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Game crashing in profession on Summer Festival

exgardianexgardian Member Posts: 254 Arc User
This happened to me 5 times in one hour today. So I decided to create this topic.

- When I try to search something to craft in my professions (with the N key) inside the Summer Festival map, my game freezes and crash. Sometimes this happens too inside the Workshop.

Has this happened to someone else?


  • werdandi#8366 werdandi Member Posts: 325 Arc User
    It happened to me once today on the workshop when I clicked on the summer profession in order to see the recipes
  • zapline258zapline258 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 6 Arc User
    This happened to me twice today in the workshop when I was going through other profession tabs.
  • nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,093 Community Manager
    Thanks for reporting!
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