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Character's backstory

varetmarkushvaretmarkush Member Posts: 68 Arc User
edited August 2014 in Art and Fiction
I have been thinking to post a thread for players to share they character's backstory.
It would be interesting to read some fanmade lorefriendly stories. So i'll go first.
(If there is a lore related problem feel free to say so)

Name: Akhkharu Mortifer
Race: Tiefling
Sex: Male
Class: Scourge Warlock

Akhkharu was actually born a drow elf named Xaranfein. He was a powerful wizard from a minor house of Menzomerranzan.
Although a drow, he always despised the spider queen Lolth and sectretly worshipped Myrkul. After the major houses found out about this, they ploted against his house. During the attack and total annihilation of his house, Xaranfein was captured and tortured by a priestess named Phaerres. After the many tortures he endured, Xaranfein was sacrifised to Lolth. As his soul was dragged into the Demonweb pits he fought back and due to his expertise with multidimentional gateways, Xaranfein managed to escape Lolth's domain.

As he was wandering though the abyss searching for a way to return to life and the prime material plane, he found himself in within the realm of Uridimmu, a Balor demon lord. The demon attacked Xaranfein on sight but during the battle recognised the drow's potential and decided to forge pact with him. As part of the deal, Xaranfein became a very powerful warlock and was sent by the demon back to the prime material plane on a mission. The mission was to find and bring a magical book that was in possession of a mad blue dragon named Asag'Musaginim. During this quest Xaranfein met another one of Uridimmu's servants, a tiefling rogue, Akhkharu Mortifer. Together they infiltrated the dragon's nest in order to steal the book, but in an unfortunate twist of luck they ended up waking the dragon as soon as Xaranfein took possession of the book. The dragon attacked them and a fierce battle occurred. However due to another twist of luck the Time Of Troubles begun making the magic very unstable and unpredictable. A spell went terribly wrong and a rift was opened killing instantly the dragon Asag'Musaginim and dragging Xaranfein and Akhkharu back into Uridimmu's realm.

As the demon took the book, he explained that within those pages there was a powerful spell that would allow the demon to travel between his realm and the prime material plane at will. Then the demon decided that he had no further use for his pawns and attacked them, however Xaranfein and Akhkharu prevailed killing the demon lord. Due to the demon's death Xaranfein lost many of his infernal powers. So in order to escape the demon's realm and return to Faerun he would need to use the spell from the book that Asag'Musaginim died for. However as the spell would only work for a demon, Xaranfein used powerful magic to annihilate the tiefling's soul and used it's released energy to extract his own soul and seal it within Akhkharu's body. The tiefling's half-demon blood not only made the spell work but also helped him regain many of his lost powers. Xaranfein returned to Faerun, but due to the unstable state of magic the tiefling's body gained a drow's lifespan.

Afterwards, Xaranfein secretly returned to Menzomerranzan in order to avenge his own torments and sacrifice. His plan was to assassinate all the matrons of the major houses that conspired against his. His plan however failed and Xaranfein was forced to flee the Underdark. He however managed to kill Phaerres and enslaved her soul to be his soul puppet. When he left Underdark, he became a wandering adventurer posing as the tiefling Akhkharu Mortifer.

In one of his travels across Faerun he found out about Szass Tam's master plan and became obsessed with the idea of killing the litch and fulfill Szass Tam's plan imself. So he boarded a ship to Neverwinter in search for Szass Tam's weakness.
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  • celticgamer0celticgamer0 Member Posts: 537 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    Very good read! Love it! Here's mine:

    Name: Darius Brightblade
    Race: Human
    Sex: Male
    Class: Scourge Warlock

    Darius Brightblade, brother to Darian Brightblade. Always in his brother's shadow, the second born of the twins. His brother, such promise, such praise. It sickened Darius to no end. No matter how hard he tried to outshine his older brother, he was ignored. One day as his brother was out learning what was needed to be a lord, Darius ventured into the wood with his bow in hopes to collect a few animals to relieve stress. Seeing a large viper he took aim, but before he could let loose, it began to whisper to him. "I see you are still as pathetic as everyone believes. Even your own brother laughs at your weakness, but my master can change all that, my master can make you stronger. Follow me and know true power!" Darius was at first taken by surprise, but soon felt compelled to follow the snake. Deeper into the forest he travelled until he could no longer see the light through the trees. "Where are you, Snake?!" He called out desperately. Silence. He feared it had all been a trick, but could not find his way back out. Light suddenly filled his vision as he all but gave up hope and when his eyes adjusted, he noted the rift within the ground. Fiery red light glowed as sounds of grating rock were heard beneath. Again he heard the snake. “Power beyond your wildest dreams. No longer in your brother’s shadow. Know your master and mistress; Belial and Fierna, and forever know power. He then watched as a contract lay before him and watched as he picked up the infernal pen. Without much conscious thought, he wrote out his name. Darkness returned. Moments later, he awoke outside the forest, feeling power course through his viens, he had an incredible urge to test it against the unsuspecting people of the city.
    No longer would he play second fiddle.
  • shooooooootshoooooooot Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    This thread needs more stories, so here's mine:

    Name: Iuso Ory'Hara
    Race: Half-Elf
    Sex: Male
    Class: Trickster Rogue

    Little is known about Iuso's origin, first record of him is when Tyrion Shadowblade, a notorious bandit leader, found the small boy inside a a collapsing cave, as by divine intervention, the small baby was spared of the falling rocks and stalactites. After saving the boy, Tyrion was amazed by the fact the child wasn't even paying attention to the destruction, it was just laughing and joyeusly pulling his beard. Seeing the small boy to be so happy, Tyrion started to regret his live as a bandit, he had ruined so many families, killed so many innocents... About a week later, his bandit group was "disbanded". They still killed and spied on people, but they did it in name of the Harpers, in an effort to redeem themselves.
    As for Iuso, who still was a nameless kid by then, his path went elsewhere.
    Tyrion had taken the small kid to an isolated monastery high in the Sword Mountains, he hoped the monks would teach the kid al he needed to survive.

    Years passed, and all that is known of Iuso's time in the monestary is the fact he never got in trouble. Which doesn't mean he didn't try, but fortune always gave him that slight edge. So they called him "Ory'Hara" which means as much as "Lucky One".
    When he was 16, Ory'Hara felt the monks couldn't teach him any more, he often even corrected his mentors. So he set out for new adventures. Disappearing once again from the stage.

    11 years later, a young girl, named Chi was afflicted by the Spellplague, as she started to feel her inner self collapse and making place for uncontrolled rage, she fled, not wanting to hurt her family. As she spent her first night in the Woods, she knew she was being watched, too tired to even try to defend herself, she fell asleep, only to wake up inside a soft bed, with a man, not older than 27, sitting next to her, fast asleep on a chair with his head resting on the bedside table. When she tried to ask the man where she was or what his name was, he told his story, as good as he could remember. The two spent a lot of time together and grew very fond of each other, and Chi noticed the fact that, when Ory'Hara was with her, she felt at peace.
    One day when Chi was wandering the Woods looking for herbs to make tea, she saw a Scourge Warlock performing a ritual to expell a Lich from the forest. However being spellplagued, she also felt weakened and became more and more sick the further the ritual advanced, when suddenly, her spelltouched soul bursted forth, leaving her shattered body behind. but whilst she lunged at the Warlock, she suddenly met something in midair. Next second, she was lying on the ground. Still filled with rage, the creature tried to attack the Warlock a second time, only to be knocked to the ground again. The warlock, having finished the ritual, was filled with fear seeing the womanlike-terror sprint towards him for the third time, only to be knocked down again.
    Only after the fourth time, the creature noticed the man standing between one of the trees, giving in to her beastly instincts, she lunged at him. But his defense was unbreakable. How hard it tried, it could never even harm the man, how great it's strength was, it could never overpower him, how fast it moved, he was always that tiny bit faster. Then the man launched his first strike, right at her heart.
    His aim was perfect.
    His punch hit her heart with a legendary force, instantly killing the creature.
    After the battle, Chi's body could not be saved, as it had been without a soul for too long. So it vanished. As for her soul, Ory'Hara keeps it very close to him, that is what gave him the name Iuso, because it means "Carrier" as in "he who carries me". As for Chi, she quickly learned how to manifest herself again, and to the untrained eye, she's just a bit paler than a normal human. The two now venture together, or apart, depending on your definition of "together".

    Sorry if you notice any spelling or grammar issues, english is not my first language. as for the story, i would like to make it longer, but it already felt kinda forced... so, hope you enjoyed it :)
  • zshikarazshikara Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 796 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Name: Sharastrix
    Race: Dragonborn
    Sex: Female
    Class: Devoted Cleric

    Sharastrix was found by a member of the Waterdeep guard after coming upon a battle scene in which several families had been brutally murdered. In a special carrier, seemingly left alone and immune to the disruption and mayhem of the rest of the scene, was a lone egg. This carrier lay near its owner, a pair of dragonborn who were travelling along the path when they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The unnamed guard took it to a local tavern that he frequented inside the city of Waterdeep. This guard knew that the bartender was trying to have a baby, but, because of some reason or another, was infertile. He offered her this egg and told her the story. Intrigued by this tale she accepted and took the egg, keeping it safe until it eventually hatched.

    Her childhood was rather uneventful except for that fact that she seemed to be the only dragonborn inside the city of Waterdeep at the time. As dragonborn tend to grow up a little faster than humans she was helping around the tavern with menial tasks and learning things about the world by the age of 3.

    Around the age of 14 she began making friends with a group of Drow that had come to call the section of Waterdeep where the tavern was located home. These drow were quite a bit older than her, but still not adults. Sharastrix only knew the tavern and the small world her mother had for her. She felt a strong urge to learn everything she could, and these Drow did not care that she was not an elf. They treated her like one of their own.

    This led to all of them eventually helping out the local church of Corellon after a massive fire almost destroyed the church completely. Her Drow friends, herself, and a few other elves were the only ones who came to the church's aid. Up till this point she had always considered herself a follower of Io, though she did not know much about any of the gods, even Io. The whole group managed to repair the church and reopen it for business within 2 weeks. After that her and 3 others stayed to work in the church with the local high cleric. She wasn't really sure what she was getting in to at the time, but she did feel she was doing the right thing, and, after gaining the approval of her mother at the tavern, she moved out and took a room at the church so that she could devote her time to working there.

    The period of time where she worked at the church was hard on her at first. It really opened her mind to what else was out there, as she had really only known the physical, tangible things in life in a big city till now. Though she's still in the city of Waterdeep, she now felt like she knew much much more of the world after being introduced to Corellon and what He believed in and fought for. Over the next several years she even began to notice that she was developing certain powers and abilities. Those typically associated with a high cleric. She now had the abilities to heal people and to fire off bolts of holy energy to damage her foes. Under the close supervision of the high priest, Sharastrix eventually became a Cleric of Corellon. Probably the only dragonborn to ever become so. Someone from above had smiled on her, and for this she was grateful and vowed to only use her powers for good and to help people and smite the evil from the lands of Faerun.

    At the age of 20 she decided it was time to leave the church and travel abroad. Sharastrix wanted to explore the lands and see if she could help people. She felt the calling from outside the walls of waterdeep. Up until this point she had never left the confines of the city. She gathered her equipment and began her long journey through the rest of her life.

    Sharastrix is now 30 years old, and has seen battle countless times. She has saved many lives and has always upheld her vow to Corellon. Along the way she has picked up two companions in her travels. First is Kiba, an 8 year old Worg whom now serves as her steed as well as a welcome companion. Second is Driki, a rust monster that she bought from a trainer in the Underdark a couple years ago. He's proven a faithful companion, but is a little mischevious from time to time.
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  • asmodeus451asmodeus451 Member Posts: 257 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    well, mine's not a long or as fancy as any of yours, but here goes:

    Name: Rand Carter
    Race: Half-Orc
    Sex: Male
    Class: Great-Weapon Fighter

    Born in a Barbarian Tribe near the border of the Kingdom of Many Arrows, Rand has little memory of his earliest days. What little he does remember though, haunts his nightmares still.

    In a single night, his entire tribe was slaughtered by a rival tribe. He and the other children survived only by virtue of the aggressor's greed. Rand and the others too young or weak to fight were rounded up and taken to a city the name of which Rand never learned, and sold as slaves.

    Rand was somewhat lucky, as the man who bought him was neither unnecessarily cruel, nor did he purchase Rand for lecherous purposes. He simply needed a strong servant who could move things about for him. The man, who never gave Rand his name, always insisting Rand call him "master" or "sir," took Rand to his home in Baldur's Gate.

    Rand spent the next 7 years in the home of his "master," and while he was neither poorly treated, nor was he treated kindly, and slavery rankled in Rand's heart. Some small kindnesses the master did show Rand, even if only out of practicality. The man was a merchant, and so occasionally needed assistance in keeping records. Thus he taught Rand to read and write, as well as his figures. In many ways, Rand had a far more comfortable life than the one he would have had with his tribe.

    But none of that mattered to Rand. As soon as he was able, he escaped, ripping the bars from his window and jumping to the street below. He would spend the rest of his childhood on the streets of Baldur's Gate, earning a reputation among the urchins and beggars for his strength, ferocity, and willingness to fight any who would challenge him. It quickly became known how good he was in a fight, even for a 12 year old boy, and soon Tavern keepers in the seedier parts of town were offering him meals and beds to entice him to their establishments, for there were few men who would start a fight in a place where he could be found. Rand would never stay more than one night, however. being a slave for so long made staying anywhere for any length of time feel too restricting.

    So it was that Rand passed eventually into manhood, roving from tavern to Tavern, Inn to Inn, his reputation ensuring him a hot meal wherever he went, and a night without fights for those who gave it to him. Until one night, a drunken crew of Luskan pirates chose the wrong bar for their shore-bound revels. The brawl was intense, and attracted the notice of the Flaming Fist, who broke up the fight and arrested all involved. The Squad Commander, however, was impressed with Rand's abilities (having witnessed them a bit more personally than she would have wished), and offered him a deal: sign up with the Fists, and avoid being locked away in a cell for the next few years. Rand at first refused, but after she further sweetened the deal by promising the fists would teach him to fight even better (and how to use REAL weapons) and give him all the fights he could ever wish for, he promptly agreed.

    Rand spent several years with the Flaming Fist Mercenary Company, learning the art of battle, and making a name for himself in their ranks. Despite that, he never truly fit in with the structered and ordered nature of the mercenary band, and so, when the call came down from Neverwinter seeking adventurers, he was quick to resign his contract and book passage for the city once known as The Jewel of the North.
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