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Fansite Kit Legality?

phalephale Member Posts: 4 Arc User
edited October 2013 in Art and Fiction
Hey there fellow denziens of the Neverwinter Art forum.

I have a quick question about a Fansite Kit for Neverwinter Online. As far as I know there are none available online.

Well, I made one. It has just about all the graphics included in the game totaling something like 300MB of stuff. Only problem with this is that it took a little finagling of some Cryptic proprietary .hogg files to extract these. Probably frowned upon somewhere by some IT guy in a basement.

Now for my question, anyone have any experience with the legality of this? Obviously I'm not trying to make any $ on this, I just want to post it so that the community can have access to all the bits and pieces that make up the game.

If this gets a positive response, I guess I'll go ahead and post a link and see what happens.
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