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[Temporarily Closed] CDP Topic: Quality of Life Improvements



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    mord#3639 mord Member Posts: 36 Arc User
    Description and Goal: A 'Sell all' Button. As others have mentioned, selling things in Neverwinter is tedious. Having a 'Sell All' button to replace the 'sort all' button or in addition to it per bag would greatly improve the experience, my mouse longevity and save my poor finger from RSI...

    Area of Impact: Ease of use

    Risks & Concerns: None, you can buy back miss sold items within a specific time window.
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    thefiresidecatthefiresidecat Member Posts: 4,486 Arc User
    mord#3639 said:

    Description and Goal: Ability to send an Alliance-wide mail. As an alliance leader that holds events/lotteries etc etc I currently need to post a mail to each of the 12 guild leaders to send out to their respective guilds to inform their players of said event/lottery. I have an alliance discord, but not every member uses this and they can end up missing out.

    Area of Impact: Ease of use

    Risks & Concerns: Would be subject to spam/abuse, thus you would need to put some limitations in place of who could send them and how often.. (Only Rank 7's or only the rank 7's in the helm guild? Only once per day?).

    this would also work with my alliance wide bulletin board idea
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    xander#0631 xander Member Posts: 75 Arc User
    Description and Goal: easier to upgrade toon on preview, with less click - sell all tipe of marks, enchanting stones, pres ward, coal ward, companion experience tome, companion upgrade token, companion (like te choice pack), mount (coice pack) and if possible new introduced gear so that we don't have to fight RNG to try a new pice of gear that might or might not be useful in the bazar under 'preview only',
    make possible to trade insignia for a 'insignia choice pack' like we can do for enchantment
    make possible to trade runestone for a 'runestone choice pack' and not only enchantment

    Area of Impact: non-gameplay mechanics, preview

    Risks & Concerns: none, it's on preview!
    reality is what most recognize as true
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    midental#5256 midental Member Posts: 136 Arc User
    Description and Goal: Friend list more friendly
    Area of Impact: QoL.
    Risks & Concerns: none

    On Xbox friend list is ALWAYS break in two parts.... is it possible to have a filter button that show ONLY ppl playing NW? Because now is an hell to find a friend in second part of the list.,...

    Description and Goal: Chart at the end of trials
    Area of Impact: QoL.
    Risks & Concerns: none

    Idk on PC, but on Xbox i can see only first 5 ppl.... is it possible to show all PPL chart in 10 ppl events? I think it is very easy to do....

    Description and Goal: fixed private Queue
    Area of Impact: QoL.
    Risks & Concerns: none

    If you respect queue requisite, yes in private queue also, you can receive more rewars for example extra chest to open. If you don't respect requisite you can run it but without chart and only open payment chest. So finally space for all classes, stop elitism and stop breaks meccanics...
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    erevel09erevel09 Member Posts: 177 Arc User

    1. Zen to AD Exchange Listing

    Description and Goal: When there are several offers made by a player with equal amount of zen to bought (for example 1000 each) it can be difficult to see which order was added first after seeing these in some time in the future.
    Add description to each list item of when it was added.

    Area of impact: ZAX Listing

    Risk and Concerns: It might be confusing with current log for some people.

    2. Companions that increase currency gain

    Description and Goal: At the moment, there are several companions whose sole purpose is to improve campaign progress or give more influence (Stronghold Cleric). May it be Vistani Wanderer, Hell Hound, newly added Skyblazer or Chultan Hunter, they all require to switch them to utility slot in order to receive this extra stuff.
    Option1: Make a system check if one character has got such a companion and based on that add extra currency/influence automatically upon finishing quest/obtaining heroic encounter reward.
    Option2: add extra window for those companions only and separate those from utility companions.

    Area of impact: Companion tab, rewards

    Risk and Concerns: Adding extra slot might confuse players. It's not really that much diffrent from using utility slot as it is now. Option1 is preffered one.

    3. Bounty items and sharing in bank

    Description and Goal: Several old bounty items (such as Kessell's Sigil, Fomorian Concoction, Onyx Fragment, stuff from lvling zones) are not bound at all and allow to transfer them via mail to other characters. Allow those to be stack in shared bank.

    Area of impact: Inventory wealth tab, bank

    Risk and Concerns: None I can see.

    4. Morale crafting

    Description and Goal: As it is right now, each time we craft an item with morale, we need to click 2 times. One for making an order to craft, second to accept if the item was (or was not) crafted. With items that cost 40 morale it is not a big issue. 400 morale pool allow 10 such operations = 20 clicks. But when it comes to morale items with cost of 5 or 10 it become tidious and boring. (80 operations for 5 morale = 160 clicks)
    Allow us to use morale crafting in bulk. Similar to the way ordering works, make it so that with crafting we have additional window to input how many times we want something crafted. That window could be toggled on/off in recipe display options. Also, allow those item to go into overflow bag if there is not sufficient inventory space.

    Area of impact: Crafting, inventory

    Risk and Concerns: It might cause some lag from server part with the way it currently works.

    5. VIP reroll tokens

    Description and Goal: Reroll tokens are character bound and one has to reclaim each and every single one on other characters not to lose them in the future. Not to mention, most of those characters can be alts whose sole purpose is to get invocation boxes/events stuff.
    It's simple here: allow reroll tokens to be bound to account instead of bound to character and add ability to get all tokens from all account at once on one character. Add like extra button to claim them in VIP tab.

    Area of impact: VIP daily rewards

    Risk and Concerns: Accounts with bigger number of characters might have lag upon obtaining all tokens at once, similar issue as with Morale Crafting.

    6. Universal "legacy" / shared dungeon keys

    Description and Goal: There are several keys in the game, all bound to character, most of them useless. Make them bound to account and allow them to be stored in bank. Keys for older campaigns (up to mod15-16) should be changed to "legacy keys". Those legacy keys should work for any dungeon/skirmish/trial within "legacy aspect" (for example up to mod 15-16).

    Area of impact: Keys, bank, older campaigns windows

    Risk and Concerns: It might take some time for people to adjust to changes
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    xander#0631 xander Member Posts: 75 Arc User
    not sure if this is a QoL (to me it is)

    Description and Goal: balance weapon and armor enchantmet and if possible would be nice to have them divided by role played (so effect generated when damage is dealt, or when you heal, when you take damage, when you have aggro, if you are near the target, far from it, if you deal physical, magic damage, etc)

    Area of Impact: gameplay

    Risks & Concerns: i can't see one
    reality is what most recognize as true
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    xander#0631 xander Member Posts: 75 Arc User
    Description and Goal: quest, role play and story; some of us play only for theese aspect.
    a lot of quest and lore need to be read (an some didn't even have a short text), let us see them, not read them, with a short video (like the explanatory ones in the beginning of barovia) , in repeatable quest make it skippable, and in dungeon this is important (in codg, if you die the moment before the scene of the atropal, nobody can pick you up because the video is too long and can't be skipped)

    Area of Impact: immersion of the game

    Risks & Concerns: a lot of work to upgrade leveling and old campaing quest
    reality is what most recognize as true
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    xander#0631 xander Member Posts: 75 Arc User
    Description and Goal: healer have a lot of power all bound by a single key (tab), make it easier to use them
    new method: when we press tab our encounter powers changes so that we can use the power on tab:
    tab -> right click: put mark, e: big heal; tab -> normal powers (something similar to the old 'divine mode')
    vould be nice if we can put mark by pressing the name on the hud, and we (and all the party member) could see the mark in the hud; for this 'tab' need to 'free' the mouse from the job of moving the visual, pressing tab again, all return to normal.

    Area of Impact: easy of use, gameplay

    Risks & Concerns: none
    reality is what most recognize as true
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    darthpotaterdarthpotater Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,259 Arc User
    edited July 2020

    Inventory Rules / macros

    Description and Goal: I would like to create rules / macros for inventory items (only for picked items now that we have autopick). Here are some examples:
    If peridot reach inventory, convert it to refinement
    If a refinement item (group) goes to inventory, convert it to refinement
    If a blue insignia of dominance goes to inventory or a blue insignia (group), convert it to insignia powder
    If a lockbox goes to inventory, put it in bag number 4
    If a potion goes to inventory, discard it

    Or at least some controlled / less options to the most common items

    Area of Impact: Inventory
    Risks & Concerns: If the system has lots of options it could be complex / confusing and some people may discard some items they dont want to.
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