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The Redeemed Citadel weekly Queues gives Zarials favor X times which freezes game.

salidor#0795 salidor Member Posts: 26 Arc User
When finishing hardcore TOS or normal ELOL instead of getting 1200 (or 600) zarials favor at once you get 1200 times (or 600 times) 1x zarials favor. Which leads to the folling:

After killing the Boss game freezes for a couple of seconds till it continues and showing you all the zarial favors you get.


  • liadan1984#8734 liadan1984 Member Posts: 258 Arc User
    Yep, all of the "or" quests are awarding Zarial's favour.

    Not sure if this is WAI or not.

    And the lag when getting awarded the Zarials Favours..... WOAH! feels like the game is going to crash!
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