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Updated Neverwinter Roadmap & Stream!



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    grogthemagnifgrogthemagnif Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,651 Arc User

    Probably not the right place for this but since we're getting a new race it made me think about it again. Could we get a system like the mounts where we can pick a race but then pick a different races bonus so we can look like what we want to but also have the bonus we want without having to be a race we feel is ugly?

    Since i don't believe the Devs have the time to do what you want, but there are 6-8 months to get the setup done. The setup?

    You buy and deliver to cryptic enough servers from the US to allow for this change and also deliver the coding to make what you want to happen happen. Good luck and happy spending and programming.
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    erikanudanerikanudan Member Posts: 18 Arc User
    I've mentioned this in the past, good enough time to mention it again ... how hard would it be to add a quest for Tower Of Illusion to obtain something like a Permanent Character Illusion Idol or Icon that would go into character key tab? Something similar to SKT thingy ... or Vanity Pets ... you do the quest and get to choose an item that will let you put on the illusion of another race that your account owns. Make it a one-off quest, and sell additional race illusion items in Zen Market. Since, it's an Illusion, char true race stats aren't effected, just visually .... so a half-orc could look like a halfling, a dragonborn could look like an elf, etc. A gith could look like a ... well, ANYTHING else! :) And they could then fashion accordingly ... no one wants to see a half-orc running around in a wedding dress!

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    obsiddiaobsiddia Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,025 Arc User
    Will new rewards system include more interesting/valuable/collectible items for using Skill Kits?
    If not, please start a thread where people can suggest a better use for them.

    Did you really think anyone could steal the power of the god of thieves?
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    mikaleus#7208 mikaleus Member Posts: 38 Arc User
    I’m curious as to whether the appearance of the aasimar was the product of collaboration with D&D, as currently in the 5th edition, the appearance of aasimar are only seen in the single picture in the Volos guide sourcebook, and the miniatures in the WizKids line of products.
    I’m also interested what their racial bonuses will include, like extra radiant damage, healing etc.

    I also would love to see something about the new class (next year! :( ) such as hey we’re working on the Druid, Bard or Sorcerer etc. I’d love to also hear what the classes focus will be but I’d be happy with confirmation on the class that’s being released next year.
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    evemjevemj Member Posts: 142 Arc User
    edited August 2020
    Question 1:
    Please elaborate on the difference between "Improved Dungeon Rewards" and "Better Reward Drops". If the answer doesn't cover or clarify it already, why do it separately?

    Question 2:
    The new upcoming event seems to indicate player contributions will be compared to that of others'. Can you elaborate on it, as it gives the impression farmers and BiS players will have a clear advantage where some people might not want to bother.

    Question 3:
    How is the content that was planned to be in 4 ep in Mod 20 being condensed into 2? Is anything being taken out or moved elsewhere/reworked into other content/releases?

    Question 4:
    Looking at the new map, there seems to be a distinct lack of playable content released next year. Can you expand on the "new event: reward system"? It gives the impression we're looking at another long-lasting sort of progressive event like Redeemed Citadel.

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    jeremytheman232jeremytheman232 Member Posts: 231 Arc User
    Mythic mounts? Saw people put videos on youtube of them but haven't seen or heard about them besides those videos
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    durgan#5731 durgan Member Posts: 28 Arc User
    Was hoping there'd be some upgrades to guilds, as in Alliance members able to tend another guild's resources for them, if they have few members. Guild leaders able to ship resources to another guild, perhaps with a 25% loss due to 'bandits'. Either free up boon building slots or upgrade strongholds to level 25, so that members can choose more options in choosing which boon to use. If a guild is willing to put in the work for the other structures, why not let them use whichever boon they want? Have a guild vendor 'exchange' for useless materials converted to what a guild actually needs, in order to build structures. Perhaps with a 10% penalty, but really, should be easy to figure out what's easier to produce, and what's not, and convert on that ratio.
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    regenerderegenerde Member Posts: 3,044 Arc User
    edited August 2020
    1. When will that bugged Twitch Prime Bundle be fixed and officially released?

    2. ... and what about that promised free legendary mount insignia for everyone?

    3. Or are there any Humblebundle packs in the work and on their way?

    4. When will all companions be usefull again? There's no real reason for using any regular companion over an Augment. It would be nice to change that, so that normal companions do the job they were designed for - dealing some extra noticable damage/provide some reasonable healing/tank normal enemies... In short, give them a reason for existing beyond just being a small % category booster.

    5. Winter Festival Refresh... two changes i'd like to see here (and for next year Summer Festival/Sahha Ticket Balls):
    5.1. Please let the drops from Gift of Simril go directly into the players inventory.
    5.2. Please let us trade in a Gift of Simril for a random assortment of drops by a NPC directly. After all these years i'm just sick and tired with the scamming going on around those seasonal events, and that nothing usefull is being done against it. Those that still want to send their gifts flying into the air or kick balls under bridges can continue doing it, but everyone else would at least have another viable option for receiving their loot from gifts and balls during these events.
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    I do believe in killing the messenger...
    Want to know why?
    Because it sends a message!
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    miliantriciamiliantricia Member Posts: 46 Arc User
    Please tell us more about the new event so players can get ready.
    Will the new event be a group event? Will it be possible to complete the event alone?
    If the event is a group event, what will you do if the players agree with each other to get the best rewards?
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    adinosiiadinosii Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4,294 Arc User
    edited August 2020
    So, a few questions.
    • Are there any plans to make professions consistently viable, not just for a few weeks after each update? Professions have alternated between being hardly useful at all and being the most profitable activity in the game for a short time after they are upgraded and crafters can make millions crafting BiS weapons, pants or whatever. Those wild swings are frustrating - I would like to see more stability, where professions would be consistently fairly profitable for full-time crafters, and able to procuce something useful for everyone. Swinging between making a million AD per day and making 10K per day is not good.
    • Do the plans for skirmish rework include bringing back "Defend the Village" and the other two skirmishes which were not made into CTAs, so if you accidentally outleveled them, you are still blocked from getting the achievements associated with those skirmishes? In other words, not being able to get the "Arachniophile" title annoys me immensly.
    • Can you comment on the concerns that the competetive Redeemed Citadel event starting next week will only be for bots and the top1%? What are realistic requirements to participate in a meaningful way?
    • What are the goals of the Improved Dungeon Rewards and Scaling Improvements?
    Hoping for improvements...
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    nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,498 Cryptic Developer
    Hey folks! I'll be closing this thread later today (Monday). As a reminder, the stream will be focused on the updated roadmap so not every question posted here will be addressed. While some things are tangentially related, other stuff is best left for a separate General Q&A (which we are happy to do at a later date).

    Also, heads up that some answers may be "wait a few days - couple weeks for the info" since our communications roll-out plan (done in coordination with our publisher) was created prior to the roadmap being fully updated.
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    rickcase276rickcase276 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,404 Arc User
    Just out of curiousity, will the Assimar race get wings, and if so will it cause clipping issues like the tiefling horns and tail cause? And if they do, when mounted will the wings disappear like the tails do? And will tieflings ever get their tails back while riding a mount?
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