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==> Tips to Combat Exploitative UGC <==

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Regarding Foundry Quests that utilize exploits:

What is an exploit?
Where an author creates a quest that uses bugs or glitches in the environment or creature AI to give the player an advantage over gameplay that wasn't intended by the game developers. Keep in mind, a farm quest isn't necessarily an exploit.

Why do we need to help?
The general public IS NOT going to report these quests. They love them. Only authors care about this. If this isn't addressed by the Foundry community, soon the lists will be filled with these types of quests.

How do we help?
You can help by reporting them through the proper channels. The forums are not a proper channel and will result in thread closure. Proper channels include the following:

4 steps to report:

1: Play though the quest, preferably in a party so it's easier, faster, and more people to report it. At the end chest, select to review the quest. Click the "Report for TOS Violation." button and report it. The quest will be automatically taken down by the game system if enough reports are posted in a short time period. You have the power to take these quests down immediately. DO NOT rate the quest now or ever. It may overwrite your report. We don't know, don't risk it. Who cares what the rating is if it's been taken down.

2: In Game GM Help Ticket (press H), click Request GM, choose Behavior and input the Author's @handle and include the foundry short-code in the report.

3: Same as above but through the Support Web Site (link up top every page in this site).

4: Same as above but all details sent to [email protected]

And if you can, please do all 4, for each author and each quest. Let's stop this before it gets out of hand.
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