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Scheduled Maintenance [1/21]

nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 3,642 Community Manager
edited January 21 in General Discussion (PC)
Neverwinter on PC will undergo maintenance January 21 7am to 9am PT. Patch Notes discussion thread can be found here.


  • ziggerlinziggerlin Member Posts: 53 Arc User
    edited January 21
    Updated to 9:30 10:00. Not surprising with any MMO any time there is a significant code change. Maybe I'll check back tomorrow.
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  • feels like playing destiny bungie does the same lol
  • thany#4351 thany Member Posts: 120 Arc User
    Well - obviously there is no - Your choice of a Legendary Insignia.
  • mistameenamistameena Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    If there is to be a patch to fix the patch that patched the patch.. can you make sure to patch the chat issues .. cos right now party and alliance chats are on an off continuously, unless of course you want players to keep logging and relogging continuously instead of .. actually do anything constructive in game.
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