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Art for items?

prancerhoodprancerhood Member Posts: 1 Arc User
edited November 2013 in Art and Fiction
I am an art student and since that means that art is my one and only strength in life, I was wondering if the Neverwinter folks would be ready to pay in items for art of their characters?

Of course I am talking about quality work, seeing as I have quality items on my want list.
You can check my gallery here (and for comparison, my real money prices here) to see what I have to offer (mind that lately my gallery has been filling up with doodles though, you can check my personal favourites for a smaller collection).

Here's also a picture of my recent chibi of Foxglove the cleric;

So yeah basically I wonder if anyone would be interested in a goods exchange of such sort, etc.
Mind you though I am mostly out for lockbox companions and/or mounts. I'd accept AD but from what I heard it's really hard to exchange AD because you have to do it via Auction House and there's no other way idk.
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  • prancerhoodprancerhood Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited November 2013
    no one interested at all?
  • melodywhrmelodywhr Member Posts: 4,218 Arc User
    edited November 2013
    as awesome as your artwork is, unfortunately it is against the terms of service to trade in-game items for anything outside the game. that would include money, game codes and artwork. but we'd love to see more of your work!
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