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Ideas to improve event items and avoid disapointment

crystark1crystark1 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
edited November 2013 in PvE Discussion
Ok, it's been like 3-4 events since i started to feel this way so i'll just point it out and see how people react to this:

I hate getting cool unique event items and see i will never use them. Simple example: i just got that shadow wolf mount. It looks really cool ! But hey, it's so slow... if i want to upgrade it to be as useful as my rank 3 mount i'd need over 1 million AD and really, i will NEVER pay that price just for style. Btw, upgrading mounts costs more than buying a rank 3 mount in the Zen store that will be available to all your characters ? Was this really intended ?

Other example, in the waukeen event, i got that somewhat cool golden cloak... well none of the ancient pendents are customizable so hey... that cloak is wasted ! I also got 2 golden pants... i used the first one but the later ? wasted...
I was happy for a while when i saw the waukeen cloak mentioning "salvageable"... until i got to the zone, saw it wasn't actually salvageable and reported the bug, only to see in the next patch that it wasn't intended to be salvageable...

I understand those boxes were like gambling but what i'm insisting on here is how disappointed it is to have "played the game" and end up with stuff i won't be able to use or trade. I think next time i'll just sell those chests like most people did. But i then feel like i'll be missing out on part of the event.

I can accept the fact stuff is "bind on pickup" even though i'm not sure i understand why (i guess it's to keep the economy straight ?) but see, there should be some kind of way to lessen the disappointment.

Here are some ideas i'm sure people already thought about but it doesn't hurt to write them down here:
- Create a new binding type: "account". "Character" is just too restrictive when it come up to event thingies
- Allow to salvage those unique event rewards that one doesn't want. Even if it's for 1000 AD. Just don't make us discard them !
- Allow more customization. For instance, what about allowing us to replace the skin of our current mount with that cool new mount we got from the event ?
- Make extra mounts useful like will soon be extra companions. What about allowing us to equip a mount on a companion so that he gets some more bonuses ? Or for the soon to come mini game on the gateway ?

I hope this will be heard and read, and commented and approved and criticized... i want to be eager to play the next event and win that special item that looks so cool.

I do not ever want to be disappointed again.

Thanks for reading this. Please contribute to this thread and let's make thing move the good way.
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