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Issue with Staying in Combat

cherryman1cherryman1 Member Posts: 338 Arc User
I am finding that this week I have been staying in combat in Avernus for extended periods of time. I found this to be true when doing a Heroic Encounter and finishing it. Afterwards I was in combat for about 10 minutes and had the 30 second timer to disconnect without any monsters around me. This has been primarily happening on my TR. I also used defeat me and was still in combat back in the castle afterwards. It also felt as if I was in combat until the timer for the HE completed for what it would have take to finish.
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  • nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 3,855 Community Manager
    Do you know when this started? Did you change your gear or anything else in your build around the time this began?

  • rikitakirikitaki Member Posts: 712 Arc User
    It is most probably the Berserker's might.
  • midilamidila Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    If you are wearing Infernal Offering Helm then the problem is Berserker's Might which is on the helm. The problem with Berserker's Might was identified many months ago on test but remains bugged.
  • hmacairan2hmacairan2 Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 16 Cryptic Developer
    Thank you for the report, a fix was made and hope to get it live soon.
  • bigman99#8273 bigman99 Member Posts: 476 Arc User
    Items with the effect that give Berserker's Might have been broken for a long time. Haunted hides of the Halls was released with mod 16 and it still does this. Why Cryptic released another item with this broken effect (Infernal Offering Helm) is a good question to ask one of their developers if you ever get the chance.
  • emese#4731 emese Member Posts: 70 Arc User
    Not sure if you refer to the same area but one stays in combat outside of the last boss room. The only 2 spots that are "safe" is near the door (at the purple gate) or on the right side of the building. This started after the last patch and everybody in the party was effected. We were in combat mode even at the camp fire. Might have been fixed though as I was not there since.
  • trelamytrelamy Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    I want to add something on this. If i use repel on one of the dummies on Avernus, i get stuck in combat until i force log out. Hopefully it gets fixed along.
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  • trgluestickztrgluestickz Member Posts: 1,109 Arc User
    edited February 2020
    I got this problem yesterday, I was passing through the vallenhas stronghold to do quests and was unable to leave combat. I wasn't able to open the door to the tavern for one of my quests because of this bug but I did manage to fix it by logging out and back in again. Simply returning to the character screen does nothing but a full logout did work.

    I happened to cross through area with the guards attacking the dummies, so might be related as I think that's how I entered combat in first place.
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  • cherryman1cherryman1 Member Posts: 338 Arc User
    Started the week that I reported it so it would have been the patch cycle on that Thursday. Not wearing a helm with beserker's might. It isn't as bad as it once was. Used to happen more frequently at preyed upon small heroic encounter. Have only had it happen to me once since but I have stopped running HE in Avernus.
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    Yule (Barb): 54k : Siren (TR): 54k : Torun (DC): 50k : Siren OP (OP): 54k : Siren SW (SW): 52k : Modern (F): 53k : Cherry1 (CW) : 42k Siren HR (HR): 51k
  • bigman99#8273 bigman99 Member Posts: 476 Arc User
    This is still happening when passing through the "dummy area" of Vallenhas. Got tagged with it today and could not get out of combat until i logged out. Not killing another group a critters, or running really far away worked, I was forced to logout. Any chance on that fix that was promised a month ago?
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