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Dragonbone Vale Launch Week Issues

nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,324 Community Manager
edited January 24 in Bug Reports (PC)
Additional known issues currently under investigation (may not include all issues posted in this thread)
  • Some players may be experiencing client crashes.
  • Dragging and dropping a single Companion Enhancement onto the Runestone slot while temporary Companion Enhancement is there doesn’t actually replace the enhancement. A workaround while we investigate this issue is to drag the temporary Companion Enhancement into the inventory, then drag the desired enhancement into the empty slot.
  • Cleric and Warlock weapons aren’t showing Weapon Illusion visual effects. We have also received reports of this happening on Wizards but are still in the process of investigating.
  • [EGS Only] Epic store-front pack gives an old version of the Butterfly Bilethorn Enchantment.
  • Artifact modifications have all been reset. This is not intentional.

This thread is to report bugs related to the new content or that began with the release of Dragonbone Vale. Please do not report previously discovered bugs (either on live or on preview) or general feedback. All unrelated comments will be moved so that the team can better focus on the new issues on PC.

NOTE: If you post an issue on this thread, please be assured that it is being read. Time will be spent reviewing issues and escalating them as efficiently as possible. We are not able to respond or give detailed updates to each individual post but all feedback and reports are being received.
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  • willert#9150 willert Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    - Entchants we got out of the mail do not stack with same type of entchants in the bank or inventory
    - Insignias out of new Lockbox do not stack with same kind of insiginas in inventory
  • b0rkch0pb0rkch0p Member Posts: 352 Arc User

    - Entchants we got out of the mail do not stack with same type of entchants in the bank or inventory
    - Insignias out of new Lockbox do not stack with same kind of insiginas in inventory

    this has been reported multiple times.. but yet.. no cares given from them.. for me it's just sit at vendor and use mail.. but for lower ranks.. it's an annoyance. =(
  • b0rkch0pb0rkch0p Member Posts: 352 Arc User

    Even though it was reported multiple times on preview, artifact modifications on ALL existing weapons have been reset.
    You either fix this or you owe people a TON of Cubes of Augmentation. :angry:

    1000% ... wtf? i spent a lot of time getting mine to almost max on one stat.. now i have to do it again!?
  • mparcher#3106 mparcher Member Posts: 145 Arc User
    The equip bonus of the Icosahedron doesn't seem to improve the speed of getting through the campaign?
  • greyy#4976 greyy Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Is anybody else having a problem where the game just crashes out on load? Mine is getting through the Cryptic screen and NW Splash, shows the character list for a second and crashes out to desktop.
  • carterhimuracarterhimura Member Posts: 48 Arc User

    You must ruin it if PvP ever happened.
  • demenoss#9306 demenoss Member Posts: 187 Arc User
    edited January 15
    The patch notes read: "Merielle Begum now has her own tent in the auction yard." But I cannot find her...

    EDIT: Nevermind, found her.
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    Guild: Noble Misfits
    Silky Pan'teeze: Drow Wizard --- Madres de Nasae: Half-elf Rouge
    Kepler: Human Paladin --- Demenoss: Dragonborn Barbarian
    Divine Pan'teeze: Drow Cleric --- Nikki Sharparrow: Human Ranger
  • smjester7smjester7 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 81 Arc User
    edited January 11
    I collected crafted items from my workshop, but I cannot sell any of them. They are all identical to before the updates, list that they can be sold, but double clicking on them in the store does nothing. I can sell other items that I had in my inventory before the update. I have tried every vendor in PE and the Stronghold map with two different characters in two different guilds. Neither one can sell any newly crafted items. The items crafter were leather visors for one character and leather grimoires for the other.

    Update: After playing around with the vendor and the interface, I was able to sell them by dragging each item individually to the sell tab. It is only crafted items that I have to do this with.
  • forumaccount#7167 forumaccount Member Posts: 116 Arc User
    edited January 11
    Some more bugs on illusions:
    • They don't show up on the apperance window so you have to close the window if you want to see the effect.
    • You can't equip them by double clicking on them if you've already a different illusion equipped
    • There is no preview function for them like there is for most other gear pieces
    Also I would like it if they could go into the fashion tab instead of the normal bags because they are purely visual.
  • unthoughtknownunthoughtknown Member Posts: 124 Arc User
    completing accessories (6 rings) in new collections does not give 10 extra points as it says
  • normlcat#3308 normlcat Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    It's nice that the enchantments can now leverage loadouts. However, it would REALLY nice if they were put back into the SAME spot in inventory when they are removed when you switch loadouts.
  • tgwolftgwolf Member Posts: 497 Arc User

    tgwolf said:

    All of the issues reported in the Preview Discussions that weren't already fixed prior to going Live are still there.

    Also keep in mind that the Dev team were outright gone for Xmas and New Years so no work was done at all during that time.

    That's not an excuse. If the holidays were going to impede anything then they should have either a) ensured they didn't have a buggy mess to deal with before they went on break or b) pushed the launch date back so they had time to address the buggy mess.

    Instead they decided to be silent on bugs that last night brought the commentary "I can't wait to see players get permabanned for exploiting bugs they didn't bother fixing." and now we have yet another buggy module launch alongside a terrible overhaul of the enchantment system that will require multiple patches to fix what breaks as they try patching.
    Wasn't intended as one. Not entirely anyway.

    It's well known the Dev team is not good at setting realistic goals for content releases (or fixing anything that is not working), leading to well established issues going unfixed and compounding with new issues that were unforeseen. The latter is acceptable, the former is far from it.

    That being said, if you're (Devs) not already experiencing it, prepare for the inevitable backlash about the Eggs btw.
  • anna#4890 anna Member Posts: 84 Arc User
    Soul Shield has a chance of resurrecting you with 2 stacks of revive sickness.
    Combat enchantment illusions do not play out full animations (e.g. orange rays from Proeminence illusion).
    You cannot trade in a Rank 8 Frost Enchantment.
    Can confirm - no weapon illusions on warlock (Bronzewood), cleric (Dread), and wizard (Terror). All using Lionheart weapons. All on @anna#4890
  • unthoughtknownunthoughtknown Member Posts: 124 Arc User
    edited January 12
    Think I found a major bug/exploit with new refining system will send ticket.

    Successfully submitted ticket ID #671,387

  • blackorchid#1417 blackorchid Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Removing my Bloodtheft Combat Illusion from my Warlock crashed my system. The first time I put it on I could not see any visual effect. After invoking for the first time while wearing the Illusion it suddenly appeared. Then I took it off and had to do the reboot of my system.

    I'm not able to exchange my Dragon's Hoard Enchantment Rank 10. The Heart of Fire Enchantment Rank 14 that I earned by working and grinding for can not be exchanged either. Not only does all my gear feel worthless, now I feel worthless too. Believe it or not, my time has value.

    I was able to exchange the Bloodtheft and Dread enchantments for Illusions (the Dread did not appear after invoking), but when trying to exchange my Holy Avenger I am only being offered 20 Medallions and no Illusions. I'm actually not interested in the performance of my character while in game, I am only interested in how good I look standing around in the game. I don't want Refinement Points because I have no intention of upgrading in order to enter any new zone content. I don't want any Medallions either, I only want what I paid money for and you took away from me. Thanks!
  • stof#3099 stof Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited January 12
    Terror illusion effect on barbarian disapear when taking damage
  • dillygirldillygirl Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 286 Arc User
    edited January 12

    Cleric and Warlock weapons aren’t showing Weapon Illusion visual effects. We have also received reports of this happening on Wizards but are still in the process of investigating.
    please tell me you're not forgetting us Wizards x.x. It's exactly the same between clerics and warlocks. Dang, I should have made screenshots before patch to demonstrate the difference.

    If it helps, idk where it's available now but there used to be a wooden orb available for gold in Trade of Blades. The same appearance is also available in low level Artificing crafting tasks. This one does not shine or shimmer by itself at all so if you have difficulty seeing it, use that orb. It's got a wood texture.

    Here's the crafting one. If you have trouble seeing what is supposed to happen with Wizard weapon effects, that orb has the simplest non-metallic or shiny surface texture that I can think of and the simplest shape.
    anna#4890 said:

    Soul Shield has a chance of resurrecting you with 2 stacks of revive sickness.

    RRelevant bug forum thread about the old soulforged, looks like the bug has been moved to the new one then.

    when trying to exchange my Holy Avenger I am only being offered 20 Medallions and no Illusions.

    You get both medallions and illusions for any weapon and armor enchants rank 10 or higher, this is not a bug.

  • shirghe#4424 shirghe Member Posts: 59 Arc User
    Lich equip power does not reduce incoming damage at all.
  • sergey235711sergey235711 Member Posts: 138 Arc User
    After Mod22 patch all players are able to infinitely claim mysterious crates from RCA (only on RU shard).
  • tgwolftgwolf Member Posts: 497 Arc User

    Lich equip power does not reduce incoming damage at all.

    To add to this:

    Known: Having the Shadow Elemental Companion in your companion list prevents you from equipping the Lich entirely.

    Further Bug: Deleting the Shadow Elemental allows you to equip the Lich, however the Lich's equip power does not show up in the list at all afterward.

    Even Further Bug: As quoted above, even when equipped by not owning the Shadow Elemental to begin with, the equip power does not function.

    In regards to the new Lockbox Mount:

    The Mount Combat Power cannot crit. I doubt this is WAI as all others that deal damage are able to.
  • deadmano#4272 deadmano Member Posts: 44 Arc User
    Bug: You can interact with the Dragon Sight Artifact multiple times to gain twice the dragon jewel's drops. Is this intended?

    Bug: "Require Ward to Upgrade" game option doesn't stop you from wasting upgrade materials on enchantments. Now that there are 3 slots that can be protected my suggestion is an option to "lock" a slot by interacting (right-clicking on PC) with it to ensure no upgrade is done if no ward is in the slot as per the previous design.

    Bug/Oversight: Weapon modifications have been permanently reset for all artifact weapons, meaning all the bonuses need to be reapplied costing many cubes of augmentation. Does Cryptic plan to address this in any manner? Some of us have multiple sets, and I feel even if a stack was given it wouldn't be enough. Was this intended or a side-effect of the enchantments slotted in and resetting the weapon to its base form?

    Annoyance: While the heroics feel a lot more fast-paced and easy enough to do, I feel they could be improved by adding a "final phase" timer that lasts for at least a minute. There were several moments during my hours of gameplay that I saw an HE up on the map, only to half-way get there and it disappeared despite the timer going from several minutes to a few seconds (last phase on boss kill usually). This brought me out of the immersion somewhat, and was a bit annoying as there's no way to truly gauge the level of progression of an HE due to the aforementioned time switching.
  • sergey235711sergey235711 Member Posts: 138 Arc User
    edited January 12
    I know that this bug is listed above, but I'm going to clarify it.

    After Mod 22 patch I lost all powers from my artifact weapons and additionally I lost some enchantments from my equipment (I didn't get a mail with them). For example, I lost all my armor enchantments slotted in the armor before m22. As I understood this was caused by the bug in the algorithm which should reslot applied reinforcement kits in the correct slots according to the new enchantments system. I found that system delete first slotted enchant in the gear, and if it was the reinforcement kit, it copy it in the first enchant slot. So I also lost my reinforcement kit from all the "broken gear" besides the enchants (But it is not so critical as the enchants losing). I don't know why some gear become broken and I didn't receive enchants from it correctly, but could you restore all the powers, enchants and reinforcement kits vanished from the gear? I wasn't affected by this issue when I copied my characted to preview, so this bug was very unexpected for me. Here are the picture of my broken weapon:

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