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Vanguard movement speed bug(Azures/Brutals)

tardbathtardbath Member Posts: 80 Arc User
edited November 2021 in Bug Reports (PC)
I already sumbitted a ticket about this and it was suggested to me to also post the bug here!

The movement speed bonus that is granted from azure/brutal enchants and the SH guild boon has a bug on my toon.

Pressing TAB or even moving and pressing the shield button makes the toon lose its bonus speed (azures/brutal/sh speed boon) when the indication "IMMUNE" is displayed on my screen. Removing a gear piece or the SH boon and re applying fixes the issue (until you press TAB and happens again..) but this also happens in combat!

Also while using the elven enchant i can see my toon moving slower! Is this because the new movement bonus in azures and the guild boon is coded like a "negative slow buff" ?


  • nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,106 Community Manager
    Hello! Is this happening on one specific character or multiple ones?
  • tardbathtardbath Member Posts: 80 Arc User
    Hellow @nitocris83 . A friend also tested on his Vanguard Fighter and he could recreate the bug! It's azure, Brutal ecnhants and the SH speed boon, bonuses that are being totaly lost when the bug happens! In combat after casting an encounter you usually get the "lost" speed back but this is not a fix,cause you immediately lose it after shielding again(or using TAB). I hope the team will take a look on this :)
  • purplepanic#3064 purplepanic Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    I have an issue with my paladin, that the movement speed will be permanently decreased after blocking.
    Normally the movement speed will be reset to normal after blocking, but for me, it's not.

    Right now, my movement speed is at 62.8%, after blocking it's at 28.8%.
    When i unequip a gear part or unsummon my companion, it'll reset back to normal.

    I tried to remove all of my gear, passive companions, companion gear, mount insignia and i unsummoned my companion, but my movement speed isn't resetting after blocking.
  • tamtoucantamtoucan Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 57 Arc User
    edited November 2021
    Just to add I had this happen on my GF for the first time yesterday. I was in CR and couldn't workout why my tank was behind all the DPS, I have 90% movement (fastest dps was 56%). I don't have the SH boon so it is unrelated to that. It also isn't buffs as I was 75% when I first noticed and took Sambocade and Fizzy Brew to try and catch up.

    Don't know if this is related, but I just bought 2 R15 azures for +10%. Hadn't seen the bug before that.
  • armadeonxarmadeonx Member Posts: 4,942 Arc User
    edited November 2021
    I'm assuming everyone here runs Gladiator's Guile as it gives a stamina boost if stamina is under 25% . I'm wondering if it's linked to that? I've noticed my cleric runs more slowly than I'd expect if he's done a couple of dodges and switched the guile bonus from movement speed to stamina gain. He also has azures in utilities and the guild boon.
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  • tardbathtardbath Member Posts: 80 Arc User
    I tested in a loadout with no gear(just azures) and no insignia bonuses and it still happens. The bug with azures/brutals/sh speed boon occurs when my fighter goes in "immune" stage while shielding/pressing TAB. It can also happen in a Sentinel if he shields and walks. After you lose your azure speed, it can sometimes come back after using ecnounters but it will happen again after shielding,etc. The lost speed (exact sum of azures, brutals and SH boon) is also missing from the stat page of the charachter. Maybe other toons while using dodge can proc the bug too and temporary lose the ms from azures.

    again sry guys for my bad english :)
  • rey007#5400 rey007 Member Posts: 113 Arc User
    I decided to try this with my Paladin on PS and well you are correct. I'm having the same loss in speed after I block. Just about 25% in speed. Thanks for the heads up.
    - Rey

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  • tardbathtardbath Member Posts: 80 Arc User
    I also posted for this bug for my Vanguard Fighter and i'm not suppriced that it can happen on Paladins too! In my case the lost movement speed is from Azures,brutals and Guild SH speed boon! The exact sum of those sources is been lost when my vanguard uses shield or TAB and the "immune" indication pops up! After a while or after using an encounter some times the speed is coming back up!
    You guys can also test equipping and unequipping an Elven armor enchant while using a heavy number of Azures and the guild boon and you will notice your toon moving slower!! The elven is literally reducing the movement speed bonus you get from those!

    The devs have to take a look on those enchants and guild boon, that are recently reintroduced to the game as Movement speed sources.
  • purplepanic#3064 purplepanic Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Good to know that I'm not the only one.
    You are right, that's exactly the same issue that I have.
    I really hope that this will be fixed, because it's not fun to tank, when my movement speed is sometimes going down to 3.8%.
  • tangojankai#7311 tangojankai Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Having same issue on fighter tank..isolated movement speed loss to azure in utility slots and guild movement speed boon. Movement speed from these buffs is being lost after using block or dig in; movement speed returns upon guild boon swap or character gear changes Please Fix promptly.
  • tiltawhirling#1261 tiltawhirling Member Posts: 72 Arc User
    Hey -- words out and I've checked, it's true. Tanks, across ALL platforms lose 10% movement speed when we block. It's a bug that's been part of the system for far too long.

    It needs to be fixed. Now. Not later - NOW.
  • tiltawhirling#1261 tiltawhirling Member Posts: 72 Arc User
    FYI: The movement speed stays reduced, until the player logs out.

    This is a source of BIG problems in dungeons and trials.
  • hurthealer#2585 hurthealer Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    Putting up your shield takes away all movement speed bufs
  • flambonicoflambonico Member Posts: 11 Arc User
    Its also happening to my Vanguard Fighter, it loses 20% of movement speed after blocking in combat, this of course is without counting the skill "Marathon Runner" which increases movement speed by 10% out of combat.
  • walker#8832 walker Member Posts: 78 Arc User
    Tested and confirmed.

    A tank build (paladin) started with 71.5% movement speed. Putting up shield dropped it to 46.5%. Putting shield back down did not restore it, movement speed stays stuck at 46.5% from that point forward.

    That's a serious bug please fix.


  • percemerpercemer Member, Neverwinter Moderator Posts: 589 Arc User
    All threads related to this issue have been merged.


    We will pass it along for investigation. Thanks for your help!

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  • modlesiemodlesie Member Posts: 186 Arc User
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