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Cryptic Wants Your Feedback on The Foundry



  • warrianswarrians Member Posts: 98 Arc User
    edited April 2019

    I got this advice from a Divinity,
    that was quite Original,
    as the advice was about an other game which mentioning in here is a Sin !!
    But I'm not sure I should take said advice.

    Last word of every statement, i see. " D.O.S !! " .

    But the foundry will always be unique in the sense that it allowed us to create custom content in a multiplayer environment with a link to a MMO, no additional downloads, allowed us to party for the content and it was free.

    Even if the idea was discontinued and never perfected, i still think the guy who thought this out deserves a medal. Never before did i get so addicted to to any single one game feature.
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