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High Fantasy Movies

sandukutupusandukutupu Member Posts: 2,285 Arc User

I just watched "The Yin Yang Master" on Netflix tonight. It is available on Netflix, a story about humans and demons.

If you don't have Netflix, Tubi is a free service (with short advertisements) you can see "The Legend of Demon Cat" on there.

Both of these movies are dubbed, although Netflix offers multiple languages and subtitles.

Seen any good fantasy films lately?


  • plasticbatplasticbat Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 11,357 Arc User
    edited May 2021
    Ying Yang Master has more than one story/movie in Netflix, just in case you did not aware of it.

    "The King's Avatar" is also good for watching the video game part. It is not a movie but a TV series. Also, in Netflix. The gamers themselves are in a fantasy world too (i.e. very unreal).
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  • sandukutupusandukutupu Member Posts: 2,285 Arc User
    The other movie has a subtitle of "Dreams of Eternity" which I have not watched yet. I will check out "The King's Avatar". Last year I watched too many Chinese soap operas, they have some good ones on Netflix. The problem is they are long and consume a lot more time than a movie. Perfect World Pictures has made some good movies and some bad ones too. They plan to release another Jurassic World sequel in 2022. The studios working on the production are; Amblin Entertainment, Latina Pictures, Legendary Entertainment, Perfect World Pictures, and Universal Pictures. I don't know if PWP just throws money at the production or actually has a hand in making it.

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