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Stuck in Tarokka tutorial.

rngrob#7231 rngrob Member Posts: 23 Arc User
Hi, I have levelled a new character as far as Barovia, upon receiving Tarokka cards for the first time I am permanently stuck in the tutorial unable to interact with the Tarokka box thus ending tutorial.


  • gothmon#6696 gothmon Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I am having the same issue as the OP. I have a tutorial box telling me to go to the useful items tab and open the Tarokka Deck Box by using A and choosing "View Tarokka Cards", the box is stopping me from viewing the useful items
  • nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,475 Community Manager
    Thanks for reporting - have you submitted tickets to CS?
  • rngrob#7231 rngrob Member Posts: 23 Arc User
    I can confirm that my friend has the same problem. I have reported here shall I submit a ticket to CS as well?
  • fmseixas#2338 fmseixas Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    I have the same problem and I am on PS4
  • rikti#3292 rikti Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    This seems to be an issue with the separation of the "Usable Useful Items" and "Useful Items" in mod 23 on console. On a new character if you don't have anything in Usable Useful Items you cannot arrow down to Useful items to interact with the Tarokka Deck. On any character where I don't have a Usable Useful Item it will not let you arrow around and inspect the Useful items at all. A solution might be getting a fishing rod from somewhere like Sea of Moving Ice but this is definitely a bug and quite annoying with a new character and the Tarokka tutorial permanently showing
  • rikti#3292 rikti Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    Ok, I tried it and it works. If you do the Chult intro and get to Port Nyanzaru you can talk to the fishmonger and get the Learning to Fish quest. As soon as you have the Maple Fishing Rod in Usable Useful Items you can then arrow down and interact with the Tarokka Deck and finish the tutorial :)
  • badhazzbones#2984 badhazzbones Member Posts: 45 Arc User
    I had the same problem. It happened when I claimed the areas in the Ravenloft campaign that were previously opened by another toon. I had several toons that didn't do this when claiming it. If I remember correctly, it is the Bride to Be quest step.
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