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Minsc "The Bigger They Are" bug?

minnt#0794 minnt Member Posts: 10 Arc User
I have tested the companion power "The Bigger They Are" in mythic rarity on enemies ranging from one to five stars in strength (the dots above the enemy). And i found that the buff works on 3-5 stars but not on 1-2 stars. I also found that the buff stacked additively with all other additively stacking dmg bonuses. This far, I have tested it on a few enemies of each number of stars and the findings are (so far) consistent. I tested on Zariel, Chult Test Dummy, mobs in avernus, elite and non-elite, and also on the first few mobs in VOS.

I list the additive dmg bonus that i found with together with the strength of the enemies (number of stars/dots):
1 star: 0%,
2 stars: 0%,
3 stars: 7.125%,
4 stars: 7.625%,
5 stars: 8.625%

The method I used for my testing was, hitting a mob with a single at-will or encounter and using the game's dmg-formula to calculate what dmg, expected_DMG, that I should do without the "The Bigger They Are" bonus, and then using the formula:

DMG_from_log = expected_DMG / (1 + SUM{additive bonuses}) * (1 + SUM{additive bonuses + x}).

Then x will be the additive dmg from "The Bigger They Are".

The tooltip says that it should be 5.6%-8.6% (probably rounded from 5.625%-8.625%).
So my findings together with the tooltip suggests the following:
1 star should be 5.625% instead of 0%,
2 star should be 6.125% or 6.625% instead of 0%.

If this is not a bug, then which enemies do you get a 5.6% or 5.625% additive dmg bonus on, 1-2stars in certain (future) content, 1-2star bosses if those exists?

Anyways i hope the reader finds my testing helpful and until more discoveries or bugfixes appear, I will conclude that "The Bigger They Are" should be slotted if you are fighting 3-5 star enemies, and possibly if you are fighting a combination of 1-5 star enemies.


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