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Elemental Evil - motes, quests, weapon?

ukspawnukspawn Member Posts: 398 Arc User
Please tell me this is a bug.

The quests for air, earth, wind and fire motes for the elemental weapons have been removed. I still can see and have, the motes, seeds and quests but the ability to progress further is impossible, unless I want to go ultra rng on lock boxes.

Is this intended?

If it is, why? I'll restrain the urge to rant until we can get some transparency on this because, like many other things, there was and is no mention or reasoning as to why these quests and ability to "freely" obtain the weapons would be removed.

With a little over 2 weeks left, I would genuinely respect a timely answer on this.


  • ukspawnukspawn Member Posts: 398 Arc User
    Out of morbid curiosity I've just ran a quick test, mostly due to the lack of response here and elsewhere (preview) where this was reported. I filled up my unawakened earth seed because I can, the seed still exists, the motes still drop and you can awaken the seed but alas, the quest to turn in for my rewards is gone.

    I figured maybe it'll re-pop or surface elsewhere, nah.

    With that said. This is a bug. There was never any mention of this change prior to mod 21, it was never acknowledged or addressed in preview prior to mod 21 so it's bug because no one wants it to be the other thing. Can we please get some feedback on this?

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