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Uprising Preview Patch Notes: NW.115.20190715e.1



  • ramesh84ramesh84 Member Posts: 133 Arc User
    rjc9000 said:

    ramesh84 said:

    The only thing that puzzles me is this:

    Release Notes

    • A number of Halaster's powers have been adjusted to deal unavoidable damage. As such they may no longer be avoided by dodging or using Fox's Cunning.

    • Fox's Cunning is no longer a guaranteed dodge and is instead an increase to damage reduction
    That changes look a bit redundant, I would suggest to valuate the idea of reverting the unavoidable damage change, also because it's reducing the meaning of any defensive stat other than hp. Will rather leave the second change, with some improvement.
    They made it so it pierces invincibility frames rather than being un-mitigatable.

    This was so "support Rangers" don't invalidate the Imminent Annihilation stacks.
    I am still missing smth, not native english will try to explain myself with an example.
    Dev1: I placed so much effort into that attack and they simply get a ranger to avoid it, let's nerf Fox's Shift
    Dev2: I placed so much effort into that attack and they simply get a ranger to avoid it, lets set it as unavoidable
    Why need both? Wasn't first one enough?
    rjc9000 said:

    ramesh84 said:

    TotMM brought back a crucial aspect in MMORPG, completely removed by M16: group synergies, would be interesting having it extended somehow to a mechanic on each dps class. That would also help balancing process and incentivate forming rainbow parties, here's some example on how to implement it:
    - Barbarian: turn Battle Fury into a X% dmg buff and -X% incoming dmg

    Pretty sure Battle Fury is already the bolded part.
    I'm okay with it also decreasing incoming damage,
    Pretty sure about that too, purpose was giving parties a different option than stacking 2 griffon debuff or a safer one in case, in other words: if you able to coordinate 6-ish DPSes can avoid to lfm 2 players with that mount or using both options and asking for Halaster dmg increase :#
    rjc9000 said:

    but I doubt we're getting big balancing changes this mod.

    When current state is allowing two dps classes only to get in new trial they have to find resources for balancing tbf. Adding functionality to a skill without working on animation/etc doesn't look that hard to implement and changes to healing are a proof that balancing change are possible and actually ongoing.
    rjc9000 said:

    ramesh84 said:

    - Fighter: remove the physical only to KC

    Would still involve bringing the weakest DPS class for Commander Strike's 10% debuff.
    At that rate, you might as well have one of your healers bring a Yojimbo and bring a non bottom tier DPS class.
    You kidding me? Fighter is top tier now!
    Jokes aside, those were lazy examples, plenty of better way to implement that. Was just thinking on a way to both restore party synergy and promoting rainbow parties as a meta.
  • draugkirdraugkir Member Posts: 99 Arc User
    My hope, and from a lot of people, is that sooner or later theyll move this dev team to something else and get people that understand and like D&D in as devs.

    Having devs and pr making play with players events, public streams and interviews saying diferent things of what is later implemented ingame is just so..
  • llewellyn#4862 llewellyn Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    I think many people would like to know how the critheals will work now. I was planning to change my enchantment to Holy Avenger (and didnt change yet because it seems that it is not working on live, not buffing nor healing), and I hope Holy Avenger becomes a good alternative to vorpal for healers, for diversity.

    I like the nerfs to healing. I was carrying too much so many squishy players (with demongorgon, barovian and chult hunt sets, especially) with tons of butterfly golems and having to tank eletric golems while healing in the second boss, because tankers were generally just not keeping aggro there.
    Intercession was just overhealing anyone with no need of incoming healing. Now people will need some incoming healing, it will be useful, thats nice.

    It is giving sone usefulness to other things, thats nice.
    I hope more armor and weapon enchantments get useful to use.
    One thing that might be nice to make dps vary the weapon enchantments is to create some part with lots of tankish mobs that must be killed fast. This would make things like Lightning, plaguefire, etc enchantments, death slaad companion etc, more useful than vorpal.
  • arazith07arazith07 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,561 Arc User
    > @manjusriyamantak said:
    > You are missing the point, cleric and paladins heal too well, especially with crit heals becoming more common. The divinity resource management became a non issue ….
    > As I said earlier, critical heals just make the healing more volatile, which means success is more a matter of luck than skill.
    > And how do you define “too well”? No healer will be stressed in a LOMM run with 24k ‘toons – is that “too well”? That same healer will have a much harder time (and probably find it impossible) in the same dungeon with 20.1k toons, or ‘toons that aren’t well-balanced. Is that still “too well” and is your divinity management still so easy?
    > And what if you have a crappy tank who can’t keep the mobs off of you? Are you going to be able to heal “too well” then?
    > What all this leads to is that pug-dungeon runs (i.e., random queues, one of the two central ways to access the game content) fail more often than they succeed, players drop out without even trying if there’s the slightest difficulty, and in order to succeed, you have to join up with elitist jerks who want “HDPS” or “EXP” or brag about their IL or power and aren’t willing to experiment with things that aren’t considered “BiS” or teach new players how to run the dungeons.
    > That sounds to me like a good way to let the game die…. which would be quite a shame, given how much effort’s gone into it over the years.

    That healer would still have no problem healing an undergeared group. Provided they don't get vollied. There would be less HP to heal, it doesn't change the fact they can keep spamming bastion of health without worrying about divinity, and if they do get aggro, they can easily tank it, maybe even better than said crappy tank. The healer can do its job, maybe even get the party to a point further than the barely geared group would have normally gotten too before their lack of ability to do their job/role causes the run to fail. No amount of healing can get ungeared players through Acturia when they can kill mimics and you end up with a swarm of golems that can just collectively down a player. That just isn't on the healer at all.

    Most clerics, once they have learned how to effectively play their character, get bored with the class, due to the lack of engagement required, or any real need to pay attention. That right there is just not healthy.
  • rafamarques#5700 rafamarques Member Posts: 155 Arc User

    Also ounishing challenger makes punishing charge a charge encounter... no one asked but thanks for doin someth that literally no one asked when featsbare still useless.

    That is the problem here... we have a lot of people saying how bad barbarians are. a entire thread about sugestions, much better than everthing made to this class since ages, but they stoped to take some option to a defender class... lost threat using a class feature+power created to that porpose. is insane!

    but worst than that, they take time to balance two single powers of a class that already dont have problems. that means, in this week, instead to work on some real demand of balance, you have a HAMSTER wasting time thinking about how fair is the diference between two powers of a top class.
  • lardesonlardeson Member Posts: 374 Arc User

    draugkir said:

    Removing pvp from the game would surely sort a lot of balancing issues.
    Almost noeone pvps anyway.

    Less server load and all..

    @mimicking#6533 we know you like pvp personally but do the numbers really back continuing it's support in the game? can you hold it to a vote? pvp really is bad in this game. fixing it requires stripping it down to the very core basics. like level 10 or something and having it totally separate from anything associated with pve.

    really.. it doesn't belong in this game. it's dead. please stop beating it and put that energy towards fixing bugs in what people actually do play. pve.
    i dont pvp much unless im at a godly level of boredem, but i believe pvp is neccesary in any game, pve alone isn't enough for some players, most of them just play for pvp. The issue with pvp is balance, they literally ignore the fact that if you put a tank that can take hits from orcus up against any other class, they wont be able to take their hits without even blinking, or other class mechanics that help some classes survive in pve wont make them godly in pvp, thats the issue. Anyway i believe they should just completely separate all pve powers from pvp, give each class a power that can do damage, cc, heal, some survivability ( you cant compare a mere dodge with a bloody shield that can take ur icy knife as if it was a snowflake). Orrrr they could just make a pvp where pve classes aint protagonists but npcs, such as lord neverember, knox, orcus, etc. this way, everyone has the same access to pvp characters and if they all decide to play broken, atleast its balanced.
    Lardeson CW not Mage. Where's my fireball and my thunderbolt?
  • arazith07arazith07 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,561 Arc User

    about healing stuff, letme understand... we have, and aways have, a lot of damage dealers doing much more damage than should. that is ok. now, if a healer, a necessary but unpopular job that people already dont like to play, got some pleasure "overhealing" some times, you guys nerf that?

    The issue is when players don't really have to worry about their divinity as they can just spam heals that can heal most of a player's health every 1 second, which causes dps/tank players to not worry about red zones, or ignoring boss mechanics. This leads us down to the same place we were in M15, where in order for a player to die, they need to be one shot, or have so many adds that they collectively one shot. The players who are terrible at managing divinity now are still going to be terrible, that won't change due to these changes. Those who are on the cusp of divinity management will more or less be in the same place as those who mastered it, in that you now have to learn how to time healing and praying, and when to use bastion of health (for clerics).
  • tom#6998 tom Member Posts: 952 Arc User
    Why is everyone loosing their head a> @manjusriyamantak said:
    > Perhaps I’m missing something, not having played this as yet, but it sounds like this is shaping up to be another Castle Ravenloft, where there’s no way to avoid dying, and trying to actually finish it just eats scrolls.
    > …. with the difference that scrolls now give revive sickness, so even if you want to use them up, they’ll be no way to finish it.
    > You can beat Castle Ravenloft without even dying at all and it isn't even difficult. If you struggle with CR you won't get past the first phase of ToMM.
    > Well, that’s the point, isn’t it?
    > Your average RAQ (previously REQ) group just leaves CR as soon as they can. The one time I was in a RAQ group that actually tried it – not because they thought they could complete it, but because they didn’t know any better -- they all gave up at the last boss anyway. Either way, often someone takes the leaver penalty, which means they don’t play a dungeon that day (not everyone has all day to wait …). Or some jerk signposts out to try to force someone else to take the penalty.
    > And don’t start talking to me about “end-game.” That’s stupidly elitist in the first place; but also the other dungeons in the same level queue are not nearly as impossible to complete (scaling gyrations aside).
    > (Though in some, like FBI/Drufi and MSP/Nostura, people have started to take it for granted that they’re going to have to use a scroll to get through the “big kill” mechanic, and plan in advance to play the boss that way. But I digress….)
    > Most of us don’t care who completes the latest dungeon first on preview, and have no aspiration to do such a thing; and likewise we don’t have thousands of dollars to drop into making dungeons like CR not “even difficult.” We just want to be able to queue for a dungeon run with a reasonable expectation of finishing it. Even though most people have crappy builds, no skill, and don’t even speak enough English to take advice.
    > As I heard someone put it, “The way this game is now, you can’t compensate for other people being crappy, by being awesome.”
    > So like I said, and you confirmed right there, it looks like TOMM is shaping up to be another CR.

    acutally i did a pug CR today, i qued with a friend of mine, me on my 20k CW and she on her newly made OP (I think about 19k) as a healer, we got another CW, a tank op, and a warlock all between 19-22k GS.
    It took us about 40 min, but we finished it without wiping once, and we also werent close to wiping at any point.
    Both of those dps chars were dealing less then half my CW did, so they didnt play very well, but they understood the mechanics and besides some bugs (like the 1st sister not respecting aggro from the tank) we had a fun time.

    I know that many ppl just leave once they see CR, but sadly most ppl dont even care about learing the mechanics of any dungeon, because once u did that it becomes doable with almost all groups.

    So let me ask u this, if those ppl dont even bother to learn a new dungeon or put any effort into it, why should the devs release content for them? If they dont give a <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> about what they are running and what they are doing, why should they care about new content? Every dungeon must feel exactly the same for them.
  • lemollenlemollen Member Posts: 102 Arc User
    Lol somebody mention about numbers not warranting spending time and effort on pvp. Let me tell you this, if you want to talk about numbers, compared to other mmo, this games numbers are pitiful. May as well scrap the whole game cos the numbers doesn’t justify the company spending time and effort on this pitiful game if we follow your argument lol.
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