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Temporary Structure New Costs Sky-High!



  • mynaammynaam Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 933 Arc User
    edited April 2017
    armadeonx said:

    mynaam said:

    mynaam said:

    I am starting to believe this mod will hurt small guilds.

    But how do you feel about it after reading the whole thread and not just the first post?
    My problem is not just what is posted on the forums but from what i saw on preview. Granted as i am in a small guild i can't get enough guildies to do the new skirmish but i can see serious hard times from those things i can do. There is a few great things about this new mini mod, sadly it is overshadowed by other things that is just aimed at the 1% ers

    For 1 thing it is impossible for rank 1 sh to build temp bulding. I am now upgrading to rank 2 and are pretty sure the same goes for r2 I would be surprised if upto rank 4 can build it.

    Max wood rank 1 can have 2.1k
    Needed wood : 40 K

    P.S. Remember small guilds was promised(on twitch) relieve in this mini mod all we will get is reduction of chance to get new players as all will want MW. I am gratefull for the Rank 10 reduction needed for MW.
    If you check rgutscheradev's comment above, you'll see he's talking about raising the coffer storage at rank 2 to 40k for all 4 'materials'. That means you'll be able to build one of these at GH rank 2.

    One interesting point you bring up though is that wood currently has a much lower storage (at GH1) than Stone, Metal & Labor. It could be a typo but neverwinter.gamepedia.com/Coffer lists Wood as 3.3k and the others at 8.5k but they equal out at rank 2.
    I saw that but in my experience with Cryptic when vague comments are made and no real Numbers are mentioned it is just a way of buying time. We are now 4 days out and to make a change now would not be very wise as it will indcate insuficiant testing. Had they already tested it apropriately they would have hte numbers ready.

    I would venture a guess that the final release have been signed off already :(

    P.S The max wood i posted above was from the max currently at rank 1 on preview so sadly the wiki seems to be wrong there it should be2.1k not 3.3k
    There are more than BIS players in this game
    It has been 5 YEARS since last new class this is getting ridiculous
    FORCING the majority of your player base to play 4 mod old dungeons and trial will have a bad result on player base
    Please do master/normal version of dungeons. This way content for all MOD 19 have nothing new for vast majority of player base. Giving an EVENT is not same thing as permanent content for non BIS. As we suggested in CDP
    Changes are getting so bad i would rather prefer no new changes (RIP ICE FISHING in winter fest)

  • armadeonxarmadeonx Member Posts: 4,952 Arc User
    Agreed, but rgutscheradev delivered exactly what he said on the weapon enchantments so I'm inclined to think he will increase the rank 2 coffer to 40k - I can't see him getting internal opposition as it's a required figure for the temp structures. Also that was an exact figure given by him so I'm personally regarding it as something that will happen.

    I also suspect when they set the original capacity for wood they made an error and this is an opportunity for them to put it in line with metal, stone and labor.
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  • ichimaruginxichimaruginx Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 230 Arc User
    edited April 2017

    The argument that you can just build something else instead of a Barracks is viewed as a joke, because there are no comparable options.

    Just to clarify -- while I agree everyone (PvE or PvP) will want a Barracks, it shouldn't block guild progression, right? In other words, if Conqueror's Shards are a problem, your Barracks will lag behind, but you can still progress your guild by leveling other structures?

    Is it just that it's too painful to put other precious resources into something like a Mason's Guild? Or are guilds getting in a state where they are literally locked out of all guild progress until they progress their Barracks all the way to Guild Level/2?
    There is a reason why a majority of the guilds (that I know anyways) do not build the support buildings like Mason's Guilds up. Initially, it was the very steep AD costs, when the time the AD chests aren't a thing.

    These buildings also take a big chunk of much needed resources - 359k Tyranny at rank 2 for Mansory for example. These guilds have problems gathering resources like Campaign currencies/shards etc and usually have more than enough W/F/S/M since they have ample time to produce these because of the slow rate of gaining the other resources. Building support buildings which gives more 'useless' W/F/S/M to them and eat up the resources they are having problem gathering is not a path many would opt for.

    So yes, in a sense, they are locked out of it. (There is a work around by building a 2nd warehouse/production building but ONLY at GH7+ and if the guilds can afford to). Barracks is also the bane for PvE guilds, was, even for big ones like mine. We ended up replacing it with an extra Farm as the required buildings, but we are a BIG pve guild so we could afford it. We camped and called BiD like work. Our officers and many of our guildies farmed hard to afford to buy the packs in zen store which gives conq. shards. It was painful and certainly NOT fun. I cannot imagine how much worse the situation would be for a small/med PvE guild.

    The cost of Support buildings vs their usefulness is the reason why my guild didn't make it a main part of the GH progression required building. There are many other structures with much more appeal than them. For a small guild, gathering all those resources would be tedious - not just the conq. shards. I think it is why they didn't replace one evil with another.

    So, at least I am glad they can change those W/F/S/M into Gems or Influence next mod, and glad that you guys adjusted the cost for those. But the cost of Support buildings might need a looking into if devs want them to be a more popular build option.
  • beckylunaticbeckylunatic Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 14,231 Arc User

    snippity snip lots of good stuff

    But the cost of Support buildings might need a looking into if devs want them to be a more popular build option.

    I've been batting around the idea of just constructing a rank 1 Mason's Guild because I think it'll look good on the plot I have marked for it and it does feel good (li'l dopamine hit) to build things. But I've been sitting on that idea for months, because it would wipe out a chunk of the Frozen Treasures we need for the actual current goal, and I don't want to take the risk of not getting them replenished in time.

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