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Tyrs Paladium is hiring! "The 30-70+ Year Olds Guild"



  • spiceagent11#6761 spiceagent11 Member Posts: 2 New User
    Our playstyle? Simple, we play a relaxed game, together. We are looking for those who appreciate old school D&D values of the founding fathers mentioned below, such as camaraderie, good adventure, challenge, and most especially FUN! We pride ourselves on being well prepared, and working together to achieve a common goal.
  • spiceagent11#6761 spiceagent11 Member Posts: 2 New User
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  • aandrethegiantaandrethegiant Member Posts: 3,351 Arc User


    Damn the FBI must have blacked out your post there Spice...

    Calls for a good song:

    TYRS PALADIUM - A Premier Neverwinter Online Guild
    No Drama. Camaraderie. TEAM Focus. That's the TYRS way. If that's your style, come join us!
    Research our Guild here: Read our official Recruitment thread | Sign up here: Tyrs Guild Website! | NEVERWINTER GUILD LEADERS: Join the Fellowship!
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