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A Lullaby

lukeminherexxlukeminherexx Member Posts: 41 Arc User
edited January 2015 in Art and Fiction

She wore the mask, but she was really a patron of the Moonstone Mask, not a worker. Her father was rich, and she paid good gold, so the owner allowed her to play her games. Tonight she was eying the dark haired stranger that seemed to be eying her. She was used to getting attention. It was not a secret that she was beautiful.
It was not her fault that the rich and the nobles bored her. Her father would have thought this a scandal, but surely it could not be. No one knew who she was. Her family did not live in Neverwinter.
She wore a thin silk covering that actually barely covered. Her curves could be seen through the clothing, and she liked that, as well as the way it felt on her. It made her feel tempting, and it also made her feel very tempted. Tonight her temptation was the fancy rogue that was sitting quietly at the bar. He had dark eyes and broad shoulders. His white shirt was pristine, with a rose patterned vest over it. He looked about the tavern time to time, half interested, but his eyes always flowed back to her. His dark eyes seemed to undress what little dressing she had.
Seline made her way to the handsome man, and he smiled as she approached.
"Buy me a wine," she asked.
He just nodded, and motioned to the bartender, who had heard Seline's order.
"So what is with the masks," the man asked.
Seline laughed, feeling a bit nervous now. Her rogue was not only handsome, his voice was intoxicating.
"What is with you sitting in a corner alone," She asked back at him, bringing a gentle smile to his full lips.
"Come, dance with me."
The two danced and spoke, the handsome stranger's breath hot in her ear. All around them the world began to disappear, until the dance was just he and her. He began to tell her how he sailed to many locations, always on the move. He was not a sailor, he was a trader of sorts, dealing in art and antiques. Time to time his adventures would take him to places exotic, and sometimes very dangerous. He traveled down the sword coast, past the Sea of Swords to the Shining Sea. He journeyed to the ruins of Mezro, where he barely escaped the undead that walked it's streets. He crossed the Lake of Steam to deal with the Church of Bane, and it's psychotic followers. His life, it seemed, was perilous.
He also told her of his time in Waterdeep, the City of Splendors. There was romance there if one was looking for it, and he was always looking for romance. He spoke of the lass named Dayla, who he spent much of his time with. She loved him, and he loved her, in his own way, but he was not one to stay. His life was business, travel, and it seemed his life was always leaving.
A couple of bottles of wine later, the musicians were done for the night. The patrons thinned out, with only the drunks and the lonely left.
"Let's go," she said simply, and took his hand. She led him out the front door, as they began to walk arm in arm to the edge of the floating island.
"I always wondered what it would be like to fly," Seline said, almost sadly, from behind her mask. Her soon to be lover was nice, and let her talk.
"My life is filled with do this and do that. Ever since I was just a child, I was told how to talk, how to walk, how to hold myself. If I did not listen, father had me beat by a servant. If I tried to think on my own, I was corrected," she went on. The life she told him of should have been great, coming from such a rich family, but it was instead of sadness.
"You were like a beautiful dove being kept in a cage," he told her quietly.
Seline smiled and nodded, looking to the handsome man.
"I am sorry, you did not come to the Mask to be hindered by a whining rich child who just seems to be spoiled," she said, but was hoping he would deny that was what he felt.
"I like to know about people. It seems we make our minds up of someone, but few take the time to know who each other is. That drunk over there is just a drunk to most, but who knows why he feels the need to stay out to such a time, and get so intoxicated that he has no chance of finding love or comfort tonight."
Seline nodded, pleased that the man understood.
"Who are you," she asked, thinking he must be someone more important than he has let on. Maybe a famous poet or bard that took to adventuring.
He just smiled a handsome smile to her, and they both laughed. It was of course laughable, a masked woman asking him who he was.
Selina led him through the portal that connected the Mask to the rest of Protector's Enclave. She had an apartment here that her father did not know of. It was quite private.
She passed through Merchant Square, which was very quiet at this late of night. She brought him down Coriol Street to her apartment that was above a warehouse. The owner rented it to her, and with what she was paying him, was more than happy to keep it discreet.
Her apartment was one large room, with a sitting area as you walked in, and a bedding area to the back of the room. The floors were covered in expensive rugs, her furniture coverings all expensive silk. She lit some candles, and offered her new friend a drink.
"I am not in need of more wine, but I am need of.....", before he could finish she was kissing him, and tugging him toward the bed. She pulled his shirt off of him, as the two melded together in passion.

Seline awoke with a smile as she saw the naked outline of her lover at the window. The sun was not up, but the sky was just beginning to light with oranges and reds, though shadows fell into the room. Somehow he sensed her awake, and moved back towards her. She felt helpless, weak from their long adventure in her goose down bed. It didn't matter, she was willing if he wanted her again.
"Who are you," she asked, her mask having been removed long before.
He walked over to her, his silhouette a perfect outline against the burning sky.
"It started when I reached manhood, I suppose," he began, and she knew he was going to weave another tale. She laid back and closed her eyes, his tales of romance and adventure would only make this better.
"My parent's never understood me, they were wealthy, much like yours. I had everything I ever wanted at my finger tips. I learned however, that a lullaby did not always turn out the way we want them to. I was their godsend, perfect in every way I suppose. They set up a good life for me. They taught me everything they felt I needed to know, to be a good man, a good leader, and even a good fighter. They taught me of honor, and everything noble. My skills in the conference rooms matched my skill with a rapier. I was absolutely everything noble."
"So they chose a life for you, that you did not want," she said to him, as he leaned over her.
Gods he was handsomely chiseled. His voice so soothing. Her anticipation building.
"Yes," he nodded. "I taught them though that just because the song is a lullaby, it does not mean you will dream."
Seline did not know what that meant, as she felt the cold on her neck. She felt something wet, and thought it strange. She began to get dizzy, even as he leaned and kissed her.
Then she knew nothing.
"Call me The Lullaby," he simply said with deep, genuine sadness in his voice.

The Lullaby sailed along the Sword Coast, away from Neverwinter. The warehouse owner would be blamed for the death of the noble girl, once the guards found her. He would be executed immediately, not much need for a trial. The young lass' father would insist on it. The Lullaby knew this, because, after all, it was the grieving father that paid him to do the job.

"You got your rules and your religion, that's designed to keep you safe, but when rules start getting broken you start questioning your faith"
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