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Tank - Scroll of Life and Scroll of Mass Life

I just finished running the Reaper Q dungeon for the day as a Paladin Tank on PS and I would ask for you to look into this bug I have experienced. I could not not use either the Scroll of Life or the Scroll of Mass Life when my shield was up during the Boss fight within the Lair of the Mad Mage (LoMM). You have to be either picked up by a fellow player or release. I have encountered this before in other scenarios, however we were frustrated tonight with the challenging Boss fight in LoMM but had to wipe and start again.

I did a search and I discovered in the forums several threads which had previously reported the issue. I read the first four and I did not see any feedback. Seems like the Barbarian and Fighter tank paragons are affected as well.





I appreciate any help with the issue and thank you in advance.

- Rey

- in umbra igitur pugnabimus!
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