Low damage output for high level DPS

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So recently I was able to cross the 200k threshold with my power. However, I have noticed for a while now that I don't do a lot of damage despite how much power I have. I have players who have way less power then me doing much more damage then I am able. Can someone help me figure out as to why. My character is a Half Elf Ranger if that info helps.


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    First thing I'd suggest to check: stat caps for content you run.
    Second thing: make sure you have combat advantage when you attack.
    Third thing: having those, check if it's possible to raise crit severity (consumables, artifact modifications, companions). At 200k power it's usually better to try and get as much crit severity as possible. For example, at 200k power stronghold boon with 8k power will be weaker than 15% crit severity boon at that point in general.

    Other things like weapon enchantment, companion setup, neck-belt-arti setup can also be the case.

    There are options like specific class rotation including artifacts, mounts, buffs/debuffs and all that stuff, but I'm afraid I can't help with that. I don't really play Ranger.
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    I think the problem lies in my Critical Severity. It is at 103%. It could be better. Any ideas on how to raise it?
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    Wild Storm Elixir + Superior Flask of Potency

    These 2 consumables are dirt cheap and raise your critical severity by 17.5%
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    If you are high IL in scaled content you are punished more the higher your IL is above the stated cap.

    As an example my cleric is over 29k IL, and the other day I removed all her gear and all her companions gear except bonding and her weapons + artifacts and her neck and waist pieces. She was 14,141 IL and I queued Castle Never as Healer, by the end of the dungeon she had dealt over 2x the damage of all the dps. At one point I inspected my team and checked their power, most were around 60k, 2 of the dps were at 100k, all of them were about 10k below the 57k cap on armor penetration accuracy and critical strike, meanwhile my character, near naked was at 130k power and all stats over 60k, also the entire team was scaled to 15k except my character.
    I noticed this too, but I thought it was some kind of bug. My opinion is something "crooked" that needs fixing. Because it turns out that I don't need to find the best equipment and weapons, because I can put on the lowest equipment, for example, from the workshop and go to damage! This is a very frustrating moment, especially for high level players who see another player with lower stats doing more damage. I hope my post will not be deleted and the development team will take note of this information.
    And I think, scaling system like this needs some rework.
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    you might have more luck getting concrete advice from your guildies/ alliance rather here. talk to people in game.
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    You don't mention your other stats.
    If you don't have enough ArPen then it really doesn't matter how much power you have, your shots are not going to hit for their full effect.
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    I've said this before, I'll say it again. The game does not teach us combat nor does it teach us the stat caps to build for. I'm also not sure the community would make good use of this training if it was developed. So many with the mentality of not wanting to learn but just go smash stuff.

    Playing content without the listed stat caps below will give you different results. Legacy content, I dont' really care I stack power and get scaled on the rest of the stats. Tower/Zariel I won't go without the caps. TiC meh, I can still wreck TiC below cap on a few stats.

    Stat caps - DPS

    Legacy content = 68,000 ArmPen, Def, Crit, Accuracy (I'm not sure the combat adv cap for this content)

    Tower of the mad mage = 80k ArmPen, Def, Crit, Acc 130k Combat Adv

    TiC = 85k ArmPen, Def, Crit, Acc 135k Combat Adv

    Zariel Challange = 90k ArmPen, Def, Crit, Acc 140k Combat Adv 500K+ HP

    Crit Sev is important. Do you have the boon for 4% crit sev? I know my SW and TR are in the 130%-140% range without the guild boon.

    As mentioned above, where you stand gives you the combat advanatage. Without it, your DPS suffers. Tank in front of the boss, healer to the side, dps behind. If your party is on either side of an enemy you'll do more damage. I play a lot in a group of friends, I know where my tank is going at the same time he knows it so we move together. We've been playing together enough to anticipate each others movements. When playing with others I take a real good look at my tank and my healer, aside from the enemies they are my primary focus. Am I oppisite the tank? Can the healer see me? Yes, Yes, DPS! Get position before you start attacking, you'll do more in position than you will getting extra hits from whereever.

    Your build will also affect this. What feats you have, what powers you use, as a ranger what stance you STAY in. If the mechanics are the same as they have been in the past(There have been changes plz correct me if I'm wrong) the longer you stay in a stance(Melee/Ranged) you get 2% more damage up to xx% damage(10%?)

    Potion stack can help and is pretty cheap for all. Wild Storm Elixir, Superior flask of Potency, Prime rib(guild food), Watermelon Sorbet(most expensive I save for hard content)

    Aside from this, the best way to learn is from someone who is putting out more than you are. Ask questions! I wish I could help with HR specifics but that's not me.
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    If you are in a dungeon or trial and you are under approx 28k IL then the following statement applies. When your item level is blue you are nerfed hard on stats. If you get it below cap it will change to white and you will have a stat boost in comparison. For whatever reason once you get past about 28K you don't seem to get as much of a benefit out of lowering IL.

    Good hunting =)

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    It is how the scaling is done. Originally they nerfed the enchantments hard in scaling. But that meant we NEVER could get to minimum requirments for DPS . So they but in an IL scaling. Once you hit a certain IL you get your equipment and enchantments nerfed. The better you are, the more you are nerfed. Which is just lazy design.
    To midigate that, you use the BIS gear for that MOD Dungeon. We used the older gear drops from that Dungeon and that drops your IL so that you can hit the MIn. requirements. A lot of the older gear is still useful with their damage bonus but the IL is pretty low. So if you did not throw them out, use them for the older dungeons and you will do better.
    It is not a bug nor an exploit, it is how the Dev's designed it. maybe they will change, or maybe not. But that is what they want us to do. So we do that.
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    Or maybe it isn't what they want us to do. It's just a way some work around (or with) the scaling. We don't have enough inventory space to haul around gear for each and every dungeon/power level.

    And having to remove anything to become more effective is inherently a bad design.
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