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[Community] Chem's CW Compendium - Everything you need to know.

chemboy613chemboy613 Posts: 1,521Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
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The point of this post is to provide you with all the information you need to know about playing a CW in one place. It will include my guides and studies, and other important guides and studies that i consider useful.

Obviously I cannot include everything, and obviously not everything is good, and between this and the Tyranny of DAILIES we are in, I need time to play the game as well. I will do all i can to make sure my guides are up-to-date with latest information, but i don't do it every single day.

If there is something that should be here but is not, please write me a mail. I am pretty bad about checking forum mail, but i'm good at checking game mail. I will do my best to keep things updated.

I just updated my guide for mod 5

Chem's Comprehensive CW Guide

More information on MoF Renegade MOF renegade

More info on Spellstorm (mod 5):

and a Breakdown of the two paragon paths:

My studies and theories and information

Not builds per se, but posts that provide general information that is very helpful

A theory on the relative value of stats:

MOD 5 MOF/Renegade Testing:

Posts by other players you will find useful (up to date):

Kaelic's guide to damage, buffs, debuffs, tenacity and other things - most useful post I ever read:

Kaelic's companion bonuses (mod 2) - doesn't include all new companions, but still useful:

Abbadon's CW Single Target Test:

Mod 4:

ENKO's SS/Thaum build - IMO, it's a bit too glass for me, but you can easily adjust it to your needs.

Breakdown of the two sets on my CW - benefits and drawbacks and discussion (mod 4)

PvE Weapon Enchantment Guide:

Real crit vs. Sheet crit - Don't believe your eyes, believe your logs:

Outdated Information that is still useful and impressive:

My Dracoslaying Build (mod2):

Kaelic's MoF Handbook (mod 3): The main issue is that you need critical conflagration to apply smolder well. Otherwise, outstanding work.:

Abbadon's damage calculations for CW abilities (mod2) - Still very useful:

Grimah's CW Guide (mod 2) - incredible work by a great player now crushed under dailies:

Stox's CW PvE build (MOD 2) - the original Mr. Glass. He pulls it off, somehow:

OBVIOUSLY i might have missed something. Please write me and tell me.

If you are an author on this list and you update your guide, let me know so i can keep it current.

Thank you,

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