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It feels like the devs are "far" from the game.



  • oxymaoxyma Member Posts: 30 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    They couldnt finish the mentioned dungeons with lowest item lvl required and 1 cleric.

    I was right.
  • micky1p00micky1p00 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,545 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    oxyma said:

    They couldnt finish the mentioned dungeons with lowest item lvl required and 1 cleric.

    I was right.

    I would have used a different adjective instead of "right".

    Though I wonder, do you go to shoe companies forums and ask that shoe designer will beat Usain Bolt?
    Or that lead formula car designer to actually participate in the race?
    Or Aerodynamics Engineer to leave everything and go do a flight license?
    Maybe every speedo worker should compete against Michael Phelps as job interview ?

    Why do you presume that minimal to enter = average to complete ?

    PS, usually, absence of evidence is not an evidence of absence.
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  • mistsenseimistsensei Member Posts: 30 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    First of all in my opinion the reason why a dev team or even a skilled team of players who are familiar with each other of 12k might be able to do FBI or tong or whatever and a PUG team won't is because of the player's skill, knowledge of the class they are playing, knowledge of the dungeon's mechanics and communication. These are the factors that PUGs will be lacking in order to make it work. Though it will still be a difficult task I think. That is also why we have this OP and I have also heard this thing being said by many other players of low and mid tier ILs. For example I used to heal at the old CN back in the day on my DC just with blue items and probably one of the lowest gs DCs to enter there with PUGs simply because I have an experience of over 13 years playing healers in mmorpgs and because I was like a moving wiki back then full nerd mode and was trying to communicate with the party if it was a PUG andn ot ppl I knew.

    Now, sorry this might be off topic but I would like to throw my two cents. My sugestion in the whole content that can not be done by lower IL characters and it has to be characters with that exalted 15k+ IL is to make all these dungeons have an epic and a "baby" mode like some other lower tier dungeons. Of course the "baby" version of the dungeon should have reduced rewards by a lot to keep the feeling of end game content for the epic dungeons and the need to progress and get into it. Also with every new mod the previous mod's end game content could be added as a "baby" dungeon.

    By doing that the lower and mid tier IL players would be able to see all of the game's content and most importantly learn the mechanics of the dungeon so that when they hit a better IL like 14k? or even 13k they could make a pug or something and try an epic version of it. By doing it they won't have the feeling of being left out constantly mod after mod since not everyone is able to just go and farm these big amounts of AD and RP due to reasons like limited time because of their job or something. So, at least they will be able to experiense the content the game has to offer but if they want to get properly rewarded and progress they will have to still get up there and be able to join the epic tier of the content.

    This would also serve the purpose of not having discussions like this one from players having those bitter feelings of being washed up and being left out :p .

    Lastly I 'd like to say that I myself am just a pleb with two daggers coming back after a long absense and siting currently on my 12.7k IL TR waiting for the next mod before I upgrade my gear. I also haven't done any of the content mentioned in the OP because I know my class very well, probably not as good as some others but still it's my main since mod 2 so that's that (dat ITC meta got me by surprise though, cool things :D ) and I also know my limitations.

    That being said after the new mod lands in some time I will be joining the "big boys club" but until then I won't be able to do any of the content mentioned in the OP because I don't have the IL required to join a PUG or know people to make a party and carry me but that would make me feel kinda bad as well but the most important thing is that even when I get at the IL which will enable me to do it I won't know a thing about this content and its mechanics since I wasn't able to join it with a lower and mid tier IL and I didn't have any friends to carry me and show me how it's done (enter forever alone meme here :'(), but I think more people will show love at a higher IL so someone will probably show me the way around :p . So where I want to get with that is that for me the most important thing as I mentioned above is to not leave people out of content that they might not be able to do for months or ever and let people to practice the mechanics of said content in lower ILs and just take out the cool rewards so that they will still need to grind in order to get to the epic tier of said end game content.

    Of course what I sugested could be considered from the company as something that will make people not to want to progress as bad as they wanted before and make some not to spend as much money as they would spend which might be a possibility but I don't think this is the case, I mean take myself for example haven't spent a cent I 'll be 15k+ in like a month or two even after being away for such a long time and this doesn't mean that I might not spend money in the future, there are other ways to attract people to spend some money to buy Zen.

    All in all this feeling of being left out is what I think creates all those negative comments like the one in the OP I mean who wants to just go and do content that has been there for years everyday day...

    Really, really sorry for the long and maybe a bit off topic(?) post!

  • preechr#2215 preechr Member Posts: 488 Arc User
    Love the wiki links

    @kreatyve this is clearly just a troll post that really serves no one

    We get that you guys don’t want to seem heavy handed, but when pretty much everyone that regularly posts in the forums objects to the OPs claims outright, you can feel free to shut it down whenever you want
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