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The concept of creating an armor

warden#1231 warden Member Posts: 18 Arc User
Hello everyone. I want to show you the concept of creating an armor. The idea is as follows: Any player will be able to start making his own unique armor(like it once was with dungees), after he makes sure his work is ready, he publishes it to a certain place(this can be placed on the main page, key "k"). Once published, anyone can vote for their favorite armor, after a week of voting is summed up, which reveals the winner.
This is just a concept, but it will improve communication with the developers and contribute a lot to the game. Rewards can be completely different, such as a title, but it's the developers' decision.
*I apologize for my English, I'm not a native speaker of that language, I just wanted to contribute to the development of the game.*
I hope for feedback and evaluation, from the community <3


  • warden#1231 warden Member Posts: 18 Arc User

    I will try to make a better concept, for clarity, if you like the idea:)
  • warden#1231 warden Member Posts: 18 Arc User
    improved the concept a bit, now you can clearly see how the player can create armor and a preview on the character.

    Also made a voting window for the best work

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