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Uprising Preview Patch Notes: NW.115.20190715e.1

rwhitedev#7348 rwhitedev Posts: 8 Member, Cryptic Developer Cryptic Developer
Release Notes

Known Issues
  • After defeating Halaster and collecting your reward. The exit portal cannot be activated to leave. The work around till next week, is to jump off the end, and respawn in the instance lobby.
  • In your appearance tab, you will not be able to save any changes you make to your appearance.
Notable Changes
Content and Environment
  • The quests offered in the various Githyanki and Illithid invasion zones now also require invaders to be defeated.
  • Tower of the Mad Mage mistakenly appeared under the category "Advanced Queue." An announcement at a later date will be made when there is a plan to add Tower of the Mad Mage to random queues.
Tower of the Mad Mage
  • A number of Halaster's powers have been adjusted to deal unavoidable damage. As such they may no longer be avoided by dodging or using Fox's Cunning.
  • Damage dealt by Lava Ring has been increased.
  • Resolved an issue wherein the visual FX for fireburst would unexpectedly play at the center of the arena when the lightning floor was activating.
  • The time between the elements of Ground to Cloud & Cloud to Ground has been reduced.
  • The rotation of powers Halaster uses during phase 3 (lightning) has been adjusted.
    The rotation of powers Halaster uses during phase 3 (fire & lightning) has been adjusted.
Combat and Powers
  • Combat Advantage distance has been increased to 85 feet.
  • Crit Severity reduction removed from PvP.
  • Fox's Cunning is no longer a guaranteed dodge and is instead an increase to damage reduction
  • Healing reduction in PvP increased as part of ongoing balance tests.
  • Providence mount power adjusted to do half as much healing in pvp and hopefully it now respects its internal cooldown better
  • The ratio for determining the critical chance of healing has been adjusted. Critical strike now increases the chance to land a critical heal more.
Cleric (Devout)
  • Bastion of Health’s divinity cost has been increased to 100, up from 80.
  • Bastion of Health’s magnitude has been decreased to 750, down from 800.
  • Cleansing Light’s divinity cost has been increased to 100, up from 90.
  • Divine Armor's heal over time divinity cost effect has been increased to 15s, up from 12s.
  • Healing Word’s divinity cost has been increased to 240, up from 200.
  • Healing Word's heal over time magnitude effect has been decreased to 250, down from 300.
  • Healing Word’s magnitude has been decreased to 400, down from 500.
  • Healing Word’s radius has been increased to 80, up from 40.
  • Intercession’s magnitude has been decreased to 1600, down from 2000.
  • The divinity cost of Divine Touch has been increased to 140, up from 80.
  • Sigil of the Paladin - healing and damage resistance values adjusted.
Paladin (Oathkeeper)
  • Circle of Power’s cooldown has been increased to 30s, up from 28s.
  • Circle of Power’s duration has been decreased to 12s, down from 16s.
  • Cleansing Touch’s divinity cost has been increased to 50, up from 30.
  • Divine Touch’s divinity cost has been increased to 100, up from 80.
  • Divine Touch’s magnitude has been decreased to 350, down from 500.
  • Divine Shelter’s divinity cost has been increased to 180, up from 120.
  • Divine Shelter’s magnitude has been increased to 400, up from 350.
  • Divinity restoring effect of Circle of Power has been reduced.
  • Wizard's Repel damage has been reduced.
  • Disintegrate's magnitude has been increased.
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  • thefabricantthefabricant Posts: 4,943Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Repel's magnitude was reduced from 475 to 375 :(
  • eoleeeolee Posts: 264Member Arc User
    silence1x said:

    appears it's devout cleric's turn to get a visit from the nerf gods. I haven't tested my cleric on preview yet. Was there any particular reason for the increase of divinity costs and decrease of magnitude? Were healbots too good?

    Devouts were good with sleep issues. Now they're just going to excel at it.
  • jeboleth#9086 jeboleth Posts: 24Member Arc User
    edited July 2019
  • lardesonlardeson Posts: 336Member Arc User
    @rwhitedev#7348 about the crit strike and healing, can you specify how this works? like is there a cap to crit, how exactly does you crit value affect ur chances for critical heals? percentages would be helpful
    Lardeson CW not Mage. Where's my fireball and my thunderbolt?
  • rwhitedev#7348 rwhitedev Posts: 8 Member, Cryptic Developer Cryptic Developer
    Patch Notes: NW.115.20190715e.2

    Quick fix for VFX not being seen during the Halaster fight.
  • gonzakotwigonzakotwi Posts: 204Member Arc User
    So guys, do we fix broken classes or do we nerf the rest? i think the latter
  • auron#6793 auron Posts: 256Member Arc User
    We are unable to create new gith race characters since latest patch.
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  • majorcharvenakmajorcharvenak Posts: 782Member Arc User
    kangkeok said:


    Oh for the love of the gods! I don't think I can handle this anymore. The nerfs to the healers were all due to ToMM? Really? Pally Sigil was also nerfed? Divinity costs increased? Was Spirit of Austerity also impacted? Has cleansing touch been given the ability to cleanse multiple party members in one shot (like it was pre-Mod 16)?

    I think its in PVE not just Tomm . It seems pally and cleric perform a little too well for developer liking.
    There were also complaints about the heals being a problem on the PvP side as well but all that doesn't matter to me anymore. I think I'm out. They only boosted the performance of one heal, Divine Shelter which (for me at least) is circumstantial and not a staple like Divine Touch is. Shelter is only synergized with Emissary of Warding unlike Divine Touch which is synergized with both Crit Touch AND Emissary. Cleansing Touch STILL requires a multiple recast, despite repeated calls for it to work like it did in the previous mod! Yeah. I'm done. It's been fun while it lasted folks. Take care and good hunting!

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