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[Temporarily Closed] CDP Topic: Quality of Life Improvements



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    quickfoot#7851 quickfoot Member Posts: 488 Arc User
    hastur905 said:

    Description and Goal: Lists or Database access and search functionality needs a revamp. AH, Friends List, Guild Search .... the list goes on and on, the search-ability and access to the many databases in the game is just poor and needs a major rework.

    Risks and Concerns: None

    ^^ This. Some sort of small dsql of sorts ("domain specific query language", is that even a thing?) would be awesome for guilds, or at least some preset options like "Who has been inactive since XXXX/XX/XX, who where the top N donators of Y over the last week/month. And if we had a dsql, an option to store custom queries would be sweet. Maaan, imagine, a custom query to kick all inactive members who haven't logged in on any character in their account since some specific time and all their characters are of rank X or lower, with just one click!!!

    A couple years ago, I wrote a crappy python script to store the guild logs in a sqlite db and do these sorts of queries from the cli, but it's not accessible and has been bit rotting for a long time. I'm not proud of it to say the least (i really should clean it up, and put it on github or something). I've used it for events and to help the guild leaders clean up inactive members and such. Btw, the escaping of quotes is nasty in the csv's, especially on fields that players can enter in comments and add their own "/' characters, I have to clean up the files with a regex before processing them.

    It really isn't ideal that players should have to do something like this, the current in-game interface is lacking for any real guild maintenance.

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    hexngone#5489 hexngone Member Posts: 370 Arc User
    edited July 2020
    Description of Goal:
    Have *all* progress/status indicators listed on the currency tab of Inventory and all Keys on the key tab
    Mod 15 introduced Lady Bugem and the new Workshop upgrade system. To determine how many credits you still need to upgrade your workshop you need to go to the quest Journal entry (which disappears once the sum is paid but before the actual changes are made to the workshop/delivery box/artisan pool) - and not on the list of currencies like a Heroic Medallion or other reward tracker.

    The same problem exists with MasterWork III caches of 20 items. There is no quest for this, nothing in the Journal, so there is no indication of if you completed the task except checking the MW recipe list for the skill. There should be some indication that this is a 'To Do' either in the Journal as a quest or in the Inventory gold tab as a progress indicator.

    During Jubilee, a player may perform tasks for statues to earn a key to the Protector's Garden. As a 'teaser' all characters are given access during Jubilee to 'see what is there'. This makes it impossible to remember which character does not have the key yet... If there was an actual Garden Key added to the key tab the player would know which alt needs to do the tasks.

    Area of Impact: Ease of Use

    Risks & Concerns: none
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    hexngone#5489 hexngone Member Posts: 370 Arc User
    Description of Goal:
    Provide a user-managed 'switch' to turn off XP gain - so participating in activities besides quests (events, dungeons, invocation) does not artificially advance a character before they have completed activities in a zone.

    Currently the Stronghold quests for players below level 70 (recruitment, doing the rounds, keeping the peace) have excessive XP as rewards that generally advance a player out of the three areas cited in the 'doing the rounds' quest before they have actually started all three zones.

    Often a new player will be forced to choose between participating in an event and doing their area quests because the XP from the event will advance them too quickly.

    Players working on Achievements are unable to obtain some of them because they are advanced out of a zone too quickly

    Area of Impact: Player Settings, Player Experience

    Risks and Concerns: This request counters the current development goal of advancing everyone to the latest zone (skipping the content they have not created) as quickly as possible, so it may be ignored.
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    rev#7881 rev Member Posts: 343 Arc User
    fisenfis said:

    Some might suggest that you could take names off to better see the mark,

    it's the same with or without names, i only have hp bars showing and most of the times i can«t see the mark
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    backpetal#6044 backpetal Member Posts: 16 Arc User
    rev#7881 said:

    fisenfis said:

    Some might suggest that you could take names off to better see the mark,

    it's the same with or without names, i only have hp bars showing and most of the times i can«t see the mark
    Since it is behind the hp bar, it makes sense that you can turn off the hp bar and see it readily. The only problem with this, is I tend to heal by location and turning the hp bar off means healing by party list and knowing where the person who needs heals is (if they are not marked). Additionally, this is also a problem when in a 10 party environment where you need to see the hp bar of the 'other' party.
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    froger#9967 froger Member Posts: 616 Arc User
    edited July 2020
    Description: Allow quick tray items to be applied to all loadouts. This is to allow changing loadouts when a quick tray item [horn, chains, etc.] is on cooldown.
    Area of Impact: Gameplay.
    Reason: On Xbox when invoking sometimes the button combination [LB + Left D-pad] hits my quick tray item. Also, I may be playing as DPS and want to change to Heals but cannot if an item is on cooldown [unless the same item is in the slot for both loadouts].
    Risks & Concerns: None.
    Description: Add bag tabs to profession supplies. With the number of supplies scrolling takes forever to find something. Recommend sorting by type similar to how the gathering profession is separated.
    Area of Impact: Xbox Ease of use, UI.
    Risks & Concerns: None.
    Description: Choose load in map from character screen [VIP only is fine]. Ideally a hub or workshop.
    Area of Impact: Gameplay, ease of use.
    Reason: I load into each character now in Moonstone, then move to the workshop. It would be a lot nicer to just choose to load into the workshop.
    Risks & Concerns: If not linked to VIP, those without VIP will use it to quickly change maps.
    Description: Purchase campaign equipment for other classes. This used to be a thing, but has not been incorporated since before SKT.
    Area of Impact: Gameplay.
    Risks & Concerns: None. People may have a reason [gearing alts] to keep playing after they gear their main character.
    Description: Convert to refinement points. Currently from the refinement point conversation window dropdown the "Choose convertible equipment" does not select purple or orange items. Running content often yields people equipment, which often can't be sold for gold, and gets used for refinement only (maybe a transmute). I'd like an option to set item level parameters for this function. For example have it set to items under 900 item level. I thought this after running random queues and getting T9G (Huntsman items can't be sold for gold) winding up with a bunch of stuff I have to convert one at a time.
    Area of Impact: ease of use.
    Risks & Concerns: People won’t understand how to use it and/or will not protect items they want to keep and inadvertently delete them.
    Description: Allow seal vendors to convert seals directly to refinement points since not all seals can be converted to rough astral diamonds.
    Area of impact: ease of use.
    Risks & Concerns: None.
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    duckie#5377 duckie Member Posts: 42 Arc User
    Description: Relevant to console, not sure about PC. Both the char and boss buff bars need some work to enable us to have a better view of combat buffs and debuffs. For instance self buff bar is actively.slways showing permanent gear buffs whilst it is nice to see they don't necessarily have to be visible on the combat buff bar at all times. This should be reserved for combat related buffs, perhaps in a particular order. Self buffs / stacks then other player buffs and all inclusive. The size of the text on stacks needs to be increased,. Many of us are older and struggle to see tiny text. Same applies to boss buff bar.... My buffs / stacks 1st, other players buffs that affect me then artifacts and mounts.

    Improve gameplay and co-ordinstion reduce eye strain.😁

    Impact:. Increased stats and buffs nerding out by players.😁 I'm a positive way ofc
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    whonesswhoness Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Description and Goal: Make old equipment viable. When you add a new mod, go back 2 mods and adjust everything to a minimum Item Level, Increase the equip stats of the item. That way it makes running a demogorgan, tiamat, cloak tower, temple of the spiders(I think you get the point) useful with the unique items they drop viable in the game to be worn. for example, new legendary ring is 1050 item level, old content legendary ring is 950 item level, with the stats to back up that item level number type of thing..
    Area of Impact: previous mods, making people think, equipment items, giving people to run other dungeons besides 2..
    Risks & Concerns: The risk, people would have more than one build to run, people would enjoy running previous content knowing they can get something useful out of old items, people may want to help newer people in old content to get items they may want now.. You would open the game up to so much more potential instead of holding back the game to the new content.. You guys have so many great items in the game already, why cant i use them now?

    Description and Goal: I should be able to search the whole auction house for an item, not just a category that i think the item may be in. When we search the whole auction house, then give us a column where i might be able to find said item under what ever sub section to narrow the search down. Maybe I can click on an item and be able to search for similar items instead of retyping the items name in the search bar exactly letter for letter...
    Area of Impact: Auction House, peoples mental state
    Risks & Concerns: too many happy people, possibly a slower reacting auction house

    Description and Goal: To be able to change the appearance of all/most equipment to other classes to help give a variety of clothing for characters to wear
    Area of Impact: Characters looks
    Risks & Concerns: A warlock could look like a tank, and still be a better tank than a real tank... lol..(sorry, i some how usually take the most damage in the older content than the tank does)

    I hope you guys take these ideas to heart, most of this community just wants to enjoy this game for as long as we can...
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    duckie#5377 duckie Member Posts: 42 Arc User
    > @madrigal#2900 said:
    > try listening when your paying customers have issues.
    > that way, you dont end up with people leaving.
    > you ultimately keep your job.
    > and you wont be looking at fruit picking as a career from next year.
    > you continually ask for feedback but ignore it when its given
    > you ask for ideas - but most ideas here are regarding broken or inefficient material extant in game now....which should have been resolved months and in some cases years ago.
    > if you dont intend to do anything about all these issues...dont bother asking, it just gets peoples hopes up.
    > anyhow, good luck with the fruit picking.

    Valid point, we had the CDP on rewards and progresiom a few months back now, and on the back of that we have an imminent M19 release... The new trial drops the same rings as Tomm, the weapon is only slightly better. Than Tomm which actually contradicts every suggestion put forward in those discussion.

    I'm the mean time items from previous mods get their bonuses reduced, Forced to drop bis mount or comp to hit the 500k hp threshold for no rewards.

    Nothing being discussed here is going to make a huge difference to people's enjoyment of the game. Ultimately we are being herded within Thomas Foss's retro and constrained version of NW, while sold the illusion that our opinions matter.
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    oktlryk#2717 oktlryk Member Posts: 149 Arc User
    Increase AD Refinement Cap

    Well, I think this is going to be one of the most important things for better UX - if not Immersion - Money in Game - sometimes it can be paranoia that it effects Real World Money - some people make that strategic contradiction - Game Money = GamePlay = Better Ratings + UX = Players - if paranoia wins, then the game loses - these controlling measures should be rethought and maybe produced as Enhancing Measures in effect generating UX and increasing Player Base
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    juggarnatha#3498 juggarnatha Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    More colors and options for Stronghold decoration items: We need blue rugs, man. Also it'd be nice if some of the drops were added to the menus so we could actually equip them to the stronghold. Also character quarters. More customization of the look and feel and, ideally, layout of the Stronghold, roof and stone colors, banners etc etc etc.
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    vorena#3664 vorena Member Posts: 36 Arc User
    Description and Goal: Additional SH decor ideas/fixes to existing decor. Maybe barrels of flowers from the summer fest, more plants, more wall items, more rug choices, more banners/design your own banner, a banner overt he landing on the second level, etc. It would make the guildhall more personalized to the guilds. This may be the wrong section for this but Tyrs uses the SH weekly and it would be nice to have a SH that looks different from others to have our events in.

    Area of Impact: All of the SH are pretty cookie-cutter at this point. There's not a lot of personalization available. There are also still decor that dropped during the LoMM dungeon and Halaster's Lockbox (Trobriand Statue, etc) that we cannot place in the warehouse and therefore cannot use. This would free up bank space for guildies and the guild bank.

    Risks & Concerns: Costs for crafting some the items would have to be addressed/adjusted. New materials may need to be created. Possible issues with creating the graphics/clipping/etc.

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    rikitakirikitaki Member Posts: 926 Arc User
    edited July 2020
    This one is stupid, however, a player meets it on a regular basis while riding a mount:

    You can jump. You can jump onto a higher ground from some distance. Approaching in a sharp angle you can jump onto a higher ground even if you are relatively close. You cannot perform the same from the right angle, technically from point blank in general.

    To sum it up: Enable the ability to jump even if the player is facing a step in the terrain from direct vicinity.
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    modestmouse75modestmouse75 Member Posts: 61 Arc User
    edited July 2020
    Description and Goal:In the seven suns market there is a Bounty Vendor and you literally click one option look at the armor and you can't just click back you have to click done. There are 14 areas with in it so if i have bounty from every area I am going to get frustrated very quickly with it. There are many vendors like this.
    It would be fabulous to only have to click back and not have to continuously reopen that vendor.

    Area of Impact:Happy players not annoyed.

    Risk and Concern: No risk just happy people.
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    rikitakirikitaki Member Posts: 926 Arc User
    Revise approach to item stacks.
    There are many cases when bags and boxes are piling in the player's inventory. Those are mostly opened later, all together, however, we are forced to do it one by one. "Open all" option on the right click would be nice to have.

    Vendors need unifying.
    There has been some work recently, but it is incomplete. There is no template for a vendor and we still meet some random behaviour once in a while.
    Many items are expected to be bought in hundreds, but still have no slider and require click after click. (companion upgrade tokens in Legacy campaign store, atm Summer event stores...)

    Campaign specific vendors need a touch as well.
    This is SKT issue, where there usually is no reason to sell only a part of your haul - but vendor does not provide "sell all" option.
    Moreover, Ostodian relics cannot be sold from a full bag... and slider ends at 20 pieces.
    The fish vendor on the other hand does not allow to sell fish from overflow bag.
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    erevel09erevel09 Member Posts: 177 Arc User

    Queue Management for trials

    Description and Goal: Trials require 10 players. Filling up the missing spots is not really an issue, the problem however lies in setting up parties. Right now, queue leader must kick and reinvite (sometimes many times) just to set up party with raptor (for its power boost) and the second group with healers, tanks and the rest.
    Private pvp queue has that feature, not sure why it was not made for trials. By that I mean assigning players to the teams. There could be checkbox for queue window to set it for trials and thus allowing queue leader to set up parties to ones desire.
    The other option is to simply allow drag&drop feature for player list in queue to set them right without kicking and reinviting.

    Area of Impact: Queue player list (for trials)

    Risks & Concerns: It might have some performance issues.

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    pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,665 Arc User
    I have made a post on improvements to the UI and one requesting our character portraits back which I will link to.



    IMO the User Interface is integral to the player experience. Unnecessary popups would be an easy fix that what would go a long ways towards improving player QoL. Allowing people to display their HUD portraits again is important because aesthetics are a key part of some player's game.

    Additionally, I would voice my support for better options with the default underwear. Making shirt and pants gear for transmute in a variety of styles would be a great addition to the mod 17 appearance system. Bikini briefs, boxers, knee breeches, muscle shirts, fancy bra, etc... would be fairly simple to add.
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    milehighxr#1299 milehighxr Member Posts: 463 Arc User

    Just a small easy task xD

    Merge the PC, X-box and PS4 servers together!

    Absolutely not! I will leave the game, and sue for all the money I've put into it. The ADX on pc is totally fubared due to botters, and multiboxers. Until they can get a handle on that they have absolutely no business merging the 3 ecosystems. Also from the few time I have played on PC it seems as if there are way more toxic players on PC than on Xbox(I have no clue what PS looks like, but I have heard that they are pretty toxic).
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    hannibalsmith#0854 hannibalsmith Member Posts: 149 Arc User

    Description and Goal:In the seven suns market there is a Bounty Vendor and you literally click one option look at the armor and you can't just click back you have to click done. There are 14 areas with in it so if i have bounty from every area I am going to get frustrated very quickly with it. There are many vendors like this.
    It would be fabulous to only have to click back and not have to continuously reopen that vendor.

    Area of Impact:Happy players not annoyed.

    Risk and Concern: No risk just happy people.

    I agree. Both Seal vendors there have the same issue, as well as the Retainer in the (crafting) Shop.

    The Wondrous Bazaar is an example of how it should be implemented. Each store tab has a "Done" button that takes you back to the main dialog instead of exiting entirely. The main dialog has a "Finished" button for exiting.

    One could argue that the "Done" button should say "Back" instead, but that's just a nit.

    Should the devs choose to pursue this topic, we would do well to report other vendors having this issue.

    Seems vendors with different Store tabs work OK, it's the ones with "Lists" (like the ones you and I mentioned) need attention.
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    milehighxr#1299 milehighxr Member Posts: 463 Arc User

    Description and Goal: Neverwinter doesn't have good documentation in the game, leading to incorrect player progression.
    One such area is statistics. New players have no idea what stats they should have or what a hard cap statistic is. Tooltips should be updated to reflect what they're really doing, e.g Defense reduces damage taken up to 50%
    Then, instead of just showing numbers, it's better to display the actual modifiers for actual map e.g. for ToMM with stats from image below

    • add column for % modifiers
    • add a colorful visualization of how far we are from the best stats (for % modifiers, but also for numbers if we exceed some stats)

    Area of Impact: UI, ease of use, user experience.
    Risks & Concerns: None
    I like this idea a lot, but for character development it maybe useful to show the actual cap instead of the percentage. In your example, 100k Crit Avoidance is the cap of 50%, but how much above the cap is it? If the number said 75k (for the appropiate map), you'd know that you "wasted" 25k on Crit Avoidance. Which number is displayed (percentage or absolute number) could be defined and changed by the player in a seetings section.

    They really do need some form of in game "Encyclopedia" for lack of better term that explains how all the stats interact and work with each other, or reasons why you wouldn't want to go over cap on some, but why you need to on others. Paladin tank is prime example, we need defense stats and hp, but for some reason(can't remember it now, but I know I've been told in game by a guild mate) paladin tanks need 10k more crit avoid than other tanks.

    Another good example is how crit strike increases the heals of healers(some not all I think). I shouldn't have to get on the internet just to figure out how to build my toons properly so they can be effective. That takes enjoyment from the game, and time away from playing the game.
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    milehighxr#1299 milehighxr Member Posts: 463 Arc User
    wilbur626 said:


    Description and Goal: Include important formulas in in-game documentation. Examples : Healing and threat generation formulas.

    Area of Impact: Ease of use.

    Risks & Concerns: None


    Description and Goal: Update tank power tooltips to include numbers for threat generated, not just damage dealt in “magnitude”. Have these numbers scale with tank +threat buffs like the +120% from fighters Tide of Iron. Hiding the threat formula behind sentences like “increased threat” is not very informative.

    Area of Impact: Players in tank roles will easily understand what powers to utilize and when to do so, eliminating most threat generation issues for “uniformed” players.

    Risks & Concerns: None.

    Huge yes. I will add that I have found it very difficult to get my pally tank on xbox to hold aggro with groups that have a large difference in power compared to me. Power and offensive stats aren't as important for tanks as defensive stats and hp, but the issue becomes the ability to hold aggro when your building for survivability(which is what the groups want) but then they complain about you not being able to hold aggro, or that you "aren't doing yer job" cuz you aren't at the offensive stat caps for a given trial, or dungeon. I've noticed it's a bigger issue in ToMM, and I hear Zariel will be worse...
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    milehighxr#1299 milehighxr Member Posts: 463 Arc User
    Description and goal:

    Allow us to sell, trade, rehome, vanity pets. Please, I don't care about fashion, or vanity pets. I have more abyssal chickens than I can cook bacon for. Let me sell the vanity pets for gold, or trade them with other players for stuff I do want. I'm sure there's someone out there that would give a r13-15 enchant for a legendary vanity pet. Or let me sell them on the AH. I don't need(or want) 60+ abyssal chickens.

    Area of impact: allows players like me that don't care about the vanity pets to unload them for something we find useful such as gold or trading with others.

    Risk and concerns: I see no downside to this.
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