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A bit of fluff fiction

mittensofdoommittensofdoom Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 247 Arc User
edited May 2014 in Art and Fiction
Kitten Capers

Aeva headed to the back of her prayer room where her alter was and knelt before it, placing a tray beside her. Rays of sunshine beamed down from the opening in the ceiling, bathing her in light and bouncing off of the silver tray. She carefully removes the lit candles in their holders from atop the altar, setting them to her other side for the moment. Taking the small stone statue of Amaunator from his place in the centre of the altar she puts him in a bowl filled with water. Now all that was left on the marble surface was dust and orange blossoms which she attentively wipes off with a rag whilst humming a sweet tune. She gathers the blossoms into a little pile before folding the cloth around them and putting the bundle onto the tray. Turning her attention to the candles she removes one from its holder and lights a fresh one from the old to take its place. She repeats this until all the candles were replaced and lit before returning them to the altar. Next she wipes down the statue of Amaunator with a sponge and dries him off with another cloth before putting him back in his place. She smiles, happy with her work and offers a prayer to her god, thanking him for his gifts and her good fortune.
Picking the tray up she rose to her feet and started to turn around but something under her feet tripped her and she fell, scattering water, blossoms and candlesticks all across the floor. The wind knocked out of her she looks around for the source of her mishap and her eyes fall upon a guilty looking kitten in the corner.
“Scout, you devil! That is it, all you kittens are old enough to go to a new home now, I will not be having this any longer! You lot have caused enough trouble lately,” and with this she grabs the kitten by its scruff and strides off in search of the others.

Aeva bobs up and down in her saddle as her unicorn, Etta made her way down the trail to Kiri's tower. Piteous mewing could be heard from three wicker baskets strapped to the saddle.
“Oh hush, you are going to a nice man who will take care of you. And if you are good little kittens he won't turn you into toads. Actually make that icicles, I'm not sure about the toads.”
The kittens continue meowing in protest and Aeva sighs. “I'm sure he will love you. He's like a big cat himself you know. He likes the dark just like you guys and he is also good at surviving. And he is very flexible too.” She laughs and continues, “And he is proud and independent. I'm sure you will get along just fine.”
The little group finally reaches the tower approach and Aeva removes the baskets from her mount. “Etta, go to the stables please, I shall be back later.”
Etta snorts an agreement and trots off toward the large barn that held the stalls. She would likely munch happily on the hay stored there until Aeva returned.
Aeva hefts the baskets over a shoulder, hanging on to the straps that connected them. She walks up the cracked path and halts before the stone Guardians who look at her impassively before rumbling in unison “Welcome Mistress Aeva.”
Nodding to the Guardians she slips past them to the large iron door that served as entrance to the tower. She has to try a few times before she finally gets the right combination of gestures and words right. The door swings open and she steps in to the dimly lit interior.
“Kiri?” She calls out with no answer. “Hm, maybe he can't hear me.”
She walks up the stairs to the floor above and waves a hand through the thick sparkling air inside the glowing circle. She feels a familiar rush as the air leaves her lungs and she pops back into existence on the main floor with the kittens yowling.
“Well you're going to have to get used to that kitties,” she says before taking pity on them and placing the baskets on the floor and flipping the lids off. The kittens immediately scramble out and head off in all directions.
Aeva sighs and heads over to the couch, flopping down on it.
“Kiri?” She calls out once more and still receives no reply so she lays her head back on the couch and dozes off.

She wakes some hours later and rubs her eyes, looking around her. She sighs as she realises Kiri was still not back. The kittens seemed to have worn themselves out and were huddled in a furry pile in the corner.
After fixing herself a cold meat sandwich in the kitchen she wanders around, munching the sandwich in one hand and fiddling with trinkets on the bookshelves with the other. She turns her head to the side, reading some of the book titles, noting some that she would like to borrow some time and raising a brow at some others that she definitely would not be borrowing. Ever.
She finishes her sandwich and dusts the crumbs off her hands in the kitchen before continuing her explorations, this time in the study. She runs a hand over the various bottles and phials on the shelves, wondering what half of them were even for and pretty sure a few of them seemed to be poisonous. Then her eyes alight on a small box tucked in a corner, it looked like the sort that would hold a ring. Knowing she was being silly she takes it and flips the lid open. Her eyes reflect dazzling brilliance and she gasps at the diamond ring. Giggling she slips it onto her finger and admires the look. She hears a meow at the door and she turns around to see Lulu. She goes to pick her up to show her the ring but cries out in shock as Lulu splits in two to form identical cats.
“What in the nine hells?”
Scout and Rollie patter up to see what was wrong and seeing two Lulu's they meow in confusion and rub up against Aeva's legs for comfort. As they do they also split into two kittens each. Now faced with six kittens Aeva wades through them toward the living room and the kittens keep splitting and splitting. She reaches the couch and stands on it. She gazes down at all of the kittens, now counting fifty or so. She looks at the ring and peels it from her finger, throwing it away from her. The kittens look up at her, tumbling over one another and creating such a ruckus Aeva was sure that they could be heard for miles around.
She hears a pop and she looks toward the teleporter to see Kiri looking incredulously at her and the kittens.
“I thought you might like some cats,” she says weakly.

Hope you enjoyed this, if you want to see the tower and the three cats (not 50 thank goodness) the map is available in the foundry just search @mittensofdoom
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