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The Great Return of Nipsy

masterjr#2077 masterjr Member Posts: 12 Arc User
Hello all,

Nickthepaladin here, I really don't write much on here; However from todays Driftwood Tavern, it seems that people like me who posted about having vendors for ridiculous RNG drops like vault of stars and such will be happening in the future. So with that I like to propose another idea that I think would be fun.

Nipsy from the Tales of Old was content that all levels of players could play to some degree. The further in difficult you went the more reward you received however greater the risk cause if you failed then you lost it all. So both casual players and endgame could do the event and they knew when to stop before they either lost it or could agree to go all the way. Because you had to beat the dungeon 5 times within a certain frame with new restrictions being added on each attempt and then you could only die a certain amount of times. The good news is you could find hearts and hourglasses to add to your time and lives you could lose as you kept going through the same dungeon.

I would love to see Nipsy return however not for version of Tales of Old, but for a new spin. I would love to see him at MoonStone Mask or the Driftwood Tavern and you could interact with him where he has the same setup as a queue but you choose the difficulty from 1-5 on the current dungeon is offering. If you choose 1 then you start off with 10 lives with a hour and some of time, but if you choose 5 then you have 1 life and a very short amount of time to complete it with a extra restriction on top of what is given. As the in-between numbers 2-4 are just smaller numbers and such from the original start time. This way it can attract different types of players. Then it can give also the chance for players to run this event who does not have 2 hours a day to run this. It can still have old and new restrictions as you get harder but then it can reward people who truly want a serious challenge with a hardcore run and have to be fast. Then it could reward those who want to take it slow and safe. It would be cool if you did get a title with either path you choose as well like "Slow and Steady" or "Go big or Go Home".

Nipsy gave us a artifact set that was released in Mod 15 that is still used to this day. He should come back and give us something that can be obtainable for play to win. Does not have to be the journal set or some version of it to be the new prize which would be great for something always new but could also just be a way to get coal motes and actually get more than just one. I would like to hear some feedback from the community and just see if I am alone on this!

Thank you all,



  • nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,475 Community Manager
    Thanks for the feedback! I'll pass it along in the weekly report.
  • luffyhaki123luffyhaki123 Member Posts: 60 Arc User
    im all up for more que up stuff, the more we have to que for long term we can always keep the content fresh and going, we do need more que choices , more ways to earn rewards , more que choices also keep people playing and wont be bored. thats one thing this game needs to improve on is more stuff to do at end game , that lets all people do not only 100% end game people, thats why having difficulties is a good thing cus then people have something to work toward from level 1 difficulties to level 5 having a reward vendor for that would also be awesome.

    thats why I think some mods should focus on new ideas like this and not campaigns
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