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  • armadeonx
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    Tying the promissory note to it was quite possibly just a handy way to get rid of it - I'd guess that the Knox Box was on it's way regardless. I'd have been happy with an AD reward for the note and them bring out the box as it is and not linked at all to the note.

    Still, I don't see it as a big deal.
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  • arkai#8115
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    Xbox: the concept Is great every lockbox have to learn this think of milestone reward.. but for the free box in 2 week was supposed i got 10 from bazar at Astral diamond me and a lot other player got 1 or 2 in two week, if the reset alloa US to buy 5 we have still miss 8-9 at the end
  • trgluestickz
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    These boxes made it possible for me to get all of the mounts I kinda wanted but never had a good enough reason to spend a ton of AD on.

    It also helped PVPers a tiny bit, PVP is still in dire straights, but the tiny number of active PVPers we have left will be able to afford some nice build upgrades at least. In particular it should make it much easier for people to get their bolster up and get some hp and defense on their person. The sheer number of items needed though and people's lack of knowledge on how to build is still a problem though. Widespread inexperience from a lack of practice is also still a massive issue.

    The PVE reward system in this game has gotten better over the last year in general, cryptic is practically showering everyone with cheap and free endgame BIS items and I actually have viable ways to obtain a lot of AD quickly from gameplay alone now. The downside is it has made everything feel more trivial, no item in the game feels quite as exciting to receive as it did a long time ago when it was actually hard to obtain or expensive. This is probably fine though given I'd much rather most players around me be strong than not, my quality of life always goes down when the majority of people around me are undergeared.

    Now if only the game itself had a decent PVP update and fixes that would make it alive enough to make me want to stay, I will be leaving in mod 22 if nothing is done about the PVP situation. Being showered with rewards from PVE content and freebies don't do much when there are so few matches, everything feels too easy, and there is so much broken & OP stuff that drags down the quality. I could make the most amazing build ever and still have nothing to do with it.
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  • inyawayupdeep
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    I've enjoyed the Knox Box, I think that you need to keep updating rewards and allow more boxes to be bought with AD. the game's economy is in a very bad state. I've been waiting for an order to complete on the Zen exchange that I posted on March 22. It is hard to boast that the game is free to play because you can get anything in the game by conversion of AD to Zen and then have players waiting endlessly to have the transaction go through. We have to have more ways to spend our AD and keep it out of the exchange. IMHO I think the game needs to set a limit on the amount of time an order can sit unfilled on the exchange, I think after two months the game should make the transaction itself to get the economy moving. Making the game unplayable or unenjoyable to those who can't spend is not free to play, and we need more players playing for the game to work longterm.
  • thomasisalone
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    Overall: The Knox Box was overall a really good edition, with some nice changes to the typical rng boxes that are available.

    • Drop chances are visible! More of this please - lootboxes that you can spend real money are gambling. I'm not a fan of paying for something that's random, but I also accept that that's where the industry has gone. Knowing the chances of what you'll get from them is a big positive that most games don't do. And if we're honest, content creators are already opening a huge number of lockboxes to find out the chances of the rewards anyway, so there's no good reason why it should be hidden given the player base is just working it out.
    • Guaranteed drops after opening boxes a certain number of times. RNG sucks, but knowing you will get something out of it is nice. And, giving the most desired reward as a guaranteed drop is also good.
    • The rewards from the box are good, although a little let down by how many of them are random (see below...)
    • The Knox's Choice Pack is a choice pack!! Please don't make this a rng box.
    • Availability in the Wonderous Bazaar and RCA
    • Boxes from the WB and RCA contribute to overall progress
    • Finally get to trade in Promissory Notes, but can we still spam about them at the beginning of livestreams @nitocris83 ??
    Improvements Needed
    • The launch... - I get it was released close to Thanksgiving, but that launch was embarrassingly bad. Not only did the banhammer have to come down, but it wasn't possible for a long time to get all the Knox Boxes from the WB that we were expecting to. Some internal process failed massively.
    • Too much RNG - the random drops you get is also a random drop. Quite a lot of the drops are themselves rng boxes, i.e. the mythic, legendary, and epic insignia packs; the legendary, epic, rare, and uncommon mount packs; the epic, rare, and uncommon companion packs; and the overload enchantment. It's a lot of nested rng, when having some choice there is going to feel more rewarding.
  • robtn
    robtn Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 78 Arc User
    I would like to use ALL my prom. notes, not be limited
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