Mythic Mount update & Golden memories



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    @zimxero definitely focus on your main first, while also focusing on buying account bound stuff (packs, mounts, etc). I found by doing so, it made alts way easier/efficient to build. I think the account wide mounts will keep coming down in price with lockbox rates, so I imagine this will be an account shared cost. I.E. 5 million for your first mythic, then a stable full of account bound/pack bought epics will start any alt off with 32.5% bolster + 4k combo stats. As far as the campaign buyouts go, I rarely bother there. I just wait until double legacy campaign and buy a 1/2 off campaign token from my main & genie's gift the alt through the campaign (100-300k or so per campaign?) At this point campaigns don't help with anything other than keys though. Boons actually hurt you in non-top end dungeons, so they are pointless. The companions remain a hurdle, but 1x legendary Chicken/Xuna and your alt will conquer all of the content out there minus ToMM/Zariel. Should shave your costs way down.