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The Story of Shakas Wolfrider

leina746leina746 Member, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 1 Arc User
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Neverwinter(Game) Bio:
Shakas Wolfrider was not originally born in the Dalelands nor known by that name. His birthplace was in the Tatters of the Blacklake District. His father was killed by the Nashers and shortly afterwards they attacked his home. He fought against them killing a great number before they managed to overcome him and knock him out as far as he knew his mother was killed in the attack.

Instead of being beaten and left for dead Shakas was brought into the Nashers and raised as a bandit and a murderer. Two traits he did very very well. He became quite feared around neverwinter for his brash fighting style and unshakable determination.

Although a few years later during a large raid on a heavy guarded caravan Shakas charged headfirst into the fighting and within minutes had slain the leader of the Caravan. A much older but still rather beautiful Half-orc like himself.

After the fighting was over and the pillaging had begun he took from the female half-orc a necklace that felt familiar to him. He then come to the shocking realization that it was the same necklace that he always wore. A necklace given to him by his mother. On closer inspection he fell beside himself in horror as he realized that the woman that lay dead before him was his mother.

In a massive spree of rage and grief he began to attack his fellow Nasher's quickly killing them all. As he began to gain control of himself he gathered up supplies and fled Neverwinter towards the wilds later to settle down for a few years in the Dalelands.

Years passed and he took on the name of Shakas and lived quite happy as a militia guardsmen for a very small community. But at the behest of the elder he took up a sword and shield and headed back to Neverwinter. Both to cleanse himself of the past and to do what he can to save his homeland.

I'm keeping two different versions of Shakas. One that exists within the game and then one that exists within the fanfic. They are the same person and their stories will overlap at times.
-cough- ANYWAYS....Please excuse the crudeness. I havn't done any writing in quite awhile.

The sound of tumbling locks sang softly through the air of the inn as the sound of a heavy wooden door openning were heard by only a few that remained awake. A figure covered in a tattered robe stepped through the door and quickly and quietly danced over to where the sleeping half-orc laid covered in nothing more then a ragged blanket. A slender arm rose up and into the other arm's sleeve where it drew out a small and curved blade that shone with barely a hint of silver through all the dirt and rust.

" Traorin told me to wish you well Shakas. " spoke the figure as he spun the blade in his palm and caught it with the blade facing down. He then began to plunge the blade towards the back of the half-orc just as he raised up a arm and grabbed one of the man's wrists and then snapped it back with a bone-shattering crunch as the wrist splintered cutting open his wrist from the inside out.

The man dropped the dagger and fell to his knees screaming in pain and holding what was left of his wrist as the half-orc named Shakas threw off the blanket and stood up and glared down at the man. With one motion Shakas reached down with his left arm and grasped the cowering man by the side of the head and lifted him up and leaned his face in closer.

" Traorin will have my head when I deem he is ready for it. Not when he wants it. You can tell him that. " spoke Shakas as he slammed his free hand into the side of the man's skull before hurling the man into the wall by the window. Shakas then calmly stepped over to the man once more and picked him up over to hurl him through the window and onto the street two stories below.

With a grunt the large Half-Orc grabbed his small bag and his sheathed sword and proceeded out of the door that the assassin had previously openned and into the crowded bar below. He stopped at the bar and glanced at the barkeep who only shook his head before pulling down a small glass and filling it with ale and then setting it on the table infront of Shakas who picked up the glass and took a sip from it.

" You really need to quit doing things like that Shakas. My Bar won't be able to hold out much longer. " spoke the barkeep as he pulled over a dirtied glass and began to wipe it with a clothe. The look of dispair slowly building on his face.

Shakas grumbled to himself as he took another sip from the glass and then glanced at the elf taking note of her delicate features such as her shortly cut grey hair and her dull green eyes. If Shakas did not know better he would think she'd be a much older elf then she actually is. But oh he does know better. " I'll pay for the repairs when I get back into Lodran Arathana. Just like I always do. "

The elf shook her head and sighed before giving her reply " Thats not the point Shakas. You always end up tearing up your room when Traorin sends one of his nitwits to kill you. And no usually I pay for the repairs and you give it all back to me whenever you decide to waltz your *** back in here. I left my life of being a ranger to get away from all the stupid fighting. I don't want it to be a constant thing in my bar. "

Shakas slammed the glass down shattering the base causing a few shards to cut into his hands. He stood up and dropped three copper coins on the table and grabbed his belongings and turned to walk away from the elf. He looked over his shoulder back at her and nodded abit " So be it Arathana. I'm heading to Neverwinter they are looking for guardsmen to help fight back the Many-Arrows tribe. I'll have the recruiter send all of my funds with the ception of 50 copper peices back to you. Sorry for all the trouble. " With that he proceeded to head out the door of the bar.

" Shakas wait......Oh d***it... " Arathana said after Shakas. She set her glass on the counter and placed both hands on the wood next to it and sighed. One of the men sitting at the counter smiled and slid her his half empty glass before saying to her " Don't worry 'ove. We all know Shakas will be back. Plus I've yet to meet a tougher b*****d then him. "

Arathana looked over at the drunk and smiled abit before looking at the door " I know...That is not what bothers me. "
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  • dandare#8529 dandare Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 334 Arc User
    edited February 2014
    Wonder why no one replied yet. As for me: forgive me, I'm havin' some damned busy times lately.

    I must say story is quite good and I like how you set it rather well in the 'game used content' of what happens around sword coast at times around of Nasher Rebelion and Many-Arrows 'little' invasion.

    What stabs me a bit is: why center the text? I mean it's cool and fine for short poem, quote and such but... as fragile as my eyes are I get a little tired while reading long texts like that.

    Most of all: I would love continuation ^^

    Sincerely yours ~Angry Neko Elf
    "You stand as inspiration. You are practically the Avatar of Buttkicking." -Quote towards Minsc
    "I choose You Jymaru!" ~for there are times when more than words need to do the talk
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