link way back in June.

    "If you want to keep your players playing and enjoying the game their needs to be balance between the grind and fairness. If for example we manage to gear up and finish a dungeon (lomm, ic, tomm whatever works) there should be a significant guaranteed reward for finishing the dungeon, not having to grind the dungeon 100 times for a belt set piece or weapon(not that i use the IC set ... but i know many do). Why would i bother running any of these dungeons if i know that there is nothing at the end of it that makes it worth my time? And just to rub salt in the RNG wound some lucky guy will get the belt (or whatever piece) the first run, while someone else will take 50+ runs. "

    One day they may listen. I hear some people getting legend-account bound drops from dungeons, while other grind away for 1000++ rolls and get nothing.