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Mod 16 Feat sistem



  • thefiresidecatthefiresidecat Member Posts: 4,486 Arc User
    gripnir78 said:

    All we can hope for is that all 32 choices will be playable for the aspects the feats provide. At least then only 1 out of every 32 characters will be the same instead of what we have now.

    This will only happen if they put 2 feats that you want both of (and up to now could take both of) against each other, and no doubt the min-maxers will work out which is best. The old system at least there were differences in degree (maybe you took the odd 2/3 or 3/5 and somebody else split slightly differently).
    I'd be even happier with the old point system letting us split between. in games like this I am NOT a fan of simplicity. what makes it fun is learning how to min max. I want a learning curve. I do'nt want full plug and play. that makes it very very dull. I even miss the old artifact refining system.
    I can see your point - that is when you actually enjoy a finding fine build yourself - like you or me.
    Thing is current state of the game was such a mess that most new comers seeing how complicated it is (no to mention that some feats/skills do not work as inscribed :D) ended up on forums/internet reading/using some1 elses builds.
    Now - even a single player MMOs or pen and paper one always had a variety of choices, out of witch just a small sample was really usefull. With time there was always a ultimate build for any class. And while in P&P games a GM could quite easy disable souch build putting it in non standard situation, all computer adatpations are in fact limited (no matter how much options you have those always runs out) and its always end up in ulti builds and meta teams.
    So in fact having a multiple options is a nice thing, but in most of cases it just mean that it takes more time to find out a new ulti build. Thats it. If however there would be lets say 2-3 comparable builds it wont be important if those were taken out of 30 or 30k options.
    how about the option of just fixing the original trees or at least fixing the tool tips to accurately portray what the feat does or does not do? less is NOT more.
  • pitmonster#5684 pitmonster Member Posts: 537 Arc User
    My biggest grip with the wording is the "Weasel Word" used through out powers and feats and such and that work is "chance". WTF... just say what the percent is, just freakn tell us already! I hate HAMSTER like that!
  • ragequittingdc#8599 ragequittingdc Member Posts: 229 Arc User
    edited February 2019
    I wonder if the seemingly dumbed down approach to feats is being done this way because of how stats will be reintroduced. alot of people are planning already to cap this and that on debut day, but maybe you simply won't be able to or atleast not without gimping yourself. this way feat choices matter much more and it takes away the sting from the paragon tree destruction...or maybe it's just being dumbed down lol. just my hamster theory.
    im actually the gwf carry
  • havlockehavlocke Member Posts: 222 Arc User
    dingrong said:

    you have a point .. just give us 1 quick build with all predetermined powers/boons/feats , who is going to waste time with character building at all? :dizzy:

    What character building are you referring to atm? The bit where we look up a build on MMO Minds or Reddit and copy paste that across? Recently I tried making my own GWF build. After a month of futile messing around and about 3 retraining tokens I looked up the ones online and all of a sudden I became more effective. Now, maybe, just maybe I would have come to the same correct combo of powers on my own. But the fact that there are only a handful of actual effective powers/feats/etc only shows how illusionary these "choices" people are looking for are.

    Maybe this new system will be "1 quick build with all predetermined etc etc" but if the new system gives us even 2 viable builds then its already breaking even if not exceeding the "choices" we currently have.
  • dingrongdingrong Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 65 Arc User
    i see that very few actually read what i have writen in the original post... my POINT is

    :"a proposition : give us 10 feats and freedom to choose ANY 5 .. so we will have 252 (ty chackmatein3 for corection) possible combination rather then 32"
    so , i propose that they only give us FREEDOM TO CHOSE OUT OF THE SAME FEATS they are already giving us

    So all of u who are talking about "meaningful choices" , "viable builds", "analisis paralisis" <----(for the Christ sake) please READ
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