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a vendor that needs to replace obaya

blackwolftundrablackwolftundra Member Posts: 129 Arc User
i have been going to Undermountain for two months now and after being frustrated not getting one Ebonized Breastplate or one Prized Robe of The Cult that i would like to buy theses items with my seals if they where on a vendor so why can we not have this in Undermountain ?


  • p2wmoneygrabs#3623 p2wmoneygrabs Member Posts: 2 New User
    It is obvious that craptic and the devs do not care about the players only the bottem line. This game has turned to pure and simple greed, those who dip into fact and defend are the ones who spend tons of money on this game and it shows. Everyone who plays this game is all about them selves, its all about me me me and greed greed greed. Its sad and obnoxious. They continue to change things after you buy into which shows why they have tarnished all possiblity of every making this game good. Shame on them and shame on anyone for acting like their not.
  • aradyn#0871 aradyn Member Posts: 81 Arc User
    I second blackwolftundra's opinion.

    While many end game players salvage tons of these BP's from LoMM every week, the gear from Stardock & Yawning Portal has become a MAJOR hurdle to getting new game players in to content with us. I don't think it would be unreasonable if it was a bonus currency added to Zokk's box that after 20-30x boxes they can buy a piece of companion gear or a piece of gear that they can't seem to get. This gear is over 2 years old, but is critical to enter Valenhas, and can take 3-4 months just to put together a makeshift set for a companion.
  • blackwolftundrablackwolftundra Member Posts: 129 Arc User
    can understand how frustrating this can be to get theses items been on my pally fighter and Barb where i have not seen one breastplate on any of them since i never pick up any of that trash gear on the end of Me and if they would of replaced it with ebonized and prized that i would of had no trouble getting that drop item i had wanted
  • aradyn#0871 aradyn Member Posts: 81 Arc User
    Not saying they shouldn't put the merchant in anyway, but try getting in a LoMM group 1 out of 2 runs you will see the ebony BP. Stealer of the Star Hides (BiS DPS BP) is another story. I have been after that thing for 8 months doing at least 6-9 ME's a week. Got lucky with it on an alt (but it doesn't work for my main). If you need help with a LoMM run, hit me up in game.
  • blackwolftundrablackwolftundra Member Posts: 129 Arc User
    i know nitocris83 wont say anything on my post about this since i just feel they will never add this vendor to Undermountain cause the only thing i use my overflow seals on is ads or i would of used it on something else
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