When exiting game it open client and starts patching

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was selling stufff on the ah, when game disconected, so decided to exit game, and it opened game client and started patching, @nitocris83 do you know anything about this?


  • micky1p00
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    It's the pre-patch for the mod in 2 days.
  • wylonus
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    i have seen it alot, with STO, it had recent update few days ago.
  • loboguild
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    They do these "prepatches" before every update. It saves you time updating on release day. You can also just close the launcher.
  • martelis1981
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    It's strange that you have not seen them until now. :o These prepatch were implemented several modules ago.
  • reg1981
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    I tried to restart my game client last night and experienced this as well. As soon as I closed the client it spawned a new one and started a 3gig patch! The patching I can understand upon logging back in, opening on it's own to patch caught me by surprise though!
  • sorvikcorsair
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    Mine did this, went through the patch. Next time I closed the game it did it again for 3gig!
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  • arcanjo86
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    it stopped patching but contimues running on background when i checked my taskmanager, and forcing me to end task